Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Holly Springs Church

Near Bremen, Georgia, I-20 & U.S. 27 South

May 31-June 1, 1997

Saturday, May 31

The annual Sacred Harp singing was held the first Sunday in June and Saturday before at Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church. The singing was called together by Charlene Wallace leading song on page 59. Elder Homer Benefield led the morning prayer.

Charlene Wallace led song on page 283. Leaders: Carlene Griffin 85; Elder Homer Benefield 56 (t? b?); Kathy Spanglehour 454; Geneva Prichard 45 (t? b?); Phillip Langley 436; Bobbie Bailey 365; Mildred Patterson 358; Lora Cargo 460; Bud Oliver 480; Katherine Benefield 146; Roy Nelson 456; Felton Denney 155; Floyd Screws 270; Linda Thomas 391; Margie Smith 393; Leola Smith 340; Henry Johnson 148; Cathy White 324; Karen Rollins 34b; Louis Hughes, Sr. 282.

A motion was made to go into the business session. Officers elected were: Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Judy Henry; Arranging Committee—Hugh McGraw and Judy Henry; Memorial Committee—Katherine Benefield, Mary F. Smith, and Debra Langley.


The class resumed singing with Hugh McGraw and Judy Henry leading songs on pages 145b and 453. Leaders: Jeanette DePoy 77 (t? b?); Willie Mae Moon 460; Mark Johnson 147b; Ernestine Pipkin 321; Helen Bryson 392; Toney Smith 215; S. T. Reed 225 (t? b?); Cassie Franklin 368; James Page 268; Louis Hughes, Jr. 208; Louise Nelson 87; Kelly Beard 413; B. M. Smith 475; Jean Seiler 209; Pat Temple 168; Mary Wright 71; George Seiler 84; Edith Tate 37b; Pauline Childers 318; Patty Butterfield 542; Lynda Hambourger 339; Richard DeLong 34 (t? b?); John Fedderson 369; Kenneth DeLong 306; Ted Mercer 132; Nancy Newell 163b; Robert Rivers, Jr. 28b; Charles Woods 30b.


The class was called to order with Johnny Wright leading song on page 117. Leaders: Everette Denney 119; Liz Bryant 137; Shelley Phillips 448 (t? b?); Lois Stanson 430; B. J. Harris 503; Judy Mincey 474; Robert Rivers, III 203; Sharon Kellam 61; Kathy Williams 455; Cindy Franklin 198; Henry Zittrouer 32 (t? b?); Buell Cobb 67; Estelle Flowers 133; John Hollingsworth 182; Barry Phillips 106; Jane Hancock 114; Nancy Bumgardner, Larry Bumgardner, and Mark Bumgardner 159; Martha Ann Stegar 328; Betsy Thibodeaux and Frances Mary D’Andre 171; Lucille Gunnels 192; Harvey Austin 335; John Plunkett 91; Don Bowen 362.


Teenie Moody and Mary F. Smith called the class together leading songs on pages 222 and 142. Leaders: Kate Hauk 178; Lou Cotney 218; Jimmie Denney 143; Joan Durdin 29 (t? b?); Andy Morse 440; Debra Langley 441; Elsie Brock 112; Tokay Boggs 35; Jacob Griffith 127; Lonnie Rogers 97; Evelyn Harris 47 (t? b?); Bonnie Flowers 540; Reby Stanford and Revy Williamson 204; Earlis McGraw 314.

After announcements, Charlene Wallace and Carlene Griffin led page 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by B. J. Harris.

Sunday, June 1

The class was called together by Charlene Wallace leading song on page 82 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by Elder Homer Benefield. Charlene Wallace then led song on page 410b for Jap Walton who was in the hospital.

