Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont State Annual Sacred Harp Singing

Weathersfield Center Meeting House, Weathersfield, Vermont

Saturday, March 27, 1999

The annual Vermont State Sacred Harp Singing was held at the Weathersfield Center Meeting House on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in March. The class was brought to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairman Daniel Hertzler leading song on page 452. The opening prayer was offered by Walt Colteryahn. Dan Hertzler led song on page 276.

Leaders: Bob Parr 217; Jean Seiler 34b; Ann Kazlauskas 52t; Buz Olsen 268; Nancy Thomas 84; Ginnie Ely 389; Linda Delfs 73t; George Seiler 183; Bill Holt 430; Mona Lewandoski 300; Jackie Hall 503; June Matthews 352; Lynnette Combs 497; Jenny Wright 347; Ed White 128; Cheryl Stroud 198; Paul Gauthier 542; L.H. Spencer 32b; Susan Jaster 486; Mary Neville 504.


The class resumed singing with the following leaders called to lead: Ginnie Ely 145b; Jessica Cook 142; Eric Hilderbrant 236; Allison Schofield 457; Christopher Wesolowski 107; Mary Ellen Donaldson 163t; Bill Boykin-Morris 155; Carol Price 168; Colin Kinlund 106; Martha Lang 48t; Duncan Vinson 380; Eric Fellinger 273; Bob Parr 50t; Jean Seiler 299; Anne Kazlauskas 296; Buz Olsen 479; Oona Coy 178; Nancy Thomas 63; Ginnie Ely 454; Linda Delfs 278b; Mona Lewandoski 40.

Chairman Dan Hertzler called for a business meeting. The formula for the annual singing was reviewed (the last Saturday in March, unless it is Easter weekend, in which case it is a week earlier). The Burlington area singers were enlisted to host next year’s singing on Saturday, March 25, 2000. The business meeting was concluded. Dan Hertzler led song on page 180. John Kochalka offered prayer for grace on the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Dan Hertzler leading song on page 47t. Leaders: L.H. Spencer 70b; Lynnette Combs 163b; Joe Holland 455; Gabriel Kleinwold 203; Phil Dutton 569b; Kate Richardson 179; Chuck Neville 86; Elka Schumann 53; Jackie Hall 410t; Cheryl Stroud 551; George Seiler 480; Paul Gauthier 565; Mary Neville 442; Jenny Wright 547.

The memorial service was given by Jean Seiler who led song on page 285t for the following deceased: Howard Stearns, Luke Kearns, Barbara Robinson, Margery Hanson, Martha Pellerin, and Lib Harrington—Vermont; Mae Keane—New York; Daniel Cahill—Massachusetts; Mary Hulburt—Virginia; Travis Combs—Kentucky; Alison Younger—Canada.

Bill Holt read the words to song on page 340, and led song on page 68b for the sick and shut-ins which included: Dorothy Garber, Ken Hildick, Carolyn Carpenter, Dinah Breunig, Ben Hertzler, Grace Adams, Barbara Brooks, and Joan Brooks. Jean Seiler concluded the memorial service with a prayer.


The class was called to order by Ginnie Ely leading song on page 146. Leaders: Bob Parr “Ten Thousand Charms”; June Matthews 269; Ed White 288; Phil Dutton “Millbrook”; Susan Jaster 266; Jessica Cook 39t; Eric Hildebrant 532; Allison Schofield 376; Linda Delfs “Heavenly Meeting”; Mary Ellen Donaldson 38b; Bill Holt 224; Bill Boykin-Morris 181; Carol Price 159; Beccah Morrison 30b; Dan Hertzler “Mount Hope”.


The class was called to order by Dan Hertzler leading songs on pages 189 and 122. Leaders: Martha Lang 117; Duncan Vinson 284; Eric Belanger 186; Bob Parr 270; Jean Seiler 200; Ann Kazlauskas 327; Buz Olsen 291; Oona Coy 335.

Dan Hertzler led song on page 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Nancy Thomas.

Chairman—Dan Hertzler.