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Ohio State Convention

German Club Edelweiss, Englewood, Ohio

March 2-3, 2019

Saturday, March 2

The 27th annual Ohio State Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Lia Mansfield leading 276. Rev. Greg Creech offered the opening prayer. Chairman Ray Rechenberg announced the other officers and committee members as follows: Vice Chairmen—Ed Walton and Josh Walton; Treasurer—Vic Whisman; Secretary—Bonnie Spitzkeit; Arranging Committee—Josh Walton, Shawn Fenton, Ed Walton, and David Casenhiser; Registration Table—Patterson family; and Chaplain—Rev. Greg Creech.

Leaders: Jim Herr 176t; Vic Whisman 84; Jubal Bayer 411; Sheila Patterson 105; Greg Creech 33b; Clara Herr 564; Hans Bayer 196; Karen Bahler 40; Curtis Cook 333; Claire Outten 112; Gerry Hoffman 547; Claudia Baldwin 65; Brad Bahler 550; Shawn Fenton 171; Eloise Clark 236; Brian How 183.


Josh Walton called the class back to order by leading 99. Leaders: Grace Patterson 47b; John Bealle 434; Inga Huebner 154; Tim Gregg 92; Linda Coppock 532; Derek Buckland 52b; Barb VanderJagt 155; Rich Overturf 373; Kathleen Flanagan 133; Eric Conrad 385b; Laura Ann Russell 426b; Ed Walton 163b; Regina Frick, Daisy Frick, and Jesslyn Frick 203; Donnie Simmet 39b; Anne Missavage 344; Michael Darby 278t; Anne Gilliland 127; Jan May 362; Len VanderJagt 32t. Rev. Greg Creech offered a prayer before the midday meal.


Ray Rechenberg called the class back to order by leading 148. Leaders: Tim Morton 168; Lori Graber 101b; Cecilia Kramer 444; Idy Kiser 47t; Eric Schwab 317; Michael Domino 390; Jeff Begley 562; Kay Huener 34b; Annaliza Cull 472; Sylvia Thomas 315; Barb Patterson 500; Vic Whisman 143; Marian Mitchell 299; Tom Kochan 496; Jim Mace and Kylie Mace 63; Joel-Henry Mansfield, Lia Mansfield, and John-Marshall Mansfield 365; Nigel Ewan and Josh Walton 254.


Michelle Cull called the class back to order by leading 384. Leaders: Pleasance Crawford 202; Andrew Clinard 455; Beth Todd 436; Corey Sees 30b; Michael Hieber 288; Debbie Hall 200; Karen Bahler, Brad Bahler, and Naomi Frick 128; Curtis Cook 178; Donnie Simmet 477; Derek Buckland 161; Inga Huebner 359; Jan May 528; Eric Schwab 227; Eric Conrad 268; Barb VanderJagt 107.

Ray Rechenberg thanked the class for a great day of singing and asked for announcements of other singings. He invited the class to return to the same room for a Shenandoah Harmony singing/social from 7:00-9:00 p.m. Rev. Greg Creech offered the closing prayer. The class sang 347, and took the parting hand.

Sunday, March 3

The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. with a special rendition of “Edelweiss” to recognize the facility in which the convention was held. Leaders: John Bealle 87; Laura Ann Russell 318; Tim Morton 269; Karen Arnett 556; David Casenhiser 421; Sarah Lynne Gershon 70t; Liz Hayes 30t; Anthony D’ Agostino 235; Sheila Patterson 274t; Alasdair Gershon 117; Lori Graber 122; Jim Herr 546; Jubal Bayer 228; Ray Rechenberg 29t; Michael Darby 142; Greg Creech 74b.


Leaders: Clara Herr 209; Gerry Hoffman 216; Hans Bayer 240; Eloise Clark 473; Brian How 114; Grace Patterson 38b; Tim Gregg 64; Beth Huener 532; Idy Kiser 313t; Bonnie Spitzkeit 551; Jeff Begley 278b; Kay Huener 276; Annaliza Cull 547; Barb Patterson 383; Anne Missavage 66; Marian Mitchell 157.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Michelle Cull spoke of how all in the shape note singing community are truly a family, and she read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Marilyn Eichelaub, Judy Clum, Janet Conrad, Vikki Medaglia, Jean Huener, Concetta Branson, BeeGee Rechenberg, Alburuj Rahman, Claudene Townson, Darlene Simpson-Brown, Enid Thomas, Paul Wilson, Tom Morton, and Katy Morton.

Jim Herr read the list of names of the deceased: Tom Siess—Canada; Wally Jeffries—Kentucky; Mary Ellen Schrock, Bill Steele, and Bill Spence—New York; Stephen Kreimer, Joyce Mays, Terry Snyder, Kenny Livingston, Paul DeLaVerne, Elizabeth Rechenberg, Scott Ebright, Elaine Zidek, Jim Good, and Judith McDowell—Ohio; Marlene Spector Levine and Richard Levine—New Jersey; Doug Webb—Texas; Susan Carr—United Kingdom; Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard—Arizona; Eugene Forbes—Alabama; Patricia Mortensen—Minnesota. Jim Herr then prayed with the affirmation that we will all be reunited one day. Michelle Cull and Jim Herr led 49b and 28b.


Kitchen Committee members Clara Herr, Mary Donellan, Sue Duff, and Mary Creech led 515. Leaders: Beth Todd 501; Corey Sees 336; Pleasance Crawford 543; Michelle Cull 273; Debbie Hall 163t; Inga Huebner 98; Derek Buckland 429; Jan May 300; Erik Schwab 192; Vic Whisman 63; Barb VanderJagt 496; Cecilia Kramer 311; John Bealle 442; Laura Ann Russell 428; Tim Morton 198.


Ray Rechenberg called the class back by leading 285t. Leaders: Karen Arnett 474; Sarah Lynne Gershon 329; Liz Hayes 148; Anthony D’Agostino 178; Sheila Patterson 112; Lori Graber 337; Jim Herr 182; Jubal Bayer 32b; Michael Darby 382; Greg Creech 86; Clara Herr 67; Gerry Hoffman 458; Hans Bayer 455; Eloise Clark 27; Brian How 146; Grace Patterson 448b.

Ray Rechenberg heartily thanked all for their participation and practical assistance. Secretary Bonnie Spitzkeit presented the following counts: Four countries were represented (USA, Canada, Germany, and United Kingdom). Singers came from eleven states (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, California, and Washington). Attendance was ninety on Saturday and eighty on Sunday with sixty-nine songs led on Saturday and sixty-three on Sunday. Announcements were made.

Rev. Greg Creech offered the closing prayer. The class sang 347 as the closing song, and those who wished took the parting hand.

Chairman—Ray Rechenberg; Vice Chairmen—Ed Walton and Josh Walton; Secretary—Bonnie Spitzkeit