Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Australian Sacred Harp Convention

Dickson Street Space, Sydney, Australia

January 28-29, 2017

Saturday, January 28

The 2nd Sacred Harp Singing Convention in Australia was held in Sydney on the weekend closest to Australia Day (26 January). Shawn Whelan brought the class to order leading 49t. Natalie Sims led 77b.

In a business session, the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Elaena Gardner; Vice Chairman, Secretary, and Chaplain—Meg Quinlisk; Treasurer—Dilini Jayakody; Arranging Officer—Margo Lanagan; Resolutions Officer—Elaena Gardner. The opening prayer was offered by Meg Quinlisk.

Leaders: Elaena Gardner 45t; David Rosenberg 40; Tricia Entwhistle 479; Meg Quinlisk 47t; Daniel Whelan 39t; Margo Lanagan 535; Ruth McNamara 34b; Lisa Haynes 276; Elaena Gardner 318; Shawn Whelan 503; Ruby Foster 472; Natalie Sims 112; David Rosenberg 162; Tricia Entwhistle 38t; Meg Quinlisk 171; Daniel Whelan 448t; Margo Lanagan 448b; Ruth McNamara 33b; Lisa Haynes 282; Elaena Gardner 107; Shawn Whelan 142; Ruby Foster 34t; David Rosenberg 299.


The class was called back to order by Natalie Sims leading 128. Leaders: Tricia Entwhistle 474; Meg Quinlisk 373; Daniel Whelan 42; Margo Lanagan 168; Ruth McNamara 29t; Lisa Haynes 132; Jean Rosenberg 344; Elaena Gardner 388; Shawn Whelan 49b; Ruby Foster 496; David Rosenberg 68b; Natalie Sims 32b; Tricia Entwhistle 155; Meg Quinlisk 426b; Daniel Whelan 348t; Margo Lanagan 26; Ruth McNamara 143; Lisa Haynes 345t; Jean Rosenberg 59; Elaena Gardner 312b; Shawn Whelan 475; Ruby Foster 424; David Rosenberg 117; Natalie Sims 504; Tricia Entwhistle 200; Meg Quinlisk 84; Daniel Whelan 71. Meg Quinlisk asked a blessing before the mid-day meal.


Jean Rosenberg called the class back to order leading 146. Leaders: Margo Lanagan 506; Dianne Porter 284.

Suzanne Dixon conducted the memorial lesson, and led 457 in memory of the deceased and for those who are sick or shut-in.

The singing resumed with Ruth McNamara leading 410t. Leaders: Lisa Haynes 455; Jean Rosenberg 454; Shawn Whelan 540; David Rosenberg 36b; Natalie Sims 551; Tricia Entwhistle 183; Meg Quinlisk 110; Margo Lanagan 230; Dianne Porter 159.


Ruth McNamara called the class back to order leading 111b. Leaders: Lisa Haynes 106; Jean Rosenberg 198; Elaena Gardner 268; Shawn Whelan “Tune My Heart” (composed by Shawn Whelan, 2016); Daniel Whelan “Brunswick” (composed by Angharad Davis, 2014); David Rosenberg 63; Natalie Sims 203; Tricia Entwhistle 350; Meg Quinlisk 290; Jean Rosenberg 269; Margo Lanagan 70b; Dianne Porter 145t; Ruth McNamara 481.

Elaena Gardner led 62 as the closing song. Meg Quinlisk offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 29

The Sunday session of the Australian Sacred Harp Convention was brought to order by Elaena Gardner leading 49t.

Leaders: Margo Lanagan 495; Dilini Jayakody 31t; Suzanne Dixon 47b; David Rosenberg 147t; Daniel Whelan 77t; Meg Quinlisk 48t; Jean Rosenberg 505; Shawn Whelan 76b; Dianne Porter 76t; Natalie Sims 460; Ruby Foster 85; Ruth McNamara 47t; Lisa Haynes 547; Tricia Entwhistle 334; Elaena Gardner 455; Margo Lanagan 497; Dilini Jayakody 268; Suzanne Dixon 410t; Rob Wills 162; David Rosenberg 91; Bernice Dodd 475; Meg Quinlisk 546; Jean Rosenberg 335; Daniel Whelan 300; Shawn Whelan 532; Dianne Porter 117; Natalie Sims 384; Ruby Foster 361; Ruth McNamara 30b; Lisa Haynes 282; Tricia Entwhistle 163b.

In a brief business session, Elaena Gardner thanked all those who contributed to the spirit and success of the convention. It was resolved to gather again next year in Melbourne on the weekend closest to Australia Day (27-28 January, 2018) to reconvene the Australian Sacred Harp Convention.


Elaena Gardner called the class back to order leading 159. Leaders: Margo Lanagan 236; Dilini Jayakody 223; Suzanne Dixon 277; Elizabeth Gray 139; Rob Wills 46; David Rosenberg 228; Bernice Dodd 112; Shawn Whelan 224; Meg Quinlisk “Dickson” (composed by Angharad Davis, 2015); Jean Rosenberg 569b; Daniel Whelan 445; Natalie Sims 446; Ruby Foster 222; Ruth McNamara 56b; Elizabeth Gray 37t; Elaena Gardner 142; Margo Lanagan 62. The Secretary reported that eighteen leaders led 132 songs. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Elaena Gardner; Secretary—Meg Quinlisk