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Quebec Sacred Harp Convention

St. George’s Anglican Church, Sherbrooke,
and Ways Mills Community Center, Quebec, Canada

July 13-14, 2018

Friday, July 13

The 24th annual Quebec Sacred Harp Convention met at St. George’s Anglican Church on Friday evening. Skeet Surrency brought the class to order leading 63. Guiseppe Gagliano offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Isabelle Gervais Chapman 448b; Ruth Doerfler 448t; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 183; Susan Jaster 212; Bob Parr 276; Janet Snyder 29t; George Sigut 38t; David Rosenberg 344; Derek Buckland 89; Philippe Doyle Gosselin 95; Inga Huebner 531; Em Ekelund 102; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 198; Ruth Doerfler 71; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 189; Susan Jaster 486; Bob Parr 480; Janet Ross Snyder 551; George Sigut 481.


Troad Richmond called the class back to order by leading 31b. Leaders: Philippe Doyle Gosselin 187; Derek Buckland 56b; David Rosenberg 362; Inga Huebner 361; Em Ekelund 29b; Skeet Surrency 335; Kerry Cullinan 475; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 474; Ruth Doerfler 65; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 455; Susan Jaster 94; Bob Parr 430; Janet Ross Snyder 86; George Sigut 479; Philippe Doyle Gosselin 128; Derek Buckland 74b; David Rosenberg 40; Inga Huebner 97; Em Ekelund 542; Skeet Surrency 217; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 159. Chuck Neville offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, July 14

On Saturday morning at the Ways Mills Community Center, Troad Richmond brought the class to order leading 312b. Guiseppe Gagliano offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 39t; Ines Luttgen 313t; Scott Luscombe 277; Jesse Vear 129; Ruth Doerfler 107; Dan Coppock 74b; Jean Rosenberg 454; Kit Walsh 495; George Sigut 122; Meredith Browne 448b; Kerry Cullinan 332; Janet Ross Snyder 504; David Rosenberg 503; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 472; Nathan Aldrich 271b; Susan Jaster 174; Robert Stoddard 283.


Isabelle Gervais Chapman called the class back to order leading 282. Leaders: Judy Contompasis 99; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 193; Troad Richmond 168; Rebecca Hawkins 171; Bob Parr 38b; Ivy Hauser 228; Skeet Surrency 384; Inga Huebner 348t; Esther Wade 142; Michael Nord 272; Rachel Stevens 124; Miriam Delirium 440; Derek Buckland 32t; Leah Velleman 270; Lilly Israel 497; Philippe Doyle Gosselin 81t; Annie Lou Chester 410t; Em Ekelund 165; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 284.

Ruth Doerfler conducted the memorial lesson with a reading from Rebbe Kalonymus Kalman Shapira. She led 313b for the following sick and housebound: John Bloch, Charles Fortier, and Ester Wildey. Then she read the following names of the deceased: Skip Pendleton and Jo Pendleton—Maine; Tom Wells, Rosa Gendreau, and Betty Thompson—Vermont; Florence Gerard—Quebec; Jean Fleming—New York. Ruth led 421 in their memory. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer.

Leaders: Dan Coppock 386; Virginia Neville 163b; Meredith Browne 344; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 569b; Kerry Cullinan 268; Susan Jaster 157; Sue Dwelle 48t. Don Peabody offered a prayer before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Philippe Doyle Gosselin leading 58. Leaders: George Dyment 215; Ivy Hauser 522; Michael Nord 203; Jesse Vear 434; Ines Luttgen 222; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 126; Inga Huebner 72b; Ishmael Stefanov-Wagner 569t; Leah Velleman 306; Nathan Aldrich 456; Miriam Delirium 455; Scott Luscombe 302; Lilly Israel 117; Skeet Surrency 480; Lari Jalbert 210; Jean Rosenberg 254; Em Ekelund 505; Kit Walsh 397.


Chuck Neville, Cathy Brochet, and Virginia Neville called the class back to order leading 49b. Leaders: Bob Parr 391; Judy Contompasis 73t; George Sigut 341; Rebecca Hawkins 269; Robert Stoddard 542; Derek Buckland 125; Rachel Stevens 300; David Rosenberg 49t; Esther Wade 512; Philippe Doyle Gosselin 208; Virginia Neville 209; Susan Jaster 485; Ruth Doerfler 84; Annie Lou Chester 479; Lari Jalbert 163t; Sue Dwelle 34b; Kerry Cullinan 516; Elizabeth Stoddard 534; Isabelle Gervais Chapman 290; Janet Ross Snyder 547; Meredith Browne 318; John Henderson 146; Miriam Delirium 448t; Inga Huebner and Derek Buckland 278t.

In a business meeting, it was reported that expenses had been met. Announcements were made, including the all-day singing in Montreal the following day.

Troad Richmond, Elizabeth Stoddard, Ines Luttgen, and Cathy Brochet led 62 as the closing song. Chuck Neville offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Troad Richmond; Secretaries—George Dyment and Ines Luttgen