Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Golden Gate Singing

Alameda, California

Saturday, April 21, 2018

The 14th annual Golden Gate Singing (in memory of Linda Domholt) was held at Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda, California, on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April. Rebecca Edwards called the class together leading 171. Susan Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

In a business meeting, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Dave Barber; Vice Chairman—Leah Coffin; Secretary—Edward Rice; Treasurer—Leigh Cooper; Arranging—Carolyn Deacy, Wren Hyde, and Hannah Blair; Chaplain—Susan Fetcho. A motion was passed to name this year’s singing in memory of Linda Domholt, a singer from Alameda who passed away last year.

Leaders: Dave Barber 34b; Leah Coffin 46; David Fetcho 374; Betty Marvin 492; Pat Coghlan 501; Wren Hyde 568; Susan Fetcho 418; Jeremy Knight 112; Linda Selph 47b; Lena Strayhorn 49t; Mark Godfrey 39b; Jeanette Ralston 65; Erika Wilson 73b; Yuka Oiwa 160b; Greg Freed 38t; Leigh Cooper 166; Inder Khalsa 300; Mary O’Brien 82t.


Thom Fahrbach brought the class together leading 105. Leaders: Hannah Blair 504; David Graff 163t; Midge Harder 168; Hugh McGuire 426b; Clarissa Fetrow 455; Janet Herman 496; Thom Fahrbach 399b; Esteban Veliz 448t; Aisha Morgan 339; Bob Schinske 216; Joel Chan 235; Linda Berkemeier 122; Mark Miller 421; Gretchen Wegner 106; Kevin Barrans 400; Jeff Begley 348t.


Mark Miller brought the class together leading 176t. Leaders: Kate Fortin 430; Kate Coxon 296; Edward Rice 272; Leigh Cooper 32t; Hans Guttman 37b; Shelby Sampson 84; Lindy Groening 422; Sally Langendorf and Katy Brown 401; Betsy Jeronen 293; Karen Stingle 318; Greg Freemon 224; Annalise Veliz 99; Betty Marvin 371; Erika Wilson 498; Dave Barber 500; Linda Selph 172; Leah Coffin 453; Susan Fetcho 126; Greg Freed 475; Ellen Lueck 546; Inder Khalsa 282. Susan Fetcho offered a prayer before dinner on the grounds.


Lindy Groening and Heather Purdy brought the class together leading 79. Leaders: Esteban Veliz 196; Clarissa Fetrow 234; Thom Fahrbach 263; Kate Coxon 227; Mark Miller 266; Midge Harder 556; Hugh McGuire 327; Kevin Barrans 225b; Mark Godfrey 228; Kate Fortin 434; Bob Schinske 197; Hans Guttman 448b; Linda Berkemeier 143; Joel Chan 34t; Janet Herman 378b; Jeff Begley 201; Yuka Oiwa 457; Sally Langendorf 229; Leigh Cooper 35; Lucy O’Leary 436.


Rebecca Edwards called the class to order leading 47t. Leaders: Alexander Cotton 150; Betsy Jeronen 564; Peter Ross 344; Edward Rice 440; Ellen Lueck 111t; Annalise Veliz 159; Pat Coghlan 187; Katy Brown 460; Hannah Blair 472; Karen Stingle 107; Cameron Holly 36b; Gail Aagaard 503; David Fetcho 372; Jeremy Knight 313b; Rebecca Edwards and Mark Miller 444; Wren Hyde 53; Lena Strayhorn 163t; Lindy Groening 208.

In a business meeting, the Treasurer reported that expenses had been met and exceeded. The Secretary reported that fifty-two leaders led ninety-eight songs, with seventy-eight in attendance from California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, and Massachusetts. The resolutions committee, Bob Schinske and Yuka Oiwa, thanked those who made the singing possible and resolved to meet again next year. The business meeting was closed.

The officers led 62 as the closing song, and singers took the parting hand. Susan Fetcho offered a closing prayer.

Chairman—Dave Barber; Vice Chairman—Leah Coffin; Secretary—Edward Rice