Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Missouri State Convention

St. John United Church of Christ, Pinckney, Missouri

March 10-11, 2018

Saturday, March 10

The 33rd annual session of the Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. at St. John United Church of Christ by Tommy Schultz. Gary Huffman offered the opening prayer. The convention officers previously elected or appointed are as follows: Chairman—Tommy Schultz; Secretary—Dave Ressler; Arranging Committee—Presley Barker and Daniel Gray; Finance Officer—Roberta Strauss; Memorial Committee—Alvaro Witt Duarte and Justin Bowen. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and The Missouri Harmony, 2005 Edition.

Leaders: Jim Herr 13 (MH); John Huffman 34b; Syd Caldwell 273; Martha Beverly 171; Rochelle Lodder 135 (MH); Karen Willard 27; Barbara Uhlemann 299; John Seaton 47t; Eddie Mash 547; Patty Sontag 86; Dick Patterson 481; Karen Swenson 89 (MH); Bill Beverly 191; Peggy Brayfield 77 (MH); Paul Landskroener 9 (MH); Lou Kujawinski 95; Jairus Schultz 504; Lori Graber 174 (MH).


John Uhlemann led 564 to bring the class together. Leaders: Barbara Chopin 178; Paul Figura “Pinckney Township”; Dan Dohman and Katy Dohman “Thy Strength”; Anna Pfau 430; David Casenheiser 87; Clara Herr 180 (MH); Wendy Hofmann 313b; Dan Brittain 138 (MH); Ginny Landgraf 148 (MH); Barb Patterson 10 (MH); Julie Thompson 63.


Dave Ressler led 142 to bring the class together. Leaders: Dan Gray 124 (MH); Michele Cull 182; Judy Hauff 434; Andrew Albers 131t; Gail Doss 125 (MH); James Page 139 (MH); David Ivey 410t; Anne Missavage 362; Nate Green and Norma Green 418; Reba Windom 192; Donnie Simmet 421; Presley Barker 327. The class sang 164 (MH) as the blessing for the noon meal, and Presley Barker offered a prayer.


Marcus Whitman led 38b to bring the class together. Leaders: Hollie Powell 159 (MH); Cecelia Kramer 169; Jeff Burlison and Cindy Burlison 551; Annaliza Cull 155; Cory Winter 112; Anna Dohman 66; Tommy Schultz 177 (MH); Tim Gregg 92; Katie Dohman 556; Tullaia Powell 300; Stuart Ivey 507; Judy Mincey 75 (MH); Bob Borcherding 127 (MH); Carla Bermudez 153 (MH); Jenny Whitman 535; Ryan Hill 338.


Daniel Gray led 276 to bring the class together. Leaders: JoDell Albi 324; David Lloyd 34 (MH); Maggie McAlevey 47b; Tim Van Engeln 503; Marian Mitchell 288; Bill Caldwell 240; Alvaro Witt Duarte 315; Karen Ivey and Richard Ivey 532; Jan Ketelle 113 (MH); Nicholas Thompson 392; Penny Kujawinski 147 (MH); Ted Mercer 70b; Chris Nicholson 157 (MH); Lisa Bulawsky 534; Nancy Price 107; Marcus Whitman 448t; Karen Isbell and Coy Ivey 384; Roberta Strauss 269; John Uhlemann 212; Anne Drexler 454; Shirley Figura 464. Announcements were made. Mort Whitman closed the day with a prayer.

Sunday, March 11

The Sunday session of the Missouri State Sacred Harp Singing Convention began with Dan Brittain offering a prayer. Leaders: Tommy Schultz 168; Aubrey Hemminger 503; Amanda Jokerst 30t; Becky Browne 200; Bill Beverly 546; Anna Pfau 501; John Uhlemann 362; Syd Caldwell 500; Martha Beverly 522; Richard Ivey 371; Abigail Schultz 294; Jonathon Smith 505; Clara Herr 209; Dan Brittain 109 (MH); Luke Sivertson 19 (MH); Gail Doss 108 (MH); Stuart Ivey 306; Karen Willard 142; John Seaton 62 (MH); JoDell Albi 195.


Becky Browne led 76b to bring the class together. Leaders: Barbara Uhlemann 13 (MH); Bill Caldwell 472; Peggy Brayfield 183; David Ivey 428; Cory Winters 318; Judy Mincey 146 (MH); Tullaia Powell and Annaliza Cull 547; Nate Green and Norma Green 350; Alexis Walker 335; Ginny Landgraf 103 (MH); Bill Rintz 268; Karen Ivey 422; Paul Landskroener 322; Wendy Hofmann 312b; David Casenheiser 313b; Theophilus Schultz 496.


Presley Barker led 228 to bring the class together. Leaders: Rochelle Lodder 167 (MH); Eddie Mash 480; Barb Patterson 91.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Justin Bowen read the names from the list of the sick and shut-ins as follows: Robert Fisher, Andy Worthington, Don Bowen, Linda Jones, Charlie Johnson, Don Reynolds, Idy Kiser, Chris Brown, Curtis Owen, Johanna Fabke, Ed Thacker, Margaret Thacker, Charlene Wallace, Myrl Jones, Paul Wilson, Sue Duff, Gary Gronau, Louis Hughes, Janice Hughes, Gail Cowert, Melanie Hauff, Nancy Wyatt, Christine Stevens, Velton Chafin, Ottis Sides, Gail Bader, Doris Steinmetz, Verlon Stiefel, Mary Ruth Stiefel, Michael Appert, and Richard Mauldin. Justin led 75.

Alvaro Witt Duarte read the names of the deceased as follows: Gravis Ballinger, Hugh McGraw, Charles Wells, Eloise Wootten, Edith Owen, Caleb Allred, Johnnie Chafin, Jane Goforth, Julie Vea, Daphene Causey, Ann Sleeva, Darrell Swarens, Berkley Moore, Amy Dennison, Art Gilmore, Peter Nichols, Louise Holland, Steve Helwig, Donna Schleifer, John Meeks, Dash Walt, Linda Edmondson, Samuel Slothour, Jean Hollingsworth, Carol Belt, Don Fahrbach, Harry Munro, Dan Summerlin, Aline Summerlin, Floy Wilder, and Lilly Hopper. Alvaro led 330b, and closed the lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Marcus Whitman 229; Michele Cull 208; Jedidiah Schultz 138 (MH); Stephanie Fida 78 (MH); Anne Drexler 99. The class sang 164 (MH) as the blessing for the noon meal.


Roberta Strauss led 145t to bring the class together. Leaders: Nicholas Thompson 216; Justin Bowen 382; Jim Herr 475; Jan Ketelle 368; Karen Isbell 175 (MH); Tim Gregg 52b; Judy Hauff 411; Dick Patterson 302; Dave Ressler 218; Marian Mitchell 189; Lou Kujawinski and Penny Kujawinski 282; Bob Borcherding 210; Lori Graber 56 (MH); Chris Nicholson 212; Anne Missavage 137; Jubal Schultz 147b; Ted Mercer 419; Nancy Price 203; Paul Figura and Shirley Figura 388; Cecelia Kramer 157; Lisa Bulawsky 365; JoDell Albi 195; Alvaro Witt Duarte 186; Hollie Powell 144 (MH); Presley Barker 38t. Due to worsening weather conditions, the convention decided to cancel the second session after lunch.

The arranging committee reported that 84 songs were led on Saturday and =74 (t? b?) on Sunday. There were 17 states and one province represented among the leaders. Announcements were made. Tommy Schultz led 62 and Jim Herr offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Tommy Schultz; Secretary—Dave Ressler