Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Midwest Sacred Harp Convention

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse and Logan Avondale VFW, Chicago, Illinois

May 28-29, 2022

Saturday, May 28

The Midwest Sacred Harp Convention was held in Chicago, Illinois, on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in May. Eileen Ferguson called the class to order for the Saturday session of the 35th meeting of the Midwest Convention at Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse by leading 34b. An invocation was offered.

Leaders: Lisa Grayson 171; Jim Swanson 274t; Jim Helke 271t; Susan Geil 31t; Carol Ann Munro 392; Steve Schmidgall 338 (ShH); Kathy Williams 137; Ginny Landgraf 324; John Hoerr 448b; Terry Cunningham 107.

A business meeting was convened to elect the following officers: Chairman—Lisa Grayson; Vice Chairman—Ginny Landgraf; Secretary—John Hoerr; Treasurer—Randy Neufeld.


Randy Neufeld called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Matthew Siefert 548; Jim Crawford 91; Carol Crawford 68b; Lisa Grayson 278b; Jin Swanson 228; Jim Helke 390; Susan Neil 474; Carol Ann Munro 142; Steve Schmidgall 369; Kathy Williams 155; Ginny Landgraf 57 (ShH); Ben Zucker 410t; John Hoerr 22b (ShH); Laura Noble and Oona Michaels 270; Randy Neufeld 146 (ShH); Evan Druce 182; Terry Cunningham 148.

Lisa Grayson announced the appointed officers and committees: Chaplain—Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Munro; Arranging—Jim Swanson; Resolutions—Susie Kauffman and Matthew Siefert.


Jim Swanson called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Matthew Siefert 128 (ShH); Jim Crawford 472; Carol Crawford 473; Noah Feeman 158; Ben Fink 36b; Kathy Krug and Andy Krug 209; Eileen Ferguson 344; Lisa Grayson 79 (ShH); Jim Helke 260b (ShH); Steve Schmidgall 124 (ShH); Kathy Williams 186; Ginny Landgraf 70b; Caron Ann Munro 66; Ben Sucker 241t (ShH). Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Munro offered grace before the meal.


The afternoon session began with Susan Geil leading 178. Leaders: John Hoerr 189; Ben Crawford 501; Susie Kauffman 503; Laura Noble and Oona Michaels 49b; Randy Neufeld 140b (ShH); Evan Druce 81t; Terry Cunningham 440; Jim Crawford and Ben Fink 222; Matthew Siefert 158b (ShH); Noah Feeman and Steve Schmidgall 496; Carol Crawford 89; Kathy Krug and Andy Krug 56b; Eileen Ferguson 547; Dan Nickel 277; Ginny Landgraf 278 (ShH).


Jim Swanson called the class to order by leading 111b. Leaders: Lisa Grayson 528; Susie Kauffman 362; Kathy Williams and Marcia Johnson (by phone) 242 (ShH); Randy Neufeld 99; Ben Crawford 146; Ben Zucker 48t; Carol Crawford 309; John Hoerr 229; Jim Crawford, Ben Crawford, Ben Fink, and Ben Zucker 454; Noah Feeman and Carol Crawford 113; Steve Schmidgall 333; Carol Ann Munro 455; Dan Nickel 448t; Jim Helke 368.

Following announcements, Lisa Grayson led 269 as the final lesson. Rev. Dr. Carol Ann Munro offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, May 29

The Sunday session of the Midwest Convention was held at the Logan Avondale VFW. The class was called to order by Lisa Grayson leading 49t. Kathy Williams offered the invocation. Leaders: Jim Helke 569b; Randy Neufeld 569b; Steve Schmidgall 156; Debbie Garfield 198; Kathy Williams 489; Ginny Landgraf 408; Bonnie Mitchell 34b; Dave Bradford 480; Susan Geil 565; John Hoerr 33b; Eileen Ferguson 28b.


Susan Geil called the class to order leading 264 (ShH). Leaders: Paul Wyatt 142; Eleanor Haase 352; Dan Nickel 442; Megan Dunning 76b; Jim Swanson 108 (ShH); Lisa Grayson 4b (ShH) (for Rochelle Lodder); Jim Helke 173 (ShH); Randy Neufeld 475; Steve Schmidgall 136; Debbie Barford 242 (ShH); Kathy Williams 37b; Ginny Landgraf 197 (ShH); Bonnie Mitchell 61; Paul Barford 260 (ShH); John Hoerr 246b (ShH); Eileen Ferguson 183 (ShH); Susan Geil 413 (ShH); Paul Wyatt 416 (ShH).


Jim Swanson called the class to order leading 114. Leaders: Eleanor Haase 203; Susie Kaufmann 117; Dan Nickel 39t; Megan Dunning 35.

Kathy Williams gave the memorial lesson. She reminded us that the memorial lesson ….contributes to the purpose of our lives: music, tradition, friends, loved ones, connections, [are] our purpose for being. She led 347 in memory of the following deceased: Janet Miller, Nick Pasqual—Illinois; Bill Beverly, Robert Hoerr, Marguerite Hoerr—Michigan; Franklin Mitchell, Jack Vimmerstedt, Mary Vimmerstedt—Ohio; Larry Gordon, Elka Schuman—Vermont; Coy Ivey, Joan Aldridge—Alabama; Minda Dunning—Washington; Brian MacMurry—Minnesota.

Kris Richardson spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-in. She led 217 on behalf of the following: Rochelle Lodder, Melanie Hauff, Judy Hauff, Marcia Johnson, Ted Johnson, Grace Brazil, Patti Garelli, Greg Please, Delores Mitchell, Elaine Mitchell, Naomi Woods, Gary Gronau, Jeff Halvarson, Lisa Cohen. Kathy Williams closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Lisa Grayson 411; Jim Helke 507.


The afternoon session began with Randy Neufeld leading 29t. Leaders: Paul Wyatt 29 (ShH); Bonnie Mitchell and Kathy Williams 318; Steve Schmidgall 477; Kathy Krug 171; Ginny Landgraf 163b; Dave Barford 137; Matthew Siefert 9t (ShH); Eileen Ferguson 310 (ShH); Jim Swanson 2 (ShH); Megan Dunning 344; Susan Geil 220; Bonnie Mitchell 383; Susie Kauffman 268; Randy Neufeld 270.


Dave Barford called the class to order leading 31t. Leaders: Kathy Williams 273; Eleanor Haase 221 (ShH); Kathy Krug 47t; Paul Wyatt 464; Steve Schmidgall 429 (ShH); Susie Kauffman 162; Lisa Grayson 140b (ShH); Matthew Siefert 298 (ShH); Debbie Barford 364 (ShH); Jim Helke 86; Ginny Landgraf 384 (ShH); Eileen Ferguson 140t (ShH); Paul Wyatt 417 (ShH); Megan Dunning 235; Randy Newfeld 102.

Reports were presented. Susan Kaufman and Bonnie Mitchell presented resolutions thanking the locating committee, food chairs, officers, past chairs, the Avondale Logan VFW for their hospitality, and resolving to convene again in 2023.

Lisa Grayson, Randy Newfeld, and Debbie Barford led 62 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand. Chaplain Kathy Williams offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Lisa Grayson; Vice Chairman—Ginny Landgraf; Secretaries—John Hoerr and Debbie Barford