Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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The United Sacred Harp Musical Association

County Line Church, Near Corner, Alabama

September 13-14, 1997

Saturday, September 13

The ninety-fourth session of the United Sacred Harp Musical Association was called to order by Rex Wilks leading song on page 32t. The morning prayer was led by Samuel Sommers. The officers were called to lead as follows: David Ivey 309; Nora Parker 36b; Terry Wootten 441; Reba Dell Windom 224; Jerry Enright 74b; Jeff Sheppard 448 (t? b?). Other leaders: Jackie Tanner 108 (t? b?); Clarke Lee 205; Syble Adams 171; Ruth Brown 312b; Cindy Franklin 198; Bud Oliver 145 (t? b?); Melanie Hauff 277; Aubrey Barfield 480; Sandie Scott 146; Jim Carnes 209; Don Bowen 475.


Rex Wilks called the class together leading song on page 40.

A business session was held to elect the following officers: Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Nora Parker (Permanent); Chaplain—Aubrey Barfield; Arranging Committee—Bud Oliver and Becky Browne; Memorial Committee—Samuel Sommers and Ruth Brown; Resolutions Committee—Jerry Enright and Terry Wootten; Locating Committee—Coy Ivey, B. M. Smith, and Ann Jett; Finance Committee—Don Bowen, G. C. Waldrop, and Rex Wilks.

Leaders: Connie Karduck 456; David Branham 354 (t? b?); Robert Meek 66; Cassie Franklin 142; Jerry Schreiber 434; Jo Dell Albi 474; Marie Aldridge 217; Barbara Swetman 383; G. C. Waldrop 250; Linton Ballinger 299; Richard DeLong 336; Norma Latham 482; Louis Hughes 410 (t? b?); John Etheridge 341; Lorene Moore 39 (t? b?); Tim Reynolds 163 (t? b?); Lee Rogers 415; Thurman Nall 225 (t? b?); Richard Deibert 230.


The class was brought together with Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 110. Leaders: Becky Browne 304; Phil Summerlin 97; Myra Dalton 148; Ted Johnson 447; Regina Glass 310; Paul Gauthier 101b; Alice Bejnar 439; Jim Brock 84; Henry Johnson 569 (t? b?); Nancy Graham 312b; Hershell King 544; David Ressler 455; Kathy Lee 29 (t? b?); Lomax Ballinger 168; Travis Keeton 343b; Tommie Spurlock 130; Harrison Creel 111b.


The afternoon session was reassembled with Harrison Creel leading song on page 30 (t? b?). Leaders: B. M. Smith 384; Gene Wakefield 56 (t? b?); Christine Gandy 319; Ila Ingle 442; Patricia Mauldin 63; Willodean Barton 290; Gary Gronau 362; Charlene Wallace 365; Marcia Johnson 547; Coy Ivey 454; Shelbie Sheppard 211; Marilyn Burchett 143; Joan Aldridge 546; S. T. Reed 32b; Jeanette Lowry 411; Elene Stovall 436; Jerry Ryan 345 (t? b?); Jewel Wootten 159; Henry Schuman 102; Carla Smith 57; Judy Hauff 89; Michele Cull 178; Judy Mincey 180; Bill Hogan 288; Ted Mercer 296; Carlene Griffin 548; Willie Mae Moon 503.


Harrison Creel brought the class together leading song on page 498. Leaders: Ann Jett, Wanda Capps, and Danny Creel 269; Marie Guthrie 446; Richard Mauldin and Tommye Mauldin 120; Velton Chafin 540; Pauline Childers 497; Milton Oliver 403; Leola Smith 212; Eldagene Roberson 300; Lena Wakefield 200; Flarce Creel 297; Billy Williams 231; Edith Tate 532; Lucy Heidorn 137. Harrison Creel and Jeff Sheppard led the closing song on page 512. The class was dismissed with prayer by Aubrey Barfield.

Sunday, September 14

The convention was called to order on Sunday by Harrison Creel leading song on page 317. The morning prayer was led by Samuel Sommers. Leaders: Jeff Sheppard 129; Bud Oliver 391; Coy Ivey 99; Margie Smith 373; Pearl Guier 127; Edith Tate 73 (t? b?); Reba Dell Windom 273; Bill Hogan 36 (t? b?); Ozella Blackmon 371; Michele Cull 107; G. C. Waldrop 192; Judy Mincey 510; Elene Stovall 556; Gary Gronau 440; Wanda Capps 53; Don Bowen 283; Carlene Griffin 282; Tim Reynolds 154.


The class resumed singing with Harrison Creel leading song on page 530. Leaders: Ted Johnson 349; Lee Rogers 218; Bob Meek 236; Jeanette Lowry 216; Freeman Wootten and Steven Hullett 145b; Cindy Franklin 123 (t? b?); Jim Brock 344; David Lee 128; Karen Ivey 215; Paul Gauthier 542; Alice Bejnar 479; Samuel Sommers 112; Eloise Avery 426 (t? b?); Jerry Enright 77 (t? b?); Bobbie Goodell 503; John Hocutt 225 (t? b?); Carla Smith 421; Judy Hauff 488; David Ressler 67; Harrison Creel 342.