Leaders: Carlene Griffin 46; Elder Homer Benefield 348b; Lee Rogers 70 (t? b?); Phil Summerlin 97; Mary Wright 66; Pat Temple 344; Patty Butterfield 77 (t? b?); James Page 216; John Hollingsworth 36b; Sharon Kellam 374; Ted Mercer 185; Shelbie Sheppard 183; Raymond Hamrick 350; George Seiler 347; Helen Bryson 411; Jeanette DePoy 278 (t? b?); Mark Johnson 63; Kathy Williams 510; Henry Schuman 63; Pauline Childers 475; Kelly Beard 179; Jane Hancock 550; Jean Seiler 492; Ernestine Pipkin 276; Clyde Avery 560.


The class was called together by Don Bowen leading song on page 283. Leaders: Harrison Creel 512; Kelly Morris 47b; Liz Bryant 32b; Ann Jett 269; John Bealle 494.

Memorial Lesson: David McGukin led songs on pages 28b and 61 in memory of Georgia deceased: Lillie Todd, Eva Reeves, Silas Lee, Horace Lambert, Bill McGraw, Ethel Echols, Savoy Robinson, George Dutton, and Sara Duke. For other states: Cindy Franklin led 339 in memory of: Tommy Creel, Hazel Cagle, Jimmy Causey , Rodger Morrison, Tom Harper, Clelan Cobb, Lola Myrtle Roberson, Delta Wootten, Dillie Creel Harris, Vena Holley, Lola Jenkins, Johnnie Sue Beasley, Gail Rich, Elder Clydus Moon, Elder Bernard Moon, Quay Smathers, Charles Dannals, and Harley Quales.

For the sick and shut-ins: Mae Seymour, Earlene Clayton, Mozelle Sheppard, Jerry Sheppard, Jap Walton, Kimsey Cagle, I. V. McWhorter, Robert Toone, Bill Green, Carol Hancock, Nall Hancock, and Edward Hampton, Lonnie Rogers led songs on pages 225 (t? b?) and 97. The memorial was closed with prayer by Louis Hughes, Sr. Leaders: Richard DeLong 145 (t? b?); Edith Tate 532; Eloise Clarke 480; Cassie Franklin 187; Mark Johnson 49b; Lisa Webb 369.


The afternoon session resumed with Jacob Griffith leading song on page 146. Leaders: Louis Hughes, Jr. 31 (t? b?); Robert Rivers, III 147 (t? b?); Florice Akin 277; Kathy White 268; Barry Phillips 196; Shelley Phillips 72b; Nancy Newell 410 (t? b?); John Fedderson 415; Lynda Hambourger 236; Flarce Creel 217; Diane Avery 300; Floyd Screws 100; Lora Cargo 498; Wanda Capps 448 (t? b?); Louise Holland 64; Robert Rivers, Jr. 384; Willie Mae Moon 568; Donna Duke 168; Tim Cook 547; Judy Mincey 556; Estelle Flowers 436; Charlene Wallace and James Dean 45 (t? b?).


The class was called together with Teenie Moody and Mary F. Smith leading song on page 298. Leaders: Sheri Taylor 306; Laura Akerman 543; Bonnie Flowers 458; Martha Ann Stegar 324; Tokay Boggs 127; Lucille Gunnels 189; Katherine Benefield 373; Mildred Patterson 164; Pearl Guier 49 (t? b?); Elder Lewis Norton 39b; Revy Williamson, Reby Stanford, Gladys McGraw, and Charlene Wallace 327; Danny Griffin 314; Debra Langley 198; Elsie Brock 460; Rev. Loyd Toney 68b; Phillip Langley 542; Jimmie Denney 313 (t? b?); Everette Denney 161; Florence Williams 569b; The Creel family—Harrison Creel, Flarce Creel, Pauline Childers, Edith Tate, Ann Jett, Wanda Capps, Cindy Franklin, and Cassie Franklin 342.

After announcements, Charlene Wallace, Carlene Griffin, and Elder Homer Benefield led page 62, “Parting Hand”, as the closing song. Elder Homer Benefield dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairman—Carlene Griffin; Secretary—Judy Henry.