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Pacific Northwest Convention, Oregon

The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon

October 18-19, 2014

Saturday, October 18

The 23rd annual Oregon portion of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Katy Kanfer and Tom McTighe called the class to order leading 448b. John Berendzen offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Katy Kanfer; Vice Chairperson—Tom McTighe; Treasurer—Nell Whitman; Secretary—Anna Stoerch.

Nathan Rees was introduced as the singing school teacher. He warmed the class up leading 212, pointing to the words as a reminder of our togetherness as a community. We are creating more than musical harmony in the hollow square. He led 200 without alto on the notes, and with alto on the words, demonstrating the sometimes awkward results of William Walker removing alto parts from tunes. Nathan led a class discussion on how we can sing together even better, teaching about accent by leading 227; proper starting of tunes by leading 64; and bringing in fuging parts by having four new singers lead 182. He concluded by quoting Ruth Denson, advising us to “lead life in a major key”, then led 374 to let the verses convey his thoughts.


The class was called back to order by Steve Cackley leading 145b. Leaders: Tom McTighe 131b; Anna Stoerch 52t; Nell Whitman 34b; Bruce Rowland 426b; Alberta Hardy 426t; Fred Nimmo 209; Anne Huckins 373; Gideon Dredsner 201; Evan Palmer 550; Shani Aviram 187; Betsy Jeronen 111b; Greg Freed 339; John Berendzen 141; Xaris Martinez 392; Alex Beeken 47b; Lu Zeng 569b; Jack Lofton 328; Steve Tarr 500; Kate Fortin 536; Scott Kennedy 163b; Reed Schilbach 171; Bob Schinske 513; William Price 383; Carla Smith 76b. John Berendzen offered the blessing for the noon meal.


Bradley Knoke called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Jessica Hahl 176t; Jennie Brown 460; Gosia Perycz 352; Richard Ivey 432; Erik Schwab 447; Lindy Groening 367; Steve Luttinen 349; Mike Hinton 340; Jane Spencer and Nathan Rees 434; Chris Cotter 486; Jeff Begley 348t; Rachel Hall 74t; John Wiens 213t; Clarissa Fetrow 377; Daniel Hunter 77t; Karen Willard 202; Dorothy Robinson 448t (in memory of Abbot Kyogen Carlson); Linda Selph 372; Kevin Barrans 375; Tamara Harris 166; Lucinda Saue 178.


The class was called back to order by Eric Holt leading 101t. Leaders: Nell Whitman 159; Jerry Schreiber and Amelia 538; Kate Coxon 475; Evelyn Lamb 245; Solomon Ossa 436; Mary Gowins 371; David Wright 299; Amandeep Gill 547; Bethany Towne 183; Ted Mercer 160b; Susan Willis-Powers 122; Carolyn Deacy 430; Linda Booth 196; Mark Godfrey 42; Nancy Price 142; John Seaton 47t; Leigh Cooper 129; Mike Richards 445; Thom Fahrbach 88t.

Katy Kanfer led 323t, and John Berendzen offered the closing prayer. All who wished to stay were invited to partake in a singing of new compositions.

Sunday, October 19

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention was brought to order by Katy Kanfer and Tom McTighe leading 87. The opening prayer was offered by Cornelia Stanton.

Leaders: Kathy Vlach 33b; Kate Fine 77b; John David Thacker 49b; Pat Coghlan 272; Marla Elliott 86; Melissa Stephenson 179; Karen Stingle 203; Stephanie Fida 424; Jen Rymut 134; Ana Tighe 480; Nathan Rees 410b; Chase Arevalo 186; Eric Holt 425; Greg Saue 198; Vicky Morgan 472; Caroline Helmeczi 440.


Bradley Knoke called the class back to order leading 89. Leaders: Gideon Dredsner 112; Anya Skibbie 63; Gary Plouff 101b; John Seaton 276; Leigh Cooper and Cecil Godfrey 99; Kelsey Ivey 421; Steve Helwig 57; Lindy Groening and Carolyn Deacy 456; Tom McTighe 304; Jessica Beer 105; Evelyn Lamb 215; Harris Bernstein 106; Jean Murphy 380; Ted Mercer 163t; Kate Fortin 273; Carolyn Gilkey 474; Jenna Bond Tompkins 532.


John Berendzen called the class back to order leading 81t. Leaders: Jack Lofton 327; Jerry Schreiber 236; Reed Schilbach 318; Bob Schinske 416.

Steve Cackley led 41 for the following sick and shut-ins: Leon Pulsinelle, Tammi Ziola, Linda Robinson, Adrienne Papermaster, Edith Owen, Shisue Sugimoto, Wesley Voth, Mary Johnson, Olivia Goodheart, Scarlett Craig, Bob Sullivan, Rose Warnock, Travis Eckert, Austin Robert, and Toney Smith.

Betsy Jeronen conducted the memorial lesson and led 330b in memory of the following deceased: Stanly Edwards, Charles Kitchens, Mary Kitchens Gardner, Shelbie Sheppard, Betty Wright—Alabama; Sally Coghlan, Claotiel G. Lewis, Carroll Lunsford, Fred Mercer, Fumio Murata, Jean Williams—California; Gordon Willis—Massachusetts; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; George Mott, Mel Zane—New York; Tim Ankeny, Marcia Barrentine, Jack Berry, Kyogen Carlson, Laura Dolan, Dawayne Holt, Griffin Huber, Jerry Jeronen, Katherine Novy, Julie Rogers, Rick Rubin, Sally Weaver—Oregon; Danny Arms, Hannah Strickland—South Carolina; Beth Buxton, Ruth Elliott, Helen Payne, John Whitecar, Zander Whitman—Washington.

Leaders: Steve Luttinen 278t; Marie Brandis 422; Amandeep Gill 48t; Bethany Towne 506; Mark Godfrey and Cecil Godfrey 542; Nancy Price 498; Mike Hinton 534.


Thom Fahrbach called the class back to order leading 309. Leaders: Martha Johnson 148; Clarissa Fetrow and Anna Stoerch 384; Chris Cotter 394; Tamara Harris 568; Solomon Ossa 302; Linda Selph 197; Jennie Brown 411; Nathan Rees 228; Mike Richards 234; Kevin Barrans 482; Cornelia Stanton 344; Wing Mui 300; Mary Gowins 189; Stephanie Fida 543; Richard Ivey 477; Rachel Hall 296; David Wright 402; Jen Rymut 72t; Greg Saue 510.


Marie Brandis called the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Lucinda Saue 168; Jenn Dolan 126; Daniel Hunter 399b; Jane Spencer 360; Erik Schwab 98; Gosia Perycz 269; John Wiens 564; William Price 68b; Susan Willis-Powers 501; Carla Smith 214; Karen Willard 548; Jeff Begley 338; Kelsey Ivey 336; Kate Coxon 56t; Karl Oswald 551; Steve Helwig 50t; Jessica Beer 229; Anne Huckins 504; Caroline Helmeczi 332; Ana Tighe 192; Marla Elliott 235; Karen Stingle 277; Carolyn Deacy 448b.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports. The Treasurer announced that all expenses have been met. Arranging and registration committees announced 199 (?) registered attendees with 168 songs led. The resolutions committee, Steve Luttinen and Kate Fortin, expressed gratitude for the hard work of all who made this weekend possible. A gift was presented to Nathan Rees, thanking him for teaching a wonderful singing school.

Announcements were made. Katy Kanfer and Tom McTighe led 36b as the closing song. Cornelia Stanton offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Katy Kanfer; Vice Chairperson—Tom McTighe; Secretary—Anna Stoerch