The class was called to order by Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 87. Leaders: Lorena Moore 203; Henry Guthery 420; Jo Dell Albi 195; Ted Mercer 181.

A memorial session was held by Ruth Brown reading from Ecclesiastes, Chapter 5. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, and a time to die. A time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted. A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to break down, and a time to build up. A time to weep, and a time to laugh, a time to mourn, and a time to dance”.

“Let’s think about the scripture I just read to you and see how it affects our lives: Our time to be born; time to be a child; time to grow up; time to play; time to go to school; time to work; time to rest; time to reminisce; and time to pray.

We have gone through good times and bad times. We have shared these times with our Sacred Harp friends. Times when we laughed together—we embraced them—sang with them—ate with them—times when we suffered with them—times when we cried with them—and now it is time to remember. To remember those singers who may be at this very moment in a Heavenly hollow square carrying on our Sacred Harp tradition. It is a time to remember with gladness because we knew them, and sadness because they are no longer with us. Their time to die has already come, and ours is fast approaching”.

The names of those deceased are as follows: Vena Holley, J. T. Conn, Elder A. L. Beckett, Erik Hand, Willie Blackwood, George Barford, Gene Brumbaugh, Hazel Cagle, Marilou Jolly, Will Battles, Frances Kelso, Quay Smathers, Estelle Napier, Evelyn Parker Duncan, Mell Bailey, Bob Fannin, Gail Rich, Madolin McGray, Howard Bynum, Alvin Parker, Nora Collett, Unie B. Howard, Barrett Ashley, Ernest Phillips, Buck Aaron, Cary Graves, Willa Mae Holt, Silas Lee, Eva Reeves, Kenneth Brandon, J. E. Allen, Bonnie Ashley, Jimmy Causey, Lola Myrtle Roberson, Rodger Morrison, Clelan Cobb, Buddy Tindal, Lola Jenkins, Elder Bernard Moon, Delta Wootten, Tenna Reed Rogers, Tom Harper, and Don Johnson. Samuel Sommers led song on page 285 (t? b?) in their memory.

The sick and shut-ins were: Woodie Walker, Helen Bryson, Kim Cagle, Beatrice Ezell, Jap Walton, Jerry Sheppard, Mozelle Sheppard, I. V. McWhorter, Revy Williamson, Daphene Causey, Seldon Creel, Essie Calvert, Vernice Calvert, Dollie Hudgins, Chester Lacy, Rosa Hughes, Alpha Black, Ozetta Gilliland, Herbert Phillips, Johnnie Blakeley, J. L. Oden, Mary Oden, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Lillie Lybrand, Annie Brothers, Bill Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Vester Jones, and Mary Gardner. Shelbie Sheppard led song on page 28b for the sick. Ruth Brown, Danny Creel, and Shelbie Sheppard led song on page 45t. Danny Creel closed the memorial with prayer.

Singing resumed with Dorothea McCowan 528; Regina Glass 56 (t? b?).


The class reassembled with Harrison Creel leading song on page 335. Leaders: Becky Browne 29 (t? b?); Buell Cobb 320; Marcia Johnson 260; Nora Parker 276; Jenny Wootten 551; Rebecca Vincent 209; Stuart Ivey 137; Melanie Hauff 318; Kathy Lee 39 (t? b?); Mae Seymour 475, 189; Jerry Schrieber 550; Mark Carroll 168; Richard Ivey 222; Barbara Swetman 106; Henry Schuman 388; Connie Karduck 176 (t? b?); Clarke Lee 201; Herbie Bailey 34 (t? b?).

A business session was held to hear committee reports.

Resolution: On behalf of the United Convention, we thank:

  1. the Creel family for their hospitality in once again hosting this convention;
  2. the officers and committees, especially the Arranging Committee and the Permanent Secretary, Nora Parker, for their hard work;
  3. all the cooks, and John Bayer of Ohio for sending fresh tomatoes and fruit;
  4. those who have travelled from far and near to support this convention;
  5. those who have carried down this tradition, and we thank God for allowing this convention to continue for these ninety four years. Respectfully submitted: Jerry Enright and Terry Wootten.

Locating Committee—The 1998 session will be held at Burritt Museum, Huntsville, Alabama contingent on availability of the building. (Editor’s Note: The building was secured and the convention will be held in Huntsville, Alabama in 1998.)

Finance Committee—Total expense was $439.27. Collected $297.00. Balance on hand $1,272.78.


The convention was brought to order by B. M. Smith leading song on page 30 (t? b?). Leaders: Terry Wootten 56b; Louis Hughes 480; Leola Smith 268; Elder Marshell Avery 278 (t? b?); Marie Guthrie 397; Richard Mauldin 146; Pauline Childers 234; Rodney Ivey 186; Eldagene Roberson 385 (t? b?); Billy Williams 213 (t? b?); Ann Jett 327; Jackie Tanner 208; Marilyn Burchett 49t; Linda Thomas 47 (t? b?); Virgina Bonham and Arnold Tate 68 (t? b?); Shelbie Sheppard 448b; Harrison Creel 348 (t? b?). Harrison Creel and Jeff Sheppard led the closing song on page 378 (t? b?). The convention was dismissed with prayer by Arnold Tate.

Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Secretary—Nora Parker.