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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 13, 2019

The 34th Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at the Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. Anne Heider and Steve Warner called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. and led 171. Jim Swanson offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Eileen Ferguson 34b; Jerry Gripshover 99; Michael Mosley 288; Susan Geil 474; John Seaton 47t; Rochelle Lodder 38t.

A business meeting was held, and the following officers were elected: Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice Chairman—Matthew Siefert; Secretary—Eileen Ferguson; Chaplains—Jim Swanson and Wendy Wahn. The following committee members were appointed: Memorial Committee—Matthew Siefert and Kenan Serenbetz; Finance Committee—David Barford; Arranging Committee—Doug Stapleton, Ginny Landgraf, Debbie Barford, and Anita Shaperd.

Leaders: Debbie Barford 348t; Mary Rogel 475 (in memory of her mother); Paul Foster 377; Cecelia Kramer 556 (in honor of Eugene Forbes); Anne Missavage 344; Cathy Lutz 383; Samuel Sommers 316; Marian Mitchell 315; Paul Landskroener 390 (at the request of Paul Wilson); Wendy Wahn 500; Hannah Lutz 66; Bill Beverly 106.


Terry Cunningham brought the class back to order by leading 40. Leaders: Carol Ann Munro 550; JoDell Albi 372; Ted Johnson “Hark from the Tombs”; Thomas Ward 89; Janice Ketelle 142; Peter Bradley 444; Martha Beverly 504; Will Strayer 178 Anne Miczulski 317; Sam Singleton-Freeman 384; Jim Helke 368; Daniel Braithwaite 531.


Thomas Ward brought the class to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Randy Neufeld 236; Carol Crawford 74b; Gerald Shoultz 505; Lyda Jackson 496.

Kenen Serenbetz and Matthew Siefert conducted memorial lesson. Kenen Serenbetz read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Michael Appert, Ben Crawford, Dick Dunigan, Val Dunigan, Johanna Fabke, Paul Foster, Donna Gunderson-Rogers, Judy Hauff, Melanie Hauff, Benedict Ho, Ted Mercer, Miriam Strassberg, Kathryn Thomas, Len VanderJagt, Charlene Wallace, and Paul Wilson. Kenen Serenbetz and Matthew Siefert led 566.

Matthew Siefert read the following list of names of the deceased: Willodean Barton, Eugene Forbes, Art Gilmore, Glenda Hopper, Mike Jones, J.A. Mosley, and Verlon Stiefel—Alabama; Barbara Willard and Rod Willard—California; Freddie Briggs—Florida; Florence Akin and Louise Holland—Georgia; Julius Belser, Father James Dunkerly, Ted Leeb, Berkley Moore, Steve Soler, and Gordon Straw—Illinois; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Lenore Wolbarsht—Massachusetts; Mary Ellen Schrock—New York; Robert Nelson, Elizabeth Rechenberg, and Josephine Rogel—Ohio; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Peter Nichols—Texas; Patricia Floerke—Nicaragua. Matthew Siefert and Kenen Serenbetz led 111b. Jim Swanson prayed for the sick, shut-ins and deceased, and led 353.

Leaders: Lindsay Kruse 131b; Ben Zucker 222; Dan Nickel 39t; Evan Druse 270; Marcia Johnson 440. Wendy Wahn asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Matthew Siefert called the class to order by leading 133. Leaders: Mark Dawson 299; Kenen Serenbetz 426t; Lou Patterson 31t; Lisa Grayson 436; Samuel Sommers 184; Doug Stapleton 485; Jim Crawford 546; Eileen Ferguson 501; Paul Landskroener 250; Ann Heider 192; Jan Ketelle 182; David Barford 311; Wendy Wahn 373; Jim Swanson 396; Rochelle Lodder 313t; Grace Thomas 146; Sam Singleton Freeman 497; JoDell Albi 163t (for Becky Browne and Gary Gronau); Jim Helke 540; Michael Mosley 288.


John Seaton brought the class back to order by leading 49b. Leaders: Marian Mitchell 532; Ginny Landgraf 68t; Kathy Lutz 282; Matthew Siefert 306; Cecelia Kramer 534; Steve Warner 84; Hannah Lutz 217; Thomas Ward 414; Ann Missavage 137; Martha Beverly 430; Peter Bradley 228; Susan Geil 220; Randy Neufeld 47b; Carol Ann Munro 392.

Marcia Johnson gave the founders lesson. Founders Ted Johnson, Kris Richardson, Wendy Wahn, and Terry Cunningham joined her in the square to lead 189. Anne Heider and Steve Warner thanked everyone who contributed to the singing. Matthew Siefert joined them to lead 347 as the closing song. Wendy Wahn dismissed the class with a prayer.

Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Vice Chairman—Matthew Siefert; Secretary—Eileen Ferguson