Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Georgia State Sacred Harp Convention

Old Dekalb Courthouse, Decatur, Georgia

March 21-22, 1998

Saturday, March 21

The thirty-seventh session of the Georgia State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in March at the Old DeKalb Courthouse. The convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Vice Chairman Kenneth DeLong leading songs on pages 303 and 317. The morning prayer was led by Felton Denney. Charlene Wallace led song on page 159, and the members of various committees were called: Richard DeLong 57 (for Jeannette DePoy, Chairman, who was absent due to the death of her mother); Faye Pettis 380; Frances Mary D’Andrea 318; Cathy White 503; Helen Bryson 462; Don Bowen 179 (for Jeannette DePoy and Laurie Allison); Felton Denney 155; Judy Mincey 474; Kelly Morris 49b; Elder Jesse Roberts 263; Lee Rogers 218.


The class was called together by Kenneth DeLong leading song on page 217. Leaders: D. J. Hatfield 296; Bobby Bailey 145 (t? b?); Liz Bryant and Don Head 142; Billy Hollingsworth 551; Frances Carnell 542; Mary Brownlee 151; Everette Denney 335; Bryan Black 228; Andy Morse and Ken Wheeler 183; Debra Jones 217.


Kenneth DeLong called the class together with song on page 572.

A motion was made and seconded to go into the business session. Officers elected were: Chairman—Helen Bryson; Vice Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Secretary and Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Chaplain—Elder Jesse Roberts. Leaders: Helen Bryson 498; Janice Paulk 498; Norma Latham 418; Junie Wooten 203; John Hollingsworth 236; LeAnn Carnell 535. Committees appointed were: Arranging Committee: Richard DeLong, Faye Pettis, and Doug Allison; Memorial Committee—Cathy White, Lee Rogers, and Judy Mincey; Resolutions Committee—John Plunkett, Frances Mary D’Andrea, and Tim Cook; Finance Committee—Kelly Morris and Don Bowen; Locating Committee—Felton Denney, Kenneth DeLong, and John Hollingsworth. End of business session. Leaders: B. M. Smith 64; Henry Zittrouer 270; Louise Holland 273; Cassie Franklin 528; Jeff Sheppard 176 (t? b?); G. C. Waldrep 260; Sharon Kellam and Willie Pickard 198; Noel Rush 192; Jack Smith 480.


The class was called together by Helen Bryson leading song on page 35. Leaders: Martha Ann Stegar 63; John Redmon 358; Cindy Franklin 189; Carla Smith 202; Reba Windom 384; Kathy Williams 385b; Sandy Hill 369; Joanne Hoover 72b; Eric Carnell 178; Shelbie Sheppard 195; Steve Warner 268; Karen Snowbird 532; Lynne deBenedette 129; Matt Wells 99; Anne Heider 344; Anita Landess 68b; Jerry Schreiber 383; Ed Stevens 107; Jack Corley 328; Dollie Hudgins and Richard DeLong 82 (t? b?).


Helen Bryson called the class together with song on page 66. Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 475; Harlan Van Camp 214; John Jiles 304; Jim Brock 31 (t? b?); Louis Hughes, Sr. and Lynn Dobson 282; David Lee 299; Margie Smith and Nancy Allen 373; Rev. Mike Hawkins 29 (t? b?); Sharona Nelson, Mary Lynn, and Gordon 146; Kathy Lee 39 (t? b?); Dorothea McCowan 196; Jenny Prater 460; Johnny Lee 73 (t? b?); Laura Akerman 240; John Plunkett 302; Tim Cook 479; Margie Deitz 82b; Karen Morris 65.

Announcements were made. Helen Bryson led song on page 46 as the closing song. The closing prayer was led by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Sunday, March 22

The convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Louis Hughes, Sr. leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by G. C. Waldrep. Louis Hughes, Sr. led song on page 569b. Leaders: Doug Allison 77 (t? b?) (for Laurie Allison); Cathy White 168; Frances Mary D’Andrea 106; Tim Cook 347; Martha Ann Stegar 84; Faye Pettis 67; Kelly Morris 47b; Joan Durdin, Myra Tucker, and daughter 128; John Punkett 280; Jack Smith 40; Liz Bryant 492; Diane Walls 452; Jeannette DePoy and Scott DePoy 542; Reuben Ball 318; Elder Jesse Roberts 175.


The class resumed singing with Helen Bryson leading song on page 383. Leaders: Ted Mercer 302; Teenie Moody 222; Bud Oliver 39b; Vaudie Sherer 480; Richard Smith 235; Charles Woods 283; Wayne Morgan 30b; Milton Oliver 206; Mary F. Smith 192; Hugh McGraw 254; Charles Wells 143; Reba Windom 224; Carla Smith 148; Joanne Hoover 56b; Raymond Hamrick 234.


