Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Missouri State Convention

St. John’s United Church of Christ, Pinckney, Missouri

March 7-8, 2020

Saturday, March 7

The 35th annual session of the Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. at St. John’s United Church of Christ by Tommy Schultz. Tim Gregg offered the opening prayer. The convention officers previously elected or appointed are as follows: Chairman—Prisca Rice; Secretary—Dave Ressler; Arranging Committee—Presley Barker; Finance Officer—Roberta Strauss; Memorial Committee—Tullaia Powell and Sierra Saylors. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and The Missouri Harmony, 2005 Edition.

Leaders: Prisca Rice 47t; Syd Caldwell 441; Dave Ressler 68 (MH); Barbara Chopin 503; Karen Isbell 175 (MH); John Huffman and Katie Huffman 176b; Lou Kujawinski 489; Bill Caldwell 135 (MH); Lori Graber 107; Erin Fulton 330b; Aubrey Hemminger 276; Sierra Saylors 128; Steven Schmidgall 333; Clara Herr 300; David Casenhiser 99; Harry Scott 448t; Judy Mincey 138 (MH); Teresa Saylors 142.


Prisca Rice, Sierra Saylors, and Tullaia Powell led 40 to bring the class together. Leaders: Tommy Schultz 501; Bernadine Sommers 180 (MH); Shannon Tibbs 277; Dan Brittain 109 (MH); David Saylors 203; Jim Herr 556; Ariadne Zitsos 82t; Anna Dohman and Jamie Dohman 147b; Penny Kujawinski 280; Vickie See and Billie See 312b; Dan Dohman and Deanna Dohman 299; Theophilus Schultz 354b; Peter Bringe 57; Barbara Uhlemann 147 (MH); Paul Landskroener 547.


Presley Barker led 228 to bring the class together. Leaders: Tullaia Powell 504; Jo Dell Albi 285t; Aaron Jones 245; Lisa Bulawski 353; Lisa Grayson 148 (MH); Tim Van Engeln 86; Abigail Schultz 294; Cory Winters 127 (MH); Dan Ervin 81t. Tim Gregg offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Prisca Rice and Jamie Dohman led 178 to bring the class together. Leaders: Ted Mercer 212 (for Jan Ketelle); John Seaton 62 (MH); Michael Han 61; Jairus Schultz 270; Wendy Hofmann 172 (MH); Becky Browne 362; Chris Nicholson 569b; Roberta Strauss 496; Gary Gronau 384; Barbara Chopin and Merryl Winstein 313b; Merryl Winstein 345b; Shirley Figura 361; Syd Caldwell 446; Paul Figura “New Bridge”; Dave Ressler 215; John Huffman and Katie Huffman 49b.


Katie Huffman led 147t to bring the class together. Leaders: Lori Graber 174 (MH); Bill Caldwell 89 (MH); John Uhlemann “Carpenter”; Erin Fulton 429; Aubrey Hemminger 68b; Tim Van Engeln and Melody Kleinsorge 335; Sierra Saylors 47b; Steven Schmidgall 369; Clara Herr 406; David Casenhiser 282; Judy Mincey 75 (MH); Shannon Tibbs 34b; Aaron Jones 162; Tim Gregg 389; Paul Landskroener 473; Teresa Saylors 209; Dan Brittain 13 (MH).

Announcements were made. The class sang 323t as the closing hymn. Tim Gregg closed the day with a prayer.

Sunday, March 8

Prisca Rice led 171 to bring the class together. Syd Caldwell offered the opening prayer. Leaders: David Lloyd and Laurie Lloyd 155; Wendy Hofmann 278t; Chris Nicholson 47t; Jim Herr 222; David Saylors 39t; Harry Scott 518; Vickie See and Billy See 33b; Tullaia Powell and Sierra Saylors 481; Jo Dell Albi 77 (MH); Teresa Saylors 163t; Bill Caldwell 306; Aubrey Hemminger 474; Steve Schmidgall 40 (MH); Syd Caldwell 283; Ted Mercer 78 (MH).


Karen Isbell led 51 (MH) to bring the class together. Leaders: Lisa Grayson 153 (MH); Penny Kujawinski 62 (MH); Lori Graber 330t; Cory Winters “Old Washington”; Clara Herr 290; David Casenhiser 421; Judy Mincey 177 (MH); Shannon Tibbs 56b; Paul Landskroener 536; John Seaton 6 (MH); Dan Brittain 70 (MH); Hollie Powell 564; Prisca Rice 138t; Barbara Chopin 146.


Bill Caldwell led 189 to bring the class together. Leaders: Lou Kujawinski 477; Dave Ressler 150 (MH).

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Sierra Saylors read the following names from the list of the sick and shut-ins: Joan Aldridge, Coy Ivey, Ed Thacker, Margaret Thacker, Gail Cowart, Melanie Hauff, Janet Fraembs, Hooey Penn, Pat Waggener, Paul Wyatt, Dickson Stauffer, Prudy Duff, Sue Duff, David Erskin, Karl Harlacher, Glenda Walton, Gail Doss, Mike Hinton, Curtis Owen, Jan Ketelle, and Mary Owen. Sierra led 129 for them.

Tullaia Powell read the following list of names of the deceased: Adrian Nall and Margaret Spurlock—Alabama; Stephen O’Leary—California; Aubrey Barfield—Florida; Norma Mincey and Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Michael Appert, Karen Hojnacki, and Darlene Sills—Illinois; Jerry Nees—Indiana; Paul Luther Wilson—Minnesota; Walter Howrey and Ruth Lloyd—Missouri; David Schumacher and Terry Snyder—Ohio; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Sonny Erwin, Burl Russell, and Adelaide Vaughn—Texas. Tullaia led 69t in their memory, and Syd Caldwell closed the lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Presley Barker 131 (MH); Barbara Uhlemann 121 (MH); Roberta Strauss 440; Paul Figura 122. The class sang 164 (MH) as the blessing for the noon meal.


Steve Schmidgall led 59 to bring the class together. Leaders: Becky Browne 411; John Uhlemann 522; Keith Seidel 426b; Wendy Hofmann 162 (MH); Chris Nicholson 157 (MH); Jim Herr 344; David Saylors 472; Harry Scott 318; Vickie See and Billy See 480; Erin Fulton 428; Syd Caldwell 216; Shirley Figura 213t; Jo Dell Albi 159 (MH); Aubrey Hemminger 163b; Lisa Grayson 160 (MH); Ted Mercer 80 (MH).


Prisca Rice and several guests led 40 to bring the class together. Leaders: Cory Winters 319; Clara Herr 84; John Seaton 49t; Shannon Tibbs 42; Paul Landskroener 38t; David Casenhiser 268; Judy Mincey 8 (MH); Karen Isbell and Bernadine Sommers 122; Teresa Saylors 457; Penny Kujawinski 37b; Tullaia Powell and Sierra Saylors 110; Barbara Chopin 68b; Becky Browne 348b; Roberta Strauss 269; Paul Figura 34t; Mike Mullin 528.

The Arranging Committee reported that one hundred fifty-eight songs were led by fifty-nine leaders from twelve states and one Canadian province. Announcements were made. The class sang 347 as the closing hymn, and David Saylors offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Prisca Rice; Secretary—Dave Ressler