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Minnesota Sacred Harp Singing Convention

St. Paul and Shakopee, Minnesota

September 27-28, 1997

Saturday, September 27

St. Clement’s Episcopal Church, St. Paul

The convention was opened by Chairmen Jim Pfau and Bill Waddington leading song on page 52 (t? b?). Keith Willard, Chaplain, offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Steven Levine 32t; Kathy Wallace 46; Stephen Parker 344; Robin Fox 212; Mark Ellenberger 38b; Walter Graff 39b; Gordon Olsen 503b; Judy Mincey 384; Dick Dunagan 312 (t? b?); Kit Pfau 48t; John Bailey 535; Lou Cotney 222; Arlie Prokop 86; Midge Olsen 198; Richard Green 29 (t? b?); Kathy Lee 128; Lisa Grayson 278b.


The class was called to order by Denise Kania leading song on page 63. Leaders: Connie Karduck 492; Charles Wells 569b; B. M. Smith 475; Francis Gurtz 448t; Daryl Mayberry 27; Johnny Lee 31t; Max Berueffy 171; Anne Heider 352; Felton Denny 73t; Karen Hojnacki 373; James Howell 68b; Richard Popp 277; Christine Stevens 36b; Karen Freund 272; Bud Oliver 47t; Ted Mercer 132; Thomas Jefferson Willard 274t; Jeff Sheppard 392; Meg Parsons 209.


The class resumed singing with Keith Willard leading song on page 39t. Leaders: James Nelson Gingerich 472; Susan Green 350; Frances Mendenhall 532; Julie Vea 419; Louis Hughes 480; Ginnie Ely 269. Jim Pfau, convention Co-Chairman, led song on page 447.

A brief business meeting was called to nominate Chairs for the 1998 convention. Paul Wyatt and Midge Olson were nominated and approved as next year’s chairs. The class was adjourned after grace, given by Keith Willard, for lunch.


The class was called back to order by Stephen Parker leading song on page 515b. Leaders: Mary Ann Evans 453; Jerry Enright 330t; Lynne deBenedette 129; David Lee 270; Dick Levine 102; Pauline Childers 342; James Page 254; Coy Ivey 182; MaryAnn Corbett 146; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Pearl Guier 49t; Ted Johnson 368; Jim Solheim 436; Louise Nelson 282; Mary Johnston 156; Paul Wyatt 163b; Melanie Hauff 218.


The class was called back into session by Jeff Bell leading song on page 203. Leaders: Marcia Johnson 359; Kathy Kaiser 106; Paul Landskroener 50 (t? b?); Laura Shearin 504; Clarke Lee 542; Steve Warner 125; Carol Crawford 334; Marilyn Burchett 294; Jenny Willard 383; Charlie Obert 192; Janet Borman 178; Jim Parsons 313 (t? b?); Val Dunnigan 501; Carol Buche 143; Wendy Popp “Stony Island,” (a new composition); Bill Waddington 299 (led at the request of Don Bowen who could not attend); Judy Hauff 440. Chairmen Jim Pfau and Bill Waddington gave closing announcements and led 347 to adjourn for the day. Keith Willard dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, September 28

Town Hall, Murphy’s Landing, Shakopee, Minnesota

The class was called into session by Chairmen Jim Pfau and Bill Waddington leading song on page 171. They noted that on arriving this morning they noticed a rainbow in the western sky which they took to be a good sign for the day. Opening prayer was offered by Chaplain Keith Willard. Leaders: Denise Kania 34b; Walter Graff 28b; Eleanor Haase 181; Keith Willard 29t; Cindy Knisse 63; Bud Oliver 145t; Henry Schuman 388; Karen Buche 421; Roy Nelson 380; Margo McCreary 344; Shelbie Sheppard 216; Sara Hickox and Hannah Lee 276; Bill Hamblin 268; Marcia Johnson 163t; Myles Alexander 371; Mary Rose O’Reilly 441; Shelley Robbins 142.


The class was brought back to order by Kit Pfau leading song on page 59. Leaders: Jerry Enright 77t; Gretchen Pfau and Rebecca Green 415; Tony Reeves 300; Coy Ivey 454; Berkley Moore 180; Gene Hauptmann 84; Clarke Lee 144; Ted Mercer (for Susan Green) 464; Martha Henderson 370; Ginnie Ely 196; Matthew Simonson 162; John Bailey 340; James Howell 68b; Jeff Bell 66; Melanie Hauff 48b; Charles Wells 231; Midge Olsen 236; Steve Schmidgall 369; Pauline Childers 234.


