Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cotaco Convention

Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church, Gum Pond, Alabama

July 25, 1998

The one hundred-tenth session of the Cotaco Convention was called to order by Chairman Elder Dan Hopper leading songs on pages 138b, 171, and 388. The morning prayer was offered by Elder J. L. Hopper.

Dan Hopper then called a short business session for the election of officers. A motion and second was made to keep the same officers for another term: Chairman—Elder Dan Hopper; Vice Chairman—Arvid Holmes; Secretary—Judy Caudle. Chairman Dan Hopper appointed the Arranging Committee—Willard Hopper and Carmon Brothers.

Dan Hopper led song on page 205. Leaders: Arvid Holmes 64; Carmon Brothers 65, 123t, 133; Eldagene Roberson 354b, 155; Hershell King 176b, 235; Bud Oliver 145b, 345t, 345b; Buckley Hopper 457, 300, 268; Craig Holmes 68b, 45t.


The class was reassembled by Dan Hopper leading songs on pages 301 and 382. Leaders: David Roberson 340, 137, 222; Jonathon Thompson 84, 384; Brandon Thompson 335, 274t; Gerald Holmes 28t, 28b, 203; Milton Oliver 75, 403; Arvid Holmes 36b.


The afternoon session was called to order by Dan Hopper leading songs on pages 143 and 213b for Kimmie Holcomb. Leaders: Billy Williams 39b, 448b; Marie Guthrie 113, 374; Buell Cobb 31b, 207 (Mr. Cobb made very interesting comments concerning the singing he had attended in Washington, D.C. on the previous day); J. L. Hopper 479, 43; Rhoda Norris 276, 177; Judy Caudle 76t, 104; Nancy Thompson 108t, 101t; David Ivey 131b, 121; Carol Newman 47b, 220; Wilda Holmes “That Beautiful Land” (for Alta Self), 80b, 295; Willard Hopper 426 (t? b?), 565; Glenda Hopper 343, 212; Buckley Hopper 40.

Chairman Dan Hopper gave the opportunity for anyone desiring to host the next session of the Convention to make their request known. None were received, so the singing will remain with Gum Pond Church for July 1999.

Dan Hopper led songs on pages 140 and 122 as the closing songs. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Herbert Cobbs.

Chairman—Elder Dan Hopper; Vice Chairman—Arvid Holmes; Secretary—Judy Caudle.