Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Union Musical Convention

Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church, Lilburn, Georgia

August 30-31, 1997

Saturday, August 30

The one hundred twenty-ninth session of the Union Musical Sacred Harp singing convention was called to order by Chairman Jesse Roberts leading song on page 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Kenneth DeLong. Vice Chairman Kenneth DeLong led songs on pages 171 and 402, followed by Secretary Helen Bryson leading 503 and 217.

Richard DeLong led the following songs for the Introductory Lesson: 27, 60, 75, 88 (t? b?), 99, and 77t.

Leaders: Judy Mincey 278t; Don Bowen 157, 282; Loy Garrison 512, 498; Frances Mary D’Andrea 182, 335; Jacob Griffin 30b, 290; Ashley Roberts 178, 192; Jeanette DePoy 475, 142.


Kenneth DeLong called the class to order leading song on page 34t. Leaders: Ted Mercer 104, 510; Lee Rogers 145b, 218; John Plunkett 280, 358; Laurie Allison 63 (for her father), 77b; Dan Bailey 81 (t? b?), 114; Tollie Lee 285t, 319.

On orderly motion, the convention entered into a business session. The following officers were elected: Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson; Chaplain—Jesse Roberts. The officers appointed the following committees: Locating—Kenneth DeLong, Richard DeLong, and Nora Roberts; Finance—Don Bowen and Loy Garrison; Arranging—Andy Morse and Laurie Allison; Memorial—Jeanette DePoy and Judy Mincey; Resolutions—Jesse Roberts and John Plunkett.

Jack Corley led song on page 123b.


Richard DeLong called the class to order leading songs on pages 97 and 542. Leaders: Kenneth DeLong 501b; Hannah Roberts 49t, 269; Judy Mincey 347; Louis Hughes, Sr. 274t; Doug Allison 514 (?), 383; Faye Pettis 67, 380; Martha Ann Stegar 275t, 324; John Shipey 155, 45t; Andy Morse 186, 426 (t? b?); Susan Roberts 47b, 146; Liz Bryant 66, 276; Helen Bryson 344 (with friends Marian Monk, Sara Goss, and Mary Osborne); Joan Durden 35, 159; Lee Rogers 228; Frances Mary D’Andrea 384; Tollie Lee 30t, 127; Jesse Roberts 215.

As the business session was still open, Kenneth DeLong asked to be relieved of the Chairman’s position for the coming year. On orderly motion, Richard DeLong will assume the Chaiman position and Doug Allison will assume the Vice Chairman position.

Announcements were made. The song on page 323 (t? b?) was led for the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Jesse Roberts.

Sunday, August 31

The day of singing began with Chairman Richard DeLong leading songs on pages 101t and 138b. The morning prayer was offered by John Hollingsworth. Leaders: Doug Allison 213 (t? b?), 378b; Louis Hughes, Jr. 147t, 49b; John Hollingsworth 460, 77b; Loy Garrison 74b, 50 (t? b?); Charlene Wallace 79, 388; Bobby Bailey 82t, 35; Jeanette DePoy 456, 201b; Laurie Allison 36b, 85; Ted Mercer 467, 151; Faye Pettis 532, 343; Andy Morse 84, 417.


Doug Allison called the class to order by leading song on page 89. Leaders: Louis Hughes, Sr. 480, 61; Don Bowen 225t, 283; Hannah Roberts 209, 47b; Helen Bryson 171, 361; Susan Roberts 155, 129.

The memorial lesson was held. Judy Mincey read from the Wisdom of Solomon, Chapter 3, verses 1-9.

The names of the deceased are as follows: Mel Bailey, Gail Rich, Madolin McGray, Hazel Cagle, Howard Bynum, Alvin Parker, Nora Collett, Unie B. Howard, Ernest Phillips, Willa Mae Holt, Marilou Jolly, Silas Lee, Jimmy Causey, Bonnie Ashley, Lola Myrtle Roberson, Rodger Morrison, Quay Smathers, Clelan Cobb, Buddy Tindal, Lola Jenkins, Eva Corley Reeves, Bob Farrell, Barrett Ashley, and Bob Fannin. Faye Pettis led songs on pages 285t and 549 for the deceased.

Jeanette DePoy spoke for the sick and shut-ins. “Some say that you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family, but you can pick your family—your Sacred Harp family. Some say that you can’t go home again, but whenever you go to a Sacred Harp singing, you are home again. The Sacred Harp love is a love that binds and surrounds us like an everlasting embrace”.

The sick and shut-in are: Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Jap Walton, Mozelle Sheppard, Jerry Sheppard, Mary Frances Dannals, Charlotte Allison, J. Leonard Weaver, Dollie Hudgins, Horace DeLong, Violet Thomason, Herman Thomason, Revy Williamson, and Charles Ivey. Ted Mercer led song on page 39b for the sick and shut-in. The memorial was closed with prayer by Jesse Roberts.


The afternoon session began with Richard DeLong leading songs on pages 176b and 316. Leaders: Ashley Roberts 216, 182; John Shipey 192, 114; Jesse Roberts 120, 327; John Plunkett 71, 523; Kenneth DeLong 279, 395; Liz Bryant 189, 349; Martha An Stegar 312b, 312t; Alice West 347; Judy Mincey 376, 236.

The class was called into a business session to hear the following reports:

Locating—Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church asked for and was granted the convention to be held on the fifth Sunday and Saturday before in August 1998.

Finance Committee—The collection for both days was $164.37. Before expenses the total in account was $2,593.31. After expenses the total in account is $2,629.68.

Resolutions Committee—We, the members of the 129th session of the Union Musical Convention do hereby resolve to thank:

  1. God for the opportunity afforded us to be able to participate in the great tradition of Sacred Harp, and be a part of it;
  2. Camp Creek Primitive Baptist Church for allowing us the use of their meeting house and facilities for this convention;
  3. all the people who prepared, brought, and served the wonderful dinners that we enjoyed both days;
  4. all those who came to sing and listen over the past two days, and to work in our communities to create and support interest in this tradition by use of our time, our prayers, and our finances, and to hold one another up before the Lord in prayer.

The reports were accepted into the minutes.

Leaders: Doug Allison 95b; Alice West 276; Ted Mercer 522; Brady DeLong 317; Helen Bryson 328; Don Bowen 171; Louis Hughes, Jr. 448t; Hannah Roberts 181; Ashley Roberts 419; Jesse Roberts 436; Susan Roberts 29b; Bobby Bailey 548.

Announcements were made. The convention officers led song on page 62 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer by Jesse Roberts.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Doug Allison; Secretary—Helen Bryson.