The class resumed singing with Steve Levine leading song on page 270.

The memorial lesson was led by David Lee and Kathy Wallace. The list of names for the memorial included: Hazel Cagle, Ray Harding, Don Johnson, Opal Johnston, Gloria Pfau, George Barford, Jeay Lieberg, Dr. Julian M. Bruner, Clarke Wilson, Reine Moffet, Bob Fannin, Estelle Napier, Willa Mae Holt, Silas Lee, George Smith, Eugene Sell, John Snyder, Gerrit van Eysden (Holland), Quay Smathers, Barrett and Bonnie Ashley, Mother Teresa, Madolin McGray, Henrietta Petzing, Frank Baker, Ella Taylor, Ann Mason, Thelma Christensen, Betty and Townsend Shearin. David Lee and Kathy Wallace led 384b in memory of those who have passed in this last year. David observed that as he turns to each part and they sing, “Can I leave you?,” he sees the faces of those who have gone before, knowing that each of us one day will also sit here for the last time.

Kathy Wallace spoke on behalf of the shut-ins. The sick and shut-in list was read, which included: James Bell, Frances Giunchedi, Sara Curry, Anthony Gurneau, Marie Aldridge, Hadyn Creel, Mae Seymour, Furn Kitchens, Rosa Hughes, Louise Wallace, Annie B. Wyatt, Gordon Ashman, Karen Wjard, Shirley Wensman, Winifred Bruner, Ted Koontz, Bob Scorgie, Carol Enseki, Ruth Wyatt, Joe Evans, Susan Stephens, the young woman from the Potomac Convention with brain cancer, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, and Sue Majerus. The song on page 566 was led for them. The memorial was closed with prayer by Keith Willard.

Leaders: Steve Parker 547; Richard Green 47b.


The class reconvened under the leadership of Jim Parsons leading 312 (t? b?). Leaders: Matt Wells 49b; Lisa Grayson 430; Everette Denny 335; B.M. Smith 273; Julie Lee 348b; Daryl Mayberry 492; Val Eng 528; Jeff Sheppard 506; James Nelson Gingerich 102; Mary Ann Evans 481; Judy Hauff 536; Max Berueffy 112; Judy Minsey 540; Lou Cotney 172; Ted Johnson 89; Julie Vea 208; David Lee 82t; Jim Pfau 99.


The class was brought back by Kathy Wallace leading 129. Leaders: Anne Heider 189; Louis Hughes 153; Lynn de Benedette 278b; Colette Miller and Francis Gurtz 448t; Carol Buche 178; Carol Crawford 280; Connie Karduck 498; Dick Levine 155; Kathy Kaiser 148; Jenny Willard 299; Karen Hojnacki 220; Steve Warner

147t; Janet Borman 515; Bill Waddington 45t. Frances Mendenhall then led 361 in memory of Barbara Scudder.

The business meeting was called by the Co-Chairmen.

The first order of business was to conduct the draw for the beautiful quilt made and contributed by Eloise Jerome. The raffle was won by Jim and Meg Parsons.

A total of 154 songs was led with 22 states represented: Alabama, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

On behalf of the resolutions committee, Ted Mercer and Jan Ketelle presented resolutions. “Thankful to God for bringing singers and listeners from far and near to this 8th Annual Minnesota State Sacred Harp Convention, we resolve as follows: We thank Co-Chairmen Jim Pfau and Bill Waddington for their outstanding work, and the other committees—Midge Olson, food; Matt Wells, publicity; Val Eng, child care; Karen and Carol Buche, refreshments; Keith and Jenny Willard for the Saturday evening party; Stephen Parker, convention secretary, Steven Levine and Denise Kania, arranging committee; Keith Willard, chaplain; Gordeon Olsen, setup; Steven Schmigdall, who arranged for the grilling Saturday evening, and Paul Wyatt who actually did the grilling; Mark Ellenberger for arranging facilities at St. Clement’s Church; Charlie Obert and Cindy Kissee, registration—assisted ably by Marlene Levine and Eloise Jerome; and a special thank you to Ruth Brown and Pearl Guier for organizing the bus trip from Alabama. Thanks to the entire Twin Cities class for their warm welcome and hospitality. A special thanks to the Illinois State Convention for loaning Minnesota its date this year so that the bus could attend. Thanks to all singers and listeners who have travelled from near and far to make this such a joyous celebration.”

Upcoming singings were then announced and the convention adjourned, taking the parting hand over the singing of 146. The closing prayer was offered by Keith Willard.

Chairman—Jim Pfau and Bill Waddington; Secretary—Stephen Parker.