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Iowa Singing

Grinnell United Church of Christ, Grinnell, Iowa

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The 13th annual Iowa All-Day Singing was called to order by Bryan Davis leading 146. Michael Moore offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Annie Grieshop 36b; Bruce Western 417; Eric Saylor 339; Bonnie Davis 112; James Page 231; Michael Moore 163t; Lara Anderson 38t; Tamara Harris 100; Donnie Simmet 81t; Steven Schmidgall 54; Eleanor Haase 384; Jeff Bell 154.


Bryan Davis called the class to order leading 159. Leaders: Karen Swenson 99; Matt Wells 501; Paul Landskroener 500; Penny Kujawinski 474; Warren Yoder 155; Lou Kujawinski 28b; Bonnie Davis 434; Brad Harris 58; Nick Pasqual 195.


Bryan Davis called the class back together by leading 32b.

During the memorial lesson, Bonnie Davis reflected on departed singers she has known, and their impact and importance in her life. Matt Wells led 464.

Michael Moore then spoke for the following sick and shut-ins: Sharla Hulsey, Johanna Fabke, Bob Scorgie, David Hoffelt, and Berkley Moore. He read the names of the following deceased: Jeff Sheppard and Shelbie Sheppard—Alabama; Thurman Gibbs—Georgia; Gary Franck and Harold Wenger—Iowa; Judy Dellanbach and Ava Dale Johnson—Minnesota; Pete Seeger—New York. Michael led 352, and closed the memorial lesson with prayer. He then led 369, and offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Bryan Davis brought the class to order by leading 496. Leaders: Eric Saylor 551; Lara Anderson 52t; Donnie Simmet 324; Charlotte Baldwin 56b; Paul Landskroener 300; Eleanor Haase 142; Tamara Harris 498; James Page 188; Steven Schmidgall 473; Callie Garnett and Seth Wenger 348b; Annie Grieshop 168; Matt Wells and Lara Anderson 318 (in honor of their engagement anniversary); Penny Kujawinski 383; Brad Harris, Tamara Harris, and Jan Harris 274t; Jeff Bell 454; Paul Landskroener 236.


Bryan Davis called the class back to order by leading 117. Leaders: Bob Bartles and Annie Grieshop 457; Charlotte Baldwin 268; Callie Garnett 200; Lou Kujawinski 222; Warren Yoder 178; Annie Grieshop 344; Karen Swenson 528; Nick Pasqual 302; Seth Wenger 49b; Matt Wells 472; Bonnie Davis 210; Lindsey Row-Heyveld and Michael Moore 40; Erick Wolfmeyer and Eric Saylor 408; Eric Saylor 313b; Donnie Simmet 101b; Bruce Western 85; Karen Swenson 415.

Announcements were made. Bryan Davis led 347 as the closing song. Michael Moore dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Bryan Davis; Secretary—Annie Grieshop