Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cullman County Singing Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 8-9, 1995

Saturday, July 8

The annual Cullman County Court House Singing was called to order with Henry Guthery leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Hershell King . Henry Guthery then led song on page 101t. The Honorable Tom Burleson and Robert Bates both extended a welcome to everyone. Billy Williams, Arranging Committee, called leaders as follows: Cecil Gilliland 171, 403; Cecil Sanders 454; Rhoda Norris 318, 460; Carrol Lunsford 378t, 72b; Keterina Sanders 73t, 389; Tressie Adkins 298, 78; Paul Gilliland 348b; S. T. Reed 129, 313 (t? b?); Lydia Baswell and Vella Dail 46, 147t.


The class resumed singing with M. H. Creel leading song on page 30t. Leaders: Ruby Phillips 345t; Lillian Parker 335, 123t; Lonnie Rogers 186, 225t; Edith Tate 155, 371; Hugh McGraw 567; Lora Cargo 373, 480; Lawrence and Lula Underwood 170, 189; Bud Oliver 418, 145b; Hershell King 565, 426t; Lamar Smith 76b, 36b; Flarce Creel 503, 475; Nora Parker 394, 317; Linda Thomas 39t.


The class was called to order by Henry Guthery leading song on page 64. A motion was made, and duly seconded, to go into the business session. The class voted to retain all officers: Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—M. H. Creel; Secretary—Unie B. Howard; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams; Memorial Committee—Eron White and Imogene Nelms. Leaders: L. Harper 68b; M. H. Creel 512; Buell Cobb 26; Bascom Mattox 168, 217; Manila Hudson 551b; Cindy Franklin 399b, 146; Mark Davis 468, 556; A. D. Chandler 32t, 137; Ruth Walker 430, 159.


Chairman Henry Guthery called the class to order leading song on page 140. Leaders called: Essie Calvert 409, 405; Reedie Evans 300, 269; Unie B. Howard 48t; Corene White 396; Carmon Brothers “That Beautiful Land”, 74b; Aubrey Tyree 434, 208; Marie Guthrie 192, 411; Eldagene Roberson 142, 222; Evelyn Croxton 49 (t? b?), 145t; Ruth Burleson and Marjie Lee 143, 452b; I. V. Cockrell 566; Vedah Cook 75; David Roberson 388, 274t; Cassie Franklin 213t, 268; Eron White 408; Vernice Calvert 384, 291; Cindy Franklin 146; Elvin Guthrie 387; Kathy Chandler 406; Mark Davis 497. Chairman Henry Guthery closed out leading song on page 414. The class was dismissed with prayer by M. H. Creel.

Sunday, July 9

The class was called to order by the Chairman, Henry Guthery, leading song on page 31b. Prayer was led by M. H. Creel. Chairman Henry Guthery then led song on page 82t. Leaders: Vernice Calvert 142, 298; Essie Calvert 340, 389; Ruby Phillips 331; B. B. Mattox 318, 345b; Tom Harper 112, 172; Charlene Wallace 79, 99; Corene White 171, 216; Ila Ingle 270, 278b; Velton Chafin 225t, 34b; Eron White 168, 155; Lamar Smith 343.


The class resumed singing with Henry Guthery leading song on page 52b. Leaders: Bud Oliver 73t; Carrol Lunsford 61, 89; Edith Tate 138t, 161; Ruth Walker 290, 124; Milton Oliver 145t; Elvin Guthrie 218, 361; M. H. Creel 111b, 342; Hugh McGraw 369, 365; Gene Wakefield 164, 64; I. V. Cockrell 441; Lora Cargo 503, 344.


The class resumed singing with Chairman Henry Guthery leading song on page 338. At this time we sang a memorial for loved ones who have passed away since the last session of this singing, namely: L. C. Crider, Dwight Ingle, Henry “Doc” Jackson, Leon Price, Palmer Calvert, Bertha Henson, Trixie Vandiver, Ervin Brothers, Mrs. Tyree, Ted Godsey, Elder Harley Hocutt, Aubrey Persall, Clyde White, James Denson, Otis McCoy, and Helen Ivey Cordell. Leaders: Hugh McGraw 410t, and Marie Aldridge 385t, 321. For the sick and shut-ins: Mamie Creel, Agnes Hocutt, Aver Crider, Lucille Tolbert, Alvin Parker, Willie Blackwood, Lela Crider, Everett McCormick, Thurman Nall, Monroe Hinkle, J. L. Oden, and Mae Seymour. Eron White and Imogene Nelms led song on page 111t. The memorial was closed with prayer by Lamar Smith. Regular singing was resumed with Hershell King leading songs on pages 80b and 97. Leaders: Reedie Evans 186; Marie Guthrie 434, 436; Flarce Creel 475, 497; Vedah Cook 274 (t? b?), 87; Aubrey Tyree 189, 358; Sherry Guthery 58, 49t.


Henry Guthery called the class together leading song on page 121. Leaders called: Bruce Rye 271t, 215; Coy Ivey 63, 101t; Marie Aldridge 316; J. C. Rutledge “That Beautiful Land”, 105; Milton Oliver “Trusting”; Carrol Lunsford 282; Charlene Wallace 192; Bud Oliver 47t; Hershell King 348b; Bruce Rye 110; Imogene Nelms 66, 455; Lamar Smith 76b; Aubrey Tyree 304; Unie B. Howard 384; M. H. Creel 335; Marie Guthrie 411; Marie Aldridge 88 (t? b?); Billy Williams, Sally Bailey, and Thorn Akins 101 (t? b?), 358. Chairman Henry Guthery led 521 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by M. H. Creel.

Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—M. H. Creel; Secretary—Unie B. Howard.