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Central Ontario Sacred Harp Convention

Friends Meeting House, Toronto, Ontario

August 24-26, 2018

Friday, August 24

Alabama singer Bridgett Hill Kennedy taught a singing school: Why We Sing: The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Social Singing. The class sang 212, 98, 496, 330b, 276, and 176t. Frank Griggs led 475 as the closing song.

Saturday, August 25

The Saturday session of the first Central Ontario Sacred Harp Convention (formerly the Central Ontario All-Day Sacred Harp Singing) took place at Friends Meeting House in Toronto, and was brought to order by Jan May leading 171. Hollie Long offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Jan May; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Nicole Collins and Gillian Inksetter; Treasurer—Frances Miller and Andrew Louis.

Leaders: Jan May 40; Frances Miller 155; Gillian Inksetter 39t; Hollie Long 159; Naomi Duguid 472; Andrew Louis 547; Anne Evers 573; Idy Kiser 217; Pleasance Crawford 202; Carl Bear 146; Jamie Yeats 503; Lloy Cook 178; Em Ekelund 122; Marian Mitchell 327; Hanna Caruso 114; Chris Taylor 277.


Robert Stoddard brought the class back to order by leading 106. Leaders: Laurie Dempsey 268; Jen Davies 282; Tom Evers 448t; Cecelia Kramer 180; Diane Holmlund and Chance Kellner 274t; Anne Missavage 280; Kerry Cullinan 70t; Kim Kendrick 34b; Nicole Collins 313b; Frank Griggs 500; Brian How 86; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 340; Mary Skidmore 442; Gerry Hoffman 42; Laura Ann Russell 428; Michael Darby 67; Joanne Fuller 196.


Chris Taylor brought the class back to order by leading 32t. Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Barbara Swetman 125; Jean Seiler 299; Frances Miller and Andrew Louis 515; Evelyn Lamb 215; Robert Stoddard 89; Marilyn Job and Brian How 294; David Brodeur 289; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 411; Andy Ditzler 300. Hollie Long offered a blessing before dinner.


Gillian Inksetter brought the class back to order by leading 29t. Leaders: Joanne Fuller 542; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 189; Hollie Long 480; Mary Skidmore 270; Kerry Cullinan 70b; Laura Ann Russell 423; David Brodeur 341; Elizabeth Stoddard 545; Jamie Yeats 39b; Jean Seiler 273; Evelyn Lamb 564; Barbara Swetman 481; Andy Ditzler 430; Cecelia Kramer 444; Gerry Hoffman 455; John O’Flynn 77t.


Frank Griggs called the class to order by leading 74b. Leaders: Brian How 183; Robert Stoddard 460; Anne Missavage 362; Katherine Belyea and Evelyn Lamb 457; Em Ekelund 376; Idy Kiser and Gillian Inksetter 532; Esther Wade 142; Michael Darby 123t; Marian Mitchell 528; Kim Kendrick 369.

Following announcements, Jan May led 347. Hollie Long offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, August 26

The Sunday session of the first Central Ontario Sacred Harp convention took place at the Detweiler Meetinghouse, Roseville, Ontario, and was brought to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jan May leading 34b. Robert Stoddard offered the opening prayer. Chris Taylor offered a territorial land acknowledgement.

Leaders: Nicole Collins 63; Frances Miller 344; Naomi Duguid 503; Lloy Cook 452; Chuck Crawford and Bridgett Hill Kennedy 546; Anne Evers, Laura Roth and Caroline McLeod 117; Giles Simmer 39t; Stephen Rogers 448t; Idy Kiser 448b; Katherine Belyea 569b; Larry Devine and Frank Griggs 71; Hollie Long 489; Jamie Yeats 313b; Tom Evers 229; Max Kelly 528.


