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Northwest Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing

First Universalist Church of Girard, Girard, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 13, 2018

The annual Northwest Pennsylvania All-Day Sacred Harp Singing held at the First Universalist Church of Girard, Girard, Pennsylvania, was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Gerry Hoffman leading 145b. The morning prayer was offered by Katie White.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Brian How; Secretary—Elisabeth Joyce; Chaplain—Katie White.

Leaders: Gerry Hoffman 209; Elisabeth Joyce 479; Brian How 107; Katie White 547; Marita Straffin 86; Alice Beattie 171; Lois Hurt 551; Laura Ann Russell 542; Michael Darby 131b; Chuck Crawford 540; Bill Beverly 546; Beth Todd 430; Martha Beverly 272; Pleasance Crawford 311; Jan May 228; Laura Densmore 142; Ginny Landgraf 433; Rochelle Lodder 344; Cody Gonzales 277.


Beth Todd called the class back to order leading 49t. Leaders: Kay Cramer 178; Karen Swenson 203; Maria Cramer 522; Guy Bankes 436; Laura Ann Russell 336; Marita Straffin 50t; Martha Beverly 396; Chuck Crawford 66; Rochelle Lodder 31t; Gerry Hoffman 143 (for Judy Clum); Susan Turnquist 81t; Alice Beattie 271t; Jan May 276; Elisabeth Joyce 84; Ginny Landgraf 215; Michael Darby 133; Pleasance Crawford 464; Lois Hurt 146.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Gerry Hoffman. Gerry read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Judy Clum, Len VanderJagt, Paul Foster, Adrian Eldridge, Ruth Ann Bryant, Corrone Bryant, Dorothy Connor, Melanie Hauff, Michael Appert, and Nicoletta Rogers. He led 34t in their honor.

Gerry spoke in memory of the deceased. He read the following list of names of the deceased: Carol Sanders, David Armor, and Mable Bankes—Pennsylvania; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Steven Helwig—Oregon; Daphene Causey, Art Gilmore, J.A. Mosley, Glenda Hopper, Verlon Stiefel, Mike Jones, and Willodean Barton—Alabama; Ann Sleeva and Berkley Moore—Illinois; Amy Dennison and Peter Nichols—Texas; Louise Holland and Florice Akin—Georgia; Mary Ellen Schrock—New York; Barbara Willard and Rodney Willard—Arizona; Elizabeth Rechenberg and Judith McDowell—Ohio; Freddie Briggs—Florida; Donna Schleifer—North Carolina; Tom Sies—Canada. Gerry led 285t in their memory. Katie White closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Beth Todd 299; Katie White 33b; Cody Gonzales 106; Brian How 117; Laura Densmore 365; Bill Beverly 191; Guy Bankes 120; Kay Cramer 38t; Karen Swenson 327; Maria Cramer 201. Katie White offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Pleasance Crawford brought the class back to order leading 176t. Leaders: Rochelle Lodder 485; Chuck Crawford 288; Alice Beattie 532; Jan May 287; Martha Beverly 502; Karen Swenson 431; Ginny Landgraf 447; Guy Bankes 538; Pleasance Crawford 474; Gerry Hoffman 148; Beth Todd 373; Susan Turnquist 200; Laura Ann Russell 504; Marita Straffin 268; Bill Beverly 163b; Karen Perkins 47b; Cody Gonzales 457; Laura Densmore 49b, 44; Elisabeth Joyce 282; Michael Darby 560; Lois Hurt 358.


Alice Beattie called the class back to order leading 29t and 29b. Leaders: Katie White 324; Kelly Armor 155; Kay Cramer 28t; Maria Cramer 216; Martha Beverly 217; Laura Ann Russell 290; Beth Todd 566; Pleasance Crawford 453; Guy Bankes 351; Ginny Landgraf 385t; Cody Gonzales 335; Karen Swenson 270; Jan May 313b; Chuck Crawford 314; Rochelle Lodder 472; Michael Darby 300; Kelly Armor 236.

Following announcements, Gerry Hoffman led 347 as the closing song. Katie White dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Vice Chairman—Brian How; Secretary—Elisabeth Joyce