Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Singing

Boulder, Colorado

October 4-5, 1997

Saturday, October 4

The eighth Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Singing was held at Chautauqua Community House, Chautauqua Park on the first Sunday of October and Saturday before. There was a singing school conducted by Hugh McGraw at Boulder Junior Academy in Boulder on Friday evening, October 3rd, which was attended by 47 singers.

The singing on Saturday was opened by David McPherson leading song on page 59, followed by Daniel Davis leading 34b, after the opening prayer.

A short business meeting was held at which the following officers were elected: Chairman—John Schaffer; Vice Chair—Mary Lou VanLaanen; Secretary/Treasurer—Sandy Hill; Arranging—Howard Newell. Leaders: John Schaffer 391; Mary Lou VanLaanen 155; Sandy Hill 68b; Ed Stevens 50t; Mike Hinton 61; Joanne Hoover 72b; Don Klein 331; Carla Smith 153; Deborah Johnson 504; Dick Dunagan 565; Anita Sanders 492; Hugh McGraw 369; Kathryn Bowers 300; Jerry Schreiber 66; Margaret Bakker 551b.


John Schaffer reconvened the class with song on page 150. Leaders: Kathy Krug 217; Leon Ballinger 387; Russ Nye 120; Carol Selleck 73t; Chris Kemiet, Sharon Kermiet, and Mallie 324; Rhonda Griswold (with children Loren and Shondene) 128; Mary Ann Evans 171; Amy Niedenbein 203; Val Dunagan 501; Jeanne Schaffer 178; Sandy Klein 142; Mimi Stevens 183; Jim Brock 344; Phyllis Gonigam 84; David McPherson 86; Dick Dunagan 108b; Kathryn Bowers 148; Ed Stevens 47b; Carla Smith 67; Kathy Krug 163t; Brent Wilson 268; Carol Selleck 290; Mike Hinton and David Denson 373; John Schaffer 291; Paul Ralston 272; Val Dunagan 151; Leon Ballinger 384; Joanne Hoover 277; Mary Ann Evans 29t; Deborah Johnson 147t; Russ Nye 28b. After the blessing, the class was dismissed for dinner.


The class was called together by John Schaffer with song on page 107. Leaders: Toby Tennenbaum “Hessie” (one of his original songs); Sandy Hill 497, 350; Don Klein 556, 163b; Hugh McGraw 569b; Sharon Kermiet 474, 216; Jeanne Schaffer 168, 213b; Anita Sanders 528, 91; Rhonda Griswold 159; Christopher Maier 143, 117; Harlan Van Camp 32b, 189; Phyllis Gonigam 191, 454; Sandy Hill 47t.


Toby Tennenbaum brought the class to order leading “Ouray” (his composition). Leaders: Margaret Bakker 338, 339; David McPherson 430, 312b; Carla Smith 441, 112; Russ Nye 535b; Dick Dunagan 475, 146; Mimi Stevens 440, 481; Sandy Klein 479. The day of singing was closed with a prayer.

Sunday, October 5

The Sunday session was called to order by John Schaffer leading song 40, followed by the opening prayer. Leaders: Deborah Johnson 207, 48t; Daniel Davis “Slow Traveler” (from Christian Harmony), “Sangre de Cristo” (his own composition); Ed Stevens 385b, 299; David McPherson 58, 378b; Kay Sirco 68b, 147t.


Jerry Schreiber reconvened the class with song on page 276. Leaders: Paul Ralston 200, 214; Jim Brock 31t, 354b; Carol Selleck 82b, 176b; Ed Stevens 46t, 65; Terry Griswold 159; Jeanne Schaffer 198, 49b; Mike Hinton 288, 340, 209, 371.

At this time the memorial service was held by Deborah Johnson and Connie Hilgefort. Connie Hilgefort and Hugh McGraw led songs on pages 209 and 371. Deborah Johnson and Sandy Klein led song on page 236. Sharon Kermiet led 375 and 547.

Leaders: Carla Smith 448b, 448t; Dick Dunagan 36b, 441; Margaret Bakker 452, 449; Harlan Van Camp “Bosque del Apache” (by Daniel Davis), 125; Anita Sanders 532, 350; Phyllis Gonigam 45t, 224; Lissa Callirhoe 306, 180.


John Schaffer began the afternoon session with song on page 30t. Leaders: Sandy Hill 335, 268; Joanne Hoover 56b, 313b; Hugh McGraw 567, 254; Mimi Stevens 546, 361; Toby Tennenbaum “Dove Creek” (his own composition); Mary Ann Evans 146, 278b; Leon Ballinger 212, 137; Carla Smith 217, 189; Val Dunagan 192, 294; Don Klein 347, 540.


The class was reconvened by John Schaffer with song on page 440. Committee reports were given. Jerry Schreiber led “Happy Birthday” for Joanne Hoover. Leaders: Jerry Schrieber 528, 260; Kathy Krug “Boulder” (a composition by Ted Johnson); John Schaffer 515. John Schaffer led song on page 62 for the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—John Schaffer; Vice Chair—Mary Lou VanLaanen; Secretary/Treasurer—Sandy Hill; Chaplain—Deborah Johnson.