Louis Hughes, Sr. called the class together leading song on page 138b. Leaders: Bonnie Flowers 80b; Clark Lee 81 (t? b?); D. J. Hatfield 543.

The memorial lesson was held. David Lee led song on page 285 (t? b?) and Jerry Schrieber led song on page 163b in memory of the following deceased: Josie McAlpin, Sara Duke, Gertrude Bateman, Elder Jason Davis, Elder H. L. Weaver, Jeral Dean Haney, Harmon Wilson, Eva Reeves, Horace Lambert, Sally Carroll, J. E. Allen, Ollie Brady, Betty Womack, Silas Lee, Shirley W. Bowen, Rosie Blackwell, Sarah Peacock, Harmon Wilson, Edna Wilson, Willa Mae Holt, Hadyn Creel, Willie Mae McClendon, Bob Fannin, Unie B. Howard, Alvin Parker, Nora Collett, Mel Bailey, Estelle Napier, Tomera B. Holmes, Vernice Calvert, Mamie Creel, Elsie Key, Emma Nell Nelson, Buck Aaron, Carrie Graves, Ernest Phillips, Barrett Ashley, Howard Bynum, Shelby K. Miller, Anne Block, Paul Kent, Michael Ditson, Kenneth Brandon, Marilou Jolly, Leon Wilson, Gerry Burakoff, Madolin McGray, and Keterina Sanders.

Helen Bryson led song on page 229 for the following sick and shut-in: Laurie Allison, Richard Allison, Mary Frances Dannals, George Redman, Horace DeLong, Grace Vandenburg, Woodie Walker, Jo Weber, Bob Scorgie, Othor Hall, Tom Edwards, Viola Smith, and Betty Cox. Elder Jesse Roberts closed the memorial with prayer.


The afternoon session resumed with Charlene Wallace leading song on page 421. Leaders: Noel Rush 426b; Sharona Nelson 426 (t? b?); John Jiles 232; Buell Cobb 103; Sharon Kellam and Willie Pickard 567; Mary Elizabeth Lee 361; Judy Mincey 497; Kathy Williams 276; Cassie Franklin 504; Sheri Taylor 178; Matt Wells 34b; Cindy Franklin 198; Karen Snowbird 147 (t? b?); Jack Corley 300; Shelbie Sheppard 269; G. C. Waldrep 532; Anne Heider 362; Dollie Hudgins and Richard DeLong 278b; Dorothea McCowan and John Gregg 304; Ed Stevens 209; Ann Waldrep (granddaughter of S. W. Everette) and Hugh McGraw 312 (t? b?); Steve Warner 547.


The class was called together by Helen Bryson leading song on page 45 (t? b?). Leaders: Don Bowen 157; Hannah Lee and Rachael Lee 155; Jeff Sheppard 197; Lynne deBenedette 448 (t? b?); John Redman 299; Jim Brock 344; Harlan Van Camp 86; John Hollingsworth 186; Estelle Flowers 270; Bobby Bailey 549b; Laura Akerman 290; Kathy Lee 171; Dan Bailey 66; Andy Morse 417; Karen Morris 455.

Doug Allison introduced Lynn Rosser, Director of the DeKalb Historical Society. Helen Bryson led 454 by request.

Business session. The financial report was given.

The Locating Committee reported that the 1999 session of the Georgia State Convention would be held at Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Alpharetta, Georgia.

Resolution Committee report: Mere words fail to convey the sheer joy and pleasure our God has afforded us in the sacred sound and fellowship of blending voices to His glory. We thank:

  1. the many saints, both past and present, who have so lovingly tended to this music that it might live on;
  2. the young people, whose voices are our future;
  3. the officers, committee members, and the volunteers who cheerfully go about securing our location, publicizing it, arranging furniture, paying bills, feeding us, opening their homes to us, and otherwise making sure our convention runs smoothly;
  4. our friends from faraway places for the efforts and sacrifices they made to join their voices with ours;
  5. the DeKalb Historical Society for granting us the privilege to sing in this beautiful courthouse chamber.

We hereby resolve to continue this tradition, while we live joyfully in the present, thankful for the past, and hopeful for the future. Respectfully submitted: Frances Mary D’Andrea, Tim Cook, and John Plunkett.

Doug Allison reported that 21 states and Ontario, Canada were represented during the convention. The business session closed.

After announcements, Helen Bryson, Louis Hughes, Sr., and Charlene Wallace led song on page 62, “Parting Hand”, for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—Helen Bryson; Vice Chairman—Louis Hughes, Sr.; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.