Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Midwest Convention

Chicago, Illinois

April 29-30, 1995

Saturday, April 29

The tenth annual session of the Midwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on Saturday, April 29, at Ida Noyes Hall on the campus of the University of Chicago. Jerry Enright called the convention to order at 9:30 a.m. by leading songs on pages 354t, 312b. He welcomed the class by saying that the Midwest Convention has been such a good convention because of the many singers who have come to sing with those in the Midwest. John Bayer from Ohio led the opening prayer. The remaining officers led as follows: Lisa Grayson 52t; Beverly Enright 224; Al Frank 59. Leaders: Midge Olsen (MN) 198; David Barford 372; Val Dunagan (WI) 120; Steve Warner 49b; Jerilyn Schumacher 369; Herb Schroeder 128; Ginny Landgraf (CA) 326; Gary Gronau 163t (MO); Anne Heider 352; Pearl Guier (AL) 40;


Jerry Enright called the class back leading song on page 354 (t? b?). Leaders: Sam Farwell 146; Duran Perkins 107; Ted Johnson “Boulder”; Ted Mercer 76b. Jerry Enright then called the class into a business session and officers were elected as follows: Chairman—Lisa Grayson; Vice Chairman—Kathleen Kuiper; Secretary—Debra Barford; Chaplain—Herb Schroeder; Arranging Committee—Ruth Brown, Becky Browne, Karen Hojnacki, and Ted Mercer; Memorial Committee—Ruth Brown, Judy Hauff, Richard Popp, and Reba Dell Windom; Resolutions Committee—Sarah Davie, Darryl Mayberry, Dean Slaton, and Carla Smith; Finance Committee—Val Dunagan, Gary Gronau, Dianne McCarty, and Chris Thurman. Leaders: Kathy Wallace (MN) 455; Dean Slaton 500; Susan Jaster (MA) 94; Felton Denney (GA) 523; Loraine Bayer (OH) 39b; Dick Dunagan (WI) 30b; Greg Economides (TX) 547; Daniel Hertzler (VT) 168; Ann Jett (AL) 342.


Kathleen Kuiper reassembled the class leading the song on page 145 (t? b?). Leaders: Eloise Clark (OH) 327; George Karduck 203; Ruby Phillips (AL) 475; Eric Bean (NY) 354 (t? b?); Janet Fraembs 481; Jim Carnes (AL) 48 (t? b?); Laura Boyd (CA) 156; Steven Levine (MN) 503b; Charlene Wallace (GA) 218; David Rust (IN) 229.


The class reconvened with Debra Barford leading the song on page 207. Leaders: Johanna Fabke (WI) 350; John Seaton 479; Karen Snowberg (NY) 86; Bart Bradfield 114; Christine Guth (IN) 390; Jesse Roberts Jr. (FL) 306; Lynne de Benedette (MI) 371; W.L. Green (AL) 378b; John Bayer (OH) and Judy Hauff “Marcia”; Tim Binkley (MI) 504; Janet Shepherd (GA) 155; John Graven 178; Margaret Sayvetz (PA) 84; Marlon Wootten (AL) 30 (t? b?); Brad Oglesby (OH) 496; Melvin Kersey (TN) 99; Carolyn Deacy (CA) 290.


Lisa Grayson brought the class back leading the song on page 192. Leaders: Jeremy Straughn 383; Jenny Willard (MN) 200; Phillip Langley (GA) 85; Carlene Griffin (GA) 225t; Tony Reeves (WI) 183; M. Harrison Creel (AL) 111b; Evelyn Harris (AL) 47t; Don and Marilou Jolly (CA) 510; Edith Tate (AL) 532; Don Bowen (GA) 287; Chris Thorman (CA) 31t; Kelly Macklin (VA) 214; Rene Greene (AL) 220; Mike Hinton (TX) 340; Linda Thomas (AL) 464; Dee Michel (WI) 236; Daryl Mayberry 528. The closing song on page 212 was led by Lisa Grayson. The class was dismissed with prayer by Herb Schroeder.

Sunday, April 30

The Sunday session was called to order in the Irish American Heritage Center with Lisa Grayson leading one verse of the song on page 178, and the song on 171. Chaplain Herb Schroeder asked a blessing upon the day of song. Leaders: Kathleen Kuiper 31b; Becky Browne (MO) 304; Karen Hojnacki (WI) 198; Elene Stovall (GA) 556; Robert Meek (KY) 268; Emmie Barford, Leyland Del Re (VA), and Regina Bayer (OH) 163t; Deborah Johnson (CO) 147t; Debra Langley (GA) 269; Don Bardsley 497; Val Eng (MN) 217; Lou Cotney (AL) 189; Jerry Schreiber (CA) 260; Ginnie Ely (MA) 446; Pauline Creel Childers (MI) 318.


