Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lacy Memorial

Fuller Cemetery, Ider, Alabama

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The annual Lacy Memorial Sacred Harp singing held on the first fifth Sunday following the 4th of July was called to order by Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd leading 59. Eddie Mash offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd 101t; Elene Stovall, Rodney Ivey, and David Ivey 47t (in memory of Marie Ivey and Hobert Ivey); Cheyenne Ivey 176b; Ed Thacker 330t; Judy Chambless 318; Sarah Wootten 460; Loyd Ivey 426b; Hubert Nall 129; Blake Sisemore 532; Randall Smith and Rodney Ivey 137; Adrian Eldridge 166; Katie White 163b; Jamey Wootten 445; Sandie Scott 472; B.M. Smith 475; Henry Johnson 409; Buell Cobb 308; Nate Green and Norma Green 225t; Richard Mauldin 146; Mary Blake Thompson and Sarah Trumbore 277; David Smead 372; Margaret Thacker 480; Mary Ruth Stiefel 234; Earl Ballinger 439; Charlene Wallace 283.


Shane Wootten led 313t (in memory of Noah Lacy). Leaders: Linton Ballinger 224; Lisa Bennett 122 (for her dad); Hayden Wootten and Shane Wootten 42; Karen Rollins 327; Darrell Swarens 208; Janelle Davis 142; John Plunkett 571; Virginia Eldridge 422; Daniel Williams 47t; J.R. Hardman 506; Eli Hinton 82t; Katherine Eldridge 418; Holly Mixon 182 (in memory of her grandpa); Anna Hinton 209; James Eldridge 97; Faith Riley 288; Aaron Wootten 378b; Alison Brown and Susannah Gill 350; Nicholas Thompson 302.


The class was brought together by Rodney Ivey leading 111t. Leaders: Glenn Keeton 349; Susan Cherones 564 (in memory of Litefoot); Robert Chambless 68b (for his granddaughters); Gerry Huffman 500; Reba Windom, Betty Shepherd, Shelby Castillo, Casey Castillo, Kathy James, Sharon King, Noah King, Jared King, Dot Crow, Deborah Morton, Josh Collier, Garrett Morton, and Lacy Collier 159; Tim Morton 229; Hayden Arp 434; Jeannette DePoy 339; David Ivey 371; Betty Shepherd and Reba Windom 216; Jarrod George, Tom George, and Dennis George 300; Rene Greene 436; Stephen Miller 178. Shane Wootten asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd leading 36b. Leaders: Betty Shepherd, Deborah Morton, Josh Collier, Lacy Collier, and Garrett Morton 477; Eddie Mash 381; Lisa Geist 304; David Brodeur 352; Judy Caudle and Angela Myers 348b; Joe Jones 30t; Lynne deBenedette 456; Henry McGuire 240; Kelsey Ivey 419; Mike Richards 189; Lela Crowder 157; Nathan Stewart 280; Daphene Causey 200; Chris Ballinger 120; Cindy Tanner, Ann Jett, and Wanda Capps 546; Phillip Langley 542; Karen Freund 567; Larry Ballinger 217; Sharon DuPriest 299; Matt Hinton 112; Shelby Castillo and Reba Windom 192; Drew McGuire and Reba Windom 196; Scott DePoy 48t; Kate Agnew 323t; Andy Ditzler 316; Pam Nunn and Reba Windom 269; Jackie Tanner 336; Joyce Walton 292; Scott Ivey, Sylvia Ivey, and Hayden Wootten 448b; Elizabeth Gentry, her niece, and Anna Hinton 47b; Karen Ivey and David Ivey 39b (in memory of Marie Ivey and for Vivian Margaret Ivey); Jackson Fleder 400; Eloise Wootten 186; Rodney Ivey 384 (for Coy Ivey); Garrett Morton 282; Loretta Smith, Jaren Maxwell, Virginia Eldridge, and Anslee Maxwell 274t; Verlon Stiefel and Mary Ruth Stiefel 75; Charles Stiefel 123b; Sarah Trumbore 81t; Reba Windom and Rodney Ivey 30b (in memory of Noah Lacy).

Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd led 146 as the closing song. Verlon Stiefel offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Co-chairladies—Reba Windom and Betty Shepherd; Secretary—Cheyenne Ivey