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Thanksgiving Sacred Harp Singing

Jordans Village Hall, Jordans, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Saturday, November 23, 2019

The 11th Thanksgiving Singing Day was held in the Village Hall of Jordans, the Quaker Village, and burial place of William Penn. The class was called to order by Sheila Girling Macadam leading 34b. Hyke Sakaras offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Edwin Macadam 63; Toby Goss 31t; Cäcilia Mann 38t; Joe Vickers 61; Joyce Smith 270; Rachel Jordan 77b; Derek Buckland 70b; George Simms 150; Neil Horlock 324; Brenda Harvey 89; Samuel Turner 501; Werner Ullah 313b; Teresa Maguire 506; Nigel Bowley 73b; Steve Welch 569t; Lim Shu Ning 96; Johannes Sauer 325; Joss Tait 290; Nick Hall 400; Alec Williams 171; Andrew Clark 535; Helen Brown 227.


The class resumed singing with Rachel Wemyss leading 81t. Leaders: Robin Bisson 173; Inga Huebner 302; Amy Cutts 299; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 186; Sofi Mogensen 65; Mary Greer 344; William Cleary 200. Andrew Clark conducted a combined Memorial and Sick and Housebound Lesson, reflecting on the holiness of everyday experience, in grief and in joy. He led 68b for all on the minds of those present and for the following sick and housebound: Cath Saunt, Ulrike Tietjen, Paula Mogensen, Graham, Laura, David Elliott, Rachel Verney, Jane Forrester, Rebecca Over, Olivia Brocklehurst, Vonnie Chantler, and David Chantler.

The following were entered on the memorial list: Rozlyn Greene and Mark Hyatt—Alabama, USA; Jimmy Eiseman—New York, USA; Mildred Patterson, Carole Chapman, Charlene Wallace, and Robby Rivers—Georgia, USA; Karl Walbrecht—Virginia, USA; Marlene Spector Levine and Richard Levine—New Jersey, USA; Aubrey Barfield—Florida, USA; Wilfred Huels—Germany; Hugues Albanel—France; Carol Barlow—Eynsham; Stephen Redmond, Maureen Carty, and Betty Walsh—Ireland; Roberto Cavallar and Irene Antolini—Italy; Sandra Goddard—Lewes; Adrian Hilton—Waltham Cross; Heather Simms—Leeds; Steven Evans—Hove; Alison Green—Reading; Hans Linnet—Shropshire; Eric Greer and Lydia—London; Neville Taylor—Worcestershire; Christopher Houët—Paris and Oxford; Barnaby Evershed—Shrewsbury; Anne Joel—Derby; Martha Brett—Sunningdale; Dick Swarbrick—Stevenage; Roger Bullen—Cropcredy; Sian Dawson—Scotland; William Girling—Canada. Andrew closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Ted Brown 426t; Calum Woods 399t; Hyke Sakaras 551; Bridget McVennon-Morgan 406; Toby Goss 350; Cäcilia Mann 245; Derek Buckland 56b; Mary Hodgkins 49t; Steve Brett 217; Sonia Nayar 47b; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 141; Nigel Bowley 461; Robin Bisson 497. Cäcilia Mann offered thanks for the midday meal.


The afternoon session commenced with Edwin Macadam leading 99. Leaders: Andrew Clark 318; Joe Vickers 422; Sheila Girling Macadam 377; Samuel Turner 136; Helen Brown 522; George Simms 528; Rachel Wemyss 145t; Johannes Sauer 532; Rachel Jordan 181; Calum Woods 304; Alec Williams 224; Bridget McVennon-Morgan 434; Steve Brett 384; Ted Brown 426b; Teresa Maguire 30b; Robin Bisson 273; Inga Huebner 98; William Cleary 193; Mary Hodgkins 472; Joyce Smith 440; James Roche and Calum Woods 354t.


The class was reconvened for the final session by Neil Horlock leading 410t. Leaders: Mary Greer 178; Pete Eiseman-Renyard 117; Brenda Harvey 101t; Nick Hall 441; Amy Cutts 183; Sofi Mogensen 228; Steve Welch 147b; Hyke Sakaras 163b; Joss Tait 105; Maggie Eiseman-Renyard 282; Steve Brett 402; Rachel Jordan 474; George Simms 323t; Cäcilia Mann 146; Joe Vickers 33b; Teresa Maguire 71; Derek Buckland 378t; Robin Bisson 280; Helen Brown 565; Alec Williams 278t; Joyce Smith 80t; Sheila Girling Macadam and Edwin Macadam 155.

Thanks were extended to all those who had helped in any way to make the day’s singing a success. Announcements were made and invitations extended to other Sacred Harp singing events around the country, and in Germany. The Secretary reported fifty-eight singers had registered from the UK, Denmark, Germany, Canada and the USA. Forty-two leaders had led ninety songs. After expenses had been met, the surplus from the day’s donations would again be passed to the Quakers for their use. Sheila Girling Macadam and Edwin Macadam led 347 as the closing song. Alec Williams offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Sheila Girling Macadam; Vice Chairman—Edwin Macadam; Treasurer—Nigel Bowley; Secretaries—Sofi Mogensen and Mary Welch; Pitchers—Rachel Jordan, Steve Brett, Helen Brown, and Toby Goss; Arranging Committee—Rachel Wemyss and Joss Tait; Chaplains—Hyke Sakaras, Andrew Clark, Cäcilia Mann, and Alec Williams