Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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California Sacred Harp Convention

The Church Of The Angels, Pasadena, California and Foshay Masonic Lodge, Culver City, California.

January 16-17, 1999

Saturday, January 16

The Church of The Angels, Pasadena, California was the site for the California Sacred Harp Convention on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. A singing school was held with Buell Cobb of Birmingham, Alabama as the instructor in the morning session, followed by a lunch break.

Carla Smith called the convention to order at 1:30 p.m. by leading song on page 30 (t? b?). Jim Friedrich led the congregation in an opening prayer.

Leaders: Mary Rose O’Leary 274 (t? b?); Janice Hecksel 46; Richard DeLong 542; David Ivey 217; Leon Ballinger 269; Jim Stanley 306; Connie Karduck 456; Carri Patterson Grindon 122; Mike Hinton 373; Allison Ivey 475; Al Patterson Grindon 433; Ted Mercer 123t; Matt Wells 29t; Chris Thorman 510; Jerry Schreiber 198; Carroll Lunsford 162.


The class was called together by Mary Rose O’Leary leading song on 95b. Carla Smith called a business meeting. The following new officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Secretary—Susan Turpin; Memorial Committee—Connie Karduck, Richard DeLong, and Jon Rand; Treasurer—Rick Russell; Resolutions Committee—Ted Mercer and Janet Herman; Arranging and Registration Committee—Laura Russell and Betty Herman; Locating Committee—Chris Thorman; Chaplain—Jim Friedrich; Finance Committee—Rick Russell and Dean Slaton; Food Coordination—Stephen O’Leary and Lois DeArmond.

Leaders: Dean Slaton 536; Janet Herman 30b; Jon Giles 380; Rick Russell 280; Mimi Wright 39t; Jim Friedrich 84; Carolyn Deacy 501; Stephen O’Leary 340 (for his wife, Mary Rose, who taught him the song); Tom Ostwald 504.


The class was called together by Susan Turpin leading song on 59. Leaders: Jon Rand 385t; Jon Gregg 423; Jeanne Schaffer 569 (t? b?); Harlan VanCamp 181; Rodney Davidson 80t; Ron Huss 311.

Mary Rose O’Leary and Carolyn Deacy led song on page 142 as the closing song. Jim Friedrich dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, January 17

The Sunday session was held at Foshay Masonic Lodge in Culver City, California. Mary Rose O’Leary called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. leading verse 1 of the song on 565. The morning prayer was offered by Jim Friedrich, followed by Mary Rose O’Leary leading verse 2 of 565.

Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 114; Laura Boyd 147b; Jane Hancock 324; Delbert Long 551; Lissa Callirhoe 300; Elizabeth Webb 159; Janice Hecksel 385b; Catherine Callahan 126; John Schaffer 229; Midge Harder 220; Seth Holloway and Jorge Luis Carrillo 354b; Carla Smith 376; Buell Cobb 440.


The class was called together by Stephen O’Leary leading song on 108 (t? b?). Leaders: Richard DeLong 436; Sarah Smith 318; Shelley Phillips 124; Mike Hinton 146; Karen Huss 236; Leon Ballinger 384; Gary Smith 569b; Connie Karduck 299.


The class was called together by Seth Holloway leading song on 79. Leaders: David Ivey 74t; Matt Wells 49b; Betty Herman 302; Chris Thorman 298; Allison Ivey 178; Tom Payne 107; Natalie Hall 532; John Giles 250; Ted Mercer 276.

Ted Mercer, Connie Karduck, and Jon Rand led the Memorial lesson for the deceased who have passed away since last year. The names of those remembered were: Robert J. Smith—Colorado; Elmer Cordell and Mae Seymour—Alabama; Janet Borman and Marge Ogren Anderson—Illinois; Dorothea Black—Tennessee; Horace DeLong—Georgia; Edith Aujame—France; Irving Lundquist—Washington; Mary Hurlburt—Virginia; Frances Isobel Thorman—Wisconsin; Craig Gudmundson—Nevada; Mark Chatfield, Georgine Dornan, Curtis Lunsford, Dean Theodos, and Gabriel Jackson—California.

Richard DeLong told us about his Uncle Horace who had sung Sacred Harp from the age of 5 to 93 and who truly knew the value of Sacred Harp.

Connie Karduck talked about the comfort that Sacred Harp singing brings at a time of loss, especially the song on 368 when her mother died. Songs on pages 348b and 368 were sung for the deceased.

The names of the sick and shut-in were: Jean Ballinger, Flossie Jones, and Vester Jones—Alabama; Dean Slaton—Illinois; Noelle Hancock—Idaho; Deborah Johnson—Colorado; Frank Hoppe, Ellen Stern, Judy Rinaldi, Carol Hancock, and Bob Laube—California. The song on page 398 was sung for the sick and shut-in. The memorial lesson was completed with prayer offered by Jim Friedrich.

Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 362; Susan Turpin 328; Mary Rose O’Leary 383; Tom Ostwald 268; Carroll Lunsford 426t; Carolyn Deacy 290; Laura Boyd Russell with new visitors 201b; Jim Friedrich 117. Susan Turpin offered a blessing before lunch.


The class was called together by Janet Herman leading song on 40. Leaders: the young people at the convention gave a group lesson with help from Seth Holloway and Allison Ivey 168; Rick Russell 99; Gary Smith 34b; Stephen O’Leary 260; Sharon Berman 47b; Harlan VanCamp 66; Leon Ballinger 137; Carla Smith 430; Richard DeLong 419; Sarah Smith 371; Janet Herman 500; Mike Hinton and Buell Cobb 543; Jeanne Schaffer 87; Lissa Callirhoe 86; Catherine Callahan 106; Ron Huss 287; Ted Mercer 216; Ann Friend 277; Rodney Davidson 183; Lisa Fitzpatrick 59; John Schaffer 515; Elizabeth Webb 421.


The class was called together by Connie Karduck leading song on 528. Leaders: Betty Herman 464; Jon Gregg 353; Jerry Schreiber 213t; Matt Wells 481; Jane Hancock 454; Mary Rose O’Leary 203; Chris Thorman 195.

A business meeting was called to hear committee reports.

The Resolutions Committee made a report resolving to thank the following people:

(1) Everyone who came to the convention to lend their voice, especially the many visitors who traveled long distances;

(2) Buell Cobb for leading the singing school;

(3) All the officers and committee members;

(4) Richard DeLong and David Ivey for keying the music;

(5) Elizabeth Webb locating accommodations;

(6) All the people who cooked the delicious food both days and helped with setup, cleanup, kitchen duties and numerous other details;

(7) Jim Stanley and Pastor Bob Gaestel of Church of the Angels and the Foshay Masonic Lodge for providing singing space;

(8) Susan Turpin, Paul Turpin, Stephen O’Leary, and Mary Rose O’Leary for hosting socials;

(9) All the locals who put up visitors in their homes.

A special “thank you” to Rick and Laura Russell for their energy and contributions, including creating a convention web page, magnificent signage, flyers, registration materials, and getting the word out.

Submitted by Ted Mercer and Janet Herman.

The Treasurer reported that the convention expenses had been met.

The Locating Committee reported that next year’s convention will be in the San Francisco area.

Announcements were made. Stephen O’Leary and Mary Rose O’Leary led song on page 62 as the closing song. Jim Friedrich dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Mary Rose O’Leary; Vice Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Secretary—Susan Turpin.