Kathleen Kuiper called the class together leading song on page 224. Leaders: Nancy Hejna (MI) 29t; Billy Jo Harris (AL) 63; John Schaffer (CO) 174; Kathy Williams (FL) 365; James Paige (WI) 71; Bob Parr (MA) 391; Joan Aldridge (AL) 273; Katy Hicks (CA) 274t; Buell Cobb (AL) 426t; Keith Willard (MN) 176t; Donna Abrahome (NY) 180; Jamie Dalton (AL) 272; Julie Vea (WI) 324; Kyle Greenlee (PA) 91; Melanie Hauff 129; Dan Brittain (NY) 355; Connie Karduck 498.


The class was assembled by Lisa Grayson leading song on page 436. Leaders: Rich Russell (CA) 276; Geneva Prichard (GA) 517; Jim Pfau (MN) 148; Shelbie Sheppard (AL) 29b; Sarah Davie 456; John Bealle (OH) 348 (t? b?); Judy Mincey (GA) 137; Terry Wootten (AL) 73t; Pam Nunn (AL) 200; Stephen Parker (MN) 228; Gordon Olsen (MN) 34b; Penny Thurman 117. The memorial lesson was held at this time. Richard Popp read the names of the deceased: Fay Allen, Bulah Creel Cates, Lessie Cates, Helen Ivey Cordell, Ted Godsey, Lois Green, Arville Hyatt, Winford Lacey, and Clellon Warren of Alabama; F. R. Parker of Arizona; George Economides and Jake Lunsford of California; Mark Ely of Connecticut; George Klein and Sarah Morrill of Florida; David Burleson, Junurs Hudgins, and Mrs. R. N. Miles of Georgia; Alberta Chapman, Tom Davis, Peggy Ann Dillard, Gerald Golliet, Emmie Dolly Martin, Mike Matoin, Anne Tarsa, Herb Tomita, and Marilyn Trier of Illinois; Merlin Miller of Indiana; John Snyder of Kansas; Ruth Kjellberg and Curtis M. Smith of Michigan; Hank Jones of Minnesota; Dr. George Boswell of Mississippi; Al Crossman and Howard Liss of New York; Minnie Clayton Oglesby of Ohio; victims of the Oklahoma City bombing; Elvira Bjordal of South Dakota; Dale Redmond of Texas; Robert L. Behr of Vermont; Noel Volberding of Washington; Dorothy Fabke and Jim Jennison of Wisconsin. B. M. Smith commented on the deceased and led the song on page 28b for the deceased and Lessie Cates. Judy Hauff commented that she had intended to lead “Granville”, but decided that we need to be uplifted when remembering the deceased, and not always mournful. She then lead the song on 68b. Richard Popp then read the names of the sick and shut-in. Reba Dell Windom led the song on page 27 for the sick, and Jesse Roberts brought the memorial lesson to a close with a prayer for remembrance. Chaplain Herb Schroeder dismissed the class for lunch with a blessing.


Lisa Grayson reassembled the class leading the song on page 384 and then lead the song on page 457 to honor the kitchen staff. Leaders: Carol Crawford (WI) 128; Kelly Beard (TX) 472; Jeff Sheppard (AL) 439; John delRe (VA) 165; Richard DeLong (GA) 448t; Marcia Johnson 218; Paula McGray (MA) 286; Kathy Krug 142; Dan Havens 313b; Jodi Liss (OH) 328; Petrina Patti 155; Richard Popp 175; Jeanne Schaffer (CO) 250; Suzanne Flandreau 195; Lissa Blood 565; Virgil Phillips (AL) 475; Wenday Wahn 113; Ruth Brown (AL) 335.


The class resumed singing with Kathleen Kuiper leading the song on page 87. Leaders: Sue Kessell 528; Reba Dell Windom (MI) 196; B. M. Smith (GA) 548; Bill Hamblin 85; Kathy Williams 208; Jeff Sheppard (AL) 294; John Bayer (OH) 123b; Jenny Willard (MN) 385t; W. L. Green (AL) 398; Marlon Wootten (AL) 103; Jesse Roberts (FL) 172; Carla Smith (CA) 213t; Ernestine Pipkin (FL) 110. The finance committee report was given. The resolutions committee report was given by Dean Slaton, thanking Lisa Grayson, Jerry Enright, and all the committee members, as well as all of the cooks, hosts and travelers who enable us each year to assemble and give glory to our Creator in song. A total of 166 different leaders from 20 states lead as follows: 1 each from Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont; 2 from Missouri; 3 each from Colorado, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia; 4 each from Florida, Massachusetts, New York; 5 from Michigan; 7 from Ohio; 9 from Wisconsin; 10 from California; 12 each from Alabama and Georgia; and 38 (t? b?) from Illinois. Announcements were taken from the class regarding future singings, and Lisa Grayson announced that the 1996 Midwest Convention will be held on June 29 and 30, in Chicago. The class then took the parting hand and was dismissed with prayer by Herb Schroeder.

Chairman—Lisa Grayson; Vice Chairman—Kathleen Kuiper; Secretary—Debra Barford.