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Sutton Singing

Sutton Junction Community Hall, Sutton Junction, Quebec, Canada

Saturday, July 30, 2022

The first session of the Sutton All-Day singing was called to order by Esther Wade leading 37b. Kathleen Winter offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairwoman—Esther Wade; Co-chair—Philippe Doyle-Gosselin; Secretary—Eléa Regembal; Arranging Committee—Lari Jalbert and Rachel Farber; Finance Committee—Mishi Briand. All songs were from the 1991 edition of The Sacred Harp.

Leaders: Patrick Friesen 48t; Névé Dumas 421; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 144; Mishi Briand 296; Em Ekelund 283; Eléa Regembal 131t; Mark Williams 299; Jocelyn Faichney and Elsa Phemayotin 376; Tarik Wareh 51; Jamie Ross 349; Anne Evers 433; Lari Jalbert 114; Elsa Phemayotin 383; David Rosenberg 34b; Elizabeth Stoddard 453; George Sigut 448t; Sunny Doyle 504; Édouard Beaudry 29b; Larry Bingham 122.


Anne Evers called the class back to order leading 28t. Leaders: Mary Neville 442; Christopher Wesolowski 143; Jean Rosenberg 546; George Sigut 312b; Kathleen Winter and Esther Wade 378t; Faiz Wareh 56b.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Sunny Doyle. The following sick and shut-ins were named: Joanne Fuller, David Fuller, Ruth Anne Bryant, Corrone Bryant, Sonny Huckaby, and Lydia Lewellen. The following are the names of singers and loved ones who passed away in the last year who were remembered and honored: Larry Gordon, Elke Schumann, Leonard Spencer, Tony Barrand, Richard Bingham, Fern Feather, Richard Lehmann, Phil Devine, Rebecca Over, Denis Gosselin, Réal Tardif, Graham DeZarn, and Steve Crevoshay. Sunny Doyle led 340 for all the above.

Leaders: Rachel Farber 432; Elizabeth Stoddard 216; Tom Evers 86; Indigo Scorn 313b; Juan 282; Elsa Phemayotin 426t; Eléa Regembal 183; Mark Williams 269; Jamie Ross 74b. Reverend X offered a blessing before lunch.


The afternoon session began with Em Ekelund leading 341. Leaders: Tarik Wareh 501; Anne Evers 510; Patrick Friesen 204; Jean Rosenberg 254; Névé Dumas 400; Philou 272; Mary Neville 532; Hannah Kaya 106; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 181; Lari Jalbert 215; Tom Evers 29t; Édouard Beaudry 142; Faiz Wareh 377; Mishi Briand 430; George Howe 159; George Sigut 209; Rachel Farber 444; Christopher Wesolowski 300; Em Ekelund 196; Sunny Doyle, Philippe Doyle-Gosselin, and Elizabeth Doyle 146; David Rosenberg 475; Larry Bingham 485; Elsa Phemayotin 335; Indigo Scorn 288.


The last session was called to order by Esther Wade and Philippe Doyle-Gosselin leading 81t. Leaders: Philou 148; Eléa Regembal 168; Tarik Wareh 83t; Anne Evers 415; Mark Williams 178; David Rosenberg 474; Mishi Briand 266; Jamie Ross and Névé Dumas 89; Tom Ever 569b.

The treasurer thanked the class for their generosity, and the expenses of this new singing have been met. The secretary reported that twenty-nine leaders of a total of fifty registered singers from three Canadian provinces and four states led seventy-three songs. The singing was closed by Esther Wade leading 62. Kathleen Winter offered a closing prayer.

Chairwoman—Esther Wade; Co-chair—Philippe Doyle-Gosselin; Secretary—Eléa Regembal