David Brodeur led 345t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Carl Bear 148; Em Ekelund 224; Dylan Aiello 268; Alan Rempel 230; Pleasance Crawford 293; Nicoletta Rogers 384; Chris Taylor 47b; Cecilia Kramer 328; Heather Schramm 472; Jen Davies 282; Andrew Louis 504; Marian Mitchell 48b; Brian How 334; Frank Griggs 287; Kerry Cullinan 310; Mary Skidmore 218; Gerry Hoffman 275t.


Jean Seiler called the class back to order leading 87. Leaders: Anne Missavage 66; Brad Young 217; Frances Miller and Andrew Louis 207; Barbara Swetman 484.

Lloy Cook and David Brodeur conducted the memorial lesson. Lloy Cook spoke, and led 70t in honor of the following sick and homebound: Karen Rollins, Judy Clum, David Shipe, Velton Chafin, Ozella Blackmon, Don MacLeod, Ruth Daniel, Ruth Ann Bryant, Corrone Bryant, Dorothy Connor, Jeremy Bravelle, Ed Marshall, Laurie Ayotte, Jean Ayotte, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, and Mary Jean McCarthy.

David Brodeur spoke, and led 285t to remember the following deceased: Ted Howard, Terri McLean, Paricia Taylor, Nicholas Cameron—Ontario; Berkley Moore and Ann Sleeva—Illinois; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Jane Goforth, Mel Rosenbaum, and Amy Denison—Texas; Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard—Arizona; Louise Holland—Georgia; Daphne Causey, Glenda Hopper, Arthur Gilmore, Johnie Chafin, and Susie Denson—Alabama; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Carol Sanders—Pennsylvania; Susan Carr—Leeds, UK; Judith McDowell—Ohio; Mary Ellen Schrock, Michael Kaye, Harry Roy, Herb Erikssen, and Jean Fleming—New York; Tina Fast—Manitoba; Steve Huisken—Minnesota. Hollie Long offered a prayer.

Laura Ann Russell led 198. Gillian Inksetter led the class in singing the Lutheran Table Grace before dinner.


Tom Evers called the class back to order by leading 40. Leaders: Jean Seiler 72b; Michael Darby 133; Robert Stoddard 292; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 436; Joanne Fuller 564; Andy Ditzler 170; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 383; David Brodeur 375; Evelyn Lamb 372; Elizabeth Stoddard 422; Henry Schumann 532; Kerry Cullinan 507; Jan May 99; Frank Griggs 505; Cecilia Kramer 174.


Philippe Doyle-Gosselin and Max Kelly called the class back to order leading 81t. Leaders: Gillian Inksetter “Geneva” (HS 96); Nicole Collins and Hollie Long 171; Mary Skidmore 567; Gerry Hoffman and Brian How 547; Idy Kiser and Giles Simmer 178; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin and Em Ekelund 83t; Pleasance Crawford and Chuck Crawford 556; Tom Evers and Anne Evers 38t; Chris Taylor and Jen Davies 300; Michael Darby and Laura Ann Russell 290; Steve Rogers and Nicoletta Rogers 350; Andy Ditzler and David Brodeur 234; Elizabeth Stoddard and Robert Stoddard 522; Jean Seiler 191; Joanne Fuller 400; Anne Missavage 430; Evelyn Lamb 368; Barbara Swetman 146.


Andy Ditzler called the class back to order by leading 275b. Leaders: Bridgett Hill Kennedy 348b; Katherine Belyea 59; Naomi Duguid and Lloy Cook 276; Marian Mitchell 454; Francis Miller and Heather Schramm 228; Alan Rempel 121; Erin Roberts and Andy Ditzler 278t; Brad Young 455; Dylan Aiello and Andrew Louis 86; Jamie Yeats 312b; Carl Bear and Max Kelly 155.

Following announcements, Jan May thanked all who helped make the singing a success. The Secretary reported that over the two days, eighty-nine registered singers from three provinces, ten states, and Ireland sang 147 songs led by fifty-six leaders.

Jan May led 347 as the closing song. Hollie Long offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jan May; Secretaries—Nicole Collins and Gillian Inksetter