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Eugene Singing

Central Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The 19th annual Eugene singing was held at Central Lutheran Church, Eugene, Oregon. Jean Murphy called the class to order at 9:30 a.m. and led 171. John Dinsmore offered the invocation.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Jean Murphy; Secretary/Treasurer—Carolyn Flatley-Gilkey; Arranging Committee—Jim Brock, Suzanne Denker, Rachel Foster, Nina Hoffman, Carolyn Gilkey, Nancy Brendle, and Dave Tobin; Memorial committee—Jean Murphy and Suzanne Denker; Chaplain—John Dinsmore.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach 145b; Steve Helwig 66 (in memory of Gary Smith); Carolyn Gilkey 501 (in memory of Ruth Waugh); Pat Coghlan and Ben Brown 155; Jack Lofton 142; Karen Stingle 549 (in memory of Robert Painter and Wally Jones); Anne Huckins 371; Dave Tobin 122; Eric Schwab 453; Rachel Foster 335; Martha Sherwood 117; Suzanne Denker 180; Kate Fine 350; David Landazuri 228; Nina Hoffman 106; Jean Murphy 551 (in memory of Fran Ross); Reed Schilbach 378t; Kathy Vlach 192; Steve Helwig 225t (in memory of Toney Smith).


Carolyn Gilkey brought the class back to order by leading 474. Leaders: Ben Brown 58; Jim Brock 510; Jack Lofton 424; Pat Coghlan 210; Karen Stingle 496; Anne Huckins 457; Dave Tobin 183; Eric Schwab 138b; Rachel Foster 61; Martha Sherwood 114; Alexandra Maymi 454; Kate Fine 455.

Jean Murphy conducted the memorial lesson. Suzanne Denker led 59 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Terry Ianora, Peggy Stahlberg, Calvin Parker, Clare Paris, Amber Bell, Elaine Zidek, Jeannette Bates, Gloria Thompson, Gene Moore, John Carson, and Mindy Linder.

Jean Murphy then led 84 in memory of the following deceased: Bill Barr—Springfield; Bernie Conklin, Charlie Berg, Fran Ross, Paul Harrison, Peg Morton, Robert Painter, Stephen Vorhees, Ruth Waugh, Shiloh Sundstrom, Sarah Hauser, Tom Marney, Rachel Foxman—Oregon; Sylvia Kohrn—Washington, DC; Jim Roe—Washington; Gary Smith and Toney Smith—Alabama, Marni Nixon—New York, and Janelle Davis—Illinois.

Leaders: David Landazuri 146; Suzanne Denker 148; Kathy Vlach 174; Nina Hoffman 47t; Reed Schilbach 213t; Ana Tighe 175; Gary Plouff 300; Steve Helwig 311.


Jack Lofton brought the class back together by leading 34b. Leaders: Marci Cutler 362; Ben Brown 56b; Karen Stingle 203; Pat Coghlan 351; Audrey Karabinus 328; Anne Huckins 86; Dave Tobin 87; Erik Schwab 113; Rachel Foster 178; Martha Sherwood 277; Alexandra Maymi 33b; Vicki Morgan 472; Kate Fine 181; Gary Plouff 567; Jean Murphy 186; Suzanne Denker 480.


Steve Helwig brought the class back together leading 35. Leaders: Melissa Stephenson 138t; Jack Lofton 269; Kathy Vlach 212; Nina Hoffman 209; Ana Tighe 460; Carolyn Gilkey 347; Reed Schilbach 297; Ben Brown 282; Karen Stingle 65.

Reports from the committees were given. Nancy Brendle announced that 42 people were registered for the singing and 71 songs were sung. Carolyn Flatley-Gilkey reported that the expenses of the singing were met. Jean Murphy thanked everyone who made the singing a success. John Bredesen and Carolyn Gilkey were thanked for hosting the Friday night social, and Jim Brock was thanked for hosting the Saturday night party. Vicki Morgan did amazing work as the pre-event organizer and kitchen chief.

John Dinsmore offered the closing prayer. Karen Stingle led 155 as the closing song with additional verses and the class was dismissed. After the singing was finished, Suzanne Denker led the group to the Pioneer Cemetery across the street and informed us of Civil War veteran and other interesting graves where we sang appropriate Sacred Harp songs.

Chairperson—Jean Murphy; Secretary—Carolyn Flatley-Gilkey