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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

January 18-19, 2014

Saturday, January 18

The 26th All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Jerry Schreiber leading 171. Steve Lazicki offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jeff Begley 72b; Larry Arnstein 49b; Maggie Dougher 133; Carl Barnes 299; Jennifer O’Beidin 196; Eleanor Glewe 547; Stan Slonkosky 59; Bob Jost and David Olson 452; Don Allen 45t; Brad Stone 455.

A business meeting was called with the following officers elected: Chairman—Jeff Begley; Vice Chairman—Jennie Brown; Secretary—Larry Arnstein; Treasurer—Rick Russell.


Jennie Brown called the class back to order by leading 335. Leaders: Judy Getrich 473; Ron Huss 351; Mimi Wright 410b; Colleen Doer 122; Steve Lazicki 74b; Carla Smith 374; Whitney Clapp 235; Bruce Hayes 250; Susan Fetcho 564; Annalise Perone 270; Midge Harder 42; Ruth Warkentin 497; Gail Aagaard 155; Karen Matthews 191.


Carolyn Deacy called the class back to order by leading 384. Leaders: Chris Thorman 229; Pearl Marshall 454; Linda Selph 172; Gabriel Kylle 456: Clinton Davis 426t; Lindy Groening 224; David Fetcho 216; Ed Rice 312b; Erika Wilson 385t; Tom Ostwald 268; Carolyn Deacy 430; Mary Gowins 500; Duane Gruber 319; Jennie Brown 460.


Lindy Groening called the class back to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 236; Buell Cobb 423; Ted Mercer 302; Anne Heider 474; Karen Willard 505; Steve Helwig 372; Chris Brown 541; Erik Schwab 280; Gary Rogan 300; Steve Warner 475; Vivian Rogan 84; Leland Kusmer 396; Paul Lindholm 419; Judy Whiting 222; Rodney Willard 147t; Sean Francis Conway 228; Greg Saue 99; Thom Fahrbach 336.


Erika Wilson called the class back to order by leading 87. Leaders: Carri Grindon 58; Rick Russell 391; John Rand 448t; Bob Schinske 204; Linda Booth 313b; Steve Cackley 560; Cornelia Stanton 344; Clarissa Fetrow 211; Jim Friedrich 347; Al Grindon 120.


Jennie Broush called the class back to order by leading 128. Leaders: Kate Fine 369; Susan Willis-Powell 448b; Robin Woolner 503; Karen Stingle 203; Linnea Sablosky 86; Rebecca Edwards 348b; Erik Mason 31t; Stephanie Fida 485; Ana Tighe 56b; Kate Coxon 102; William Price 73t; Lucinda Saue 178; Jeri Segal 277; Pat Keating 112; Jeff Begley 34t; John Marr 373.

Jeff Begley led 46 as the closing song. Steve Lazicki offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 19

The Sunday session of the All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Jeff Begley leading 34b. David Fetcho offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Larry Arnstein 549: Eleanor Glewe 71; Annalise Perone 335; Al Grindon 146; Laura Boyd Russell 428; Allison Fisher 532; David Olson 313b; Betty Herman 442; Rick Russell 173; Mary Rose O’Leary 411; Marilyn Murata 195; John Rand 378b; Linda Booth 397.


Leaders: Peter Stenshoel 294; Carl Barnes 107; Bob Jost 68b; Pearl Marshall 282; Maggie Dougher 131t; Sean Francis Conway 33b; Ron Huss 157; Brad Stone 318; Jim Friedrich 481; Porter Lontz-Underhill 504; Carla Smith 420; Clarissa Fetrow 464; Karen Willard 70b.


Nancy Price led 274t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Rick Russell 200; Steve Warner 125; Jerry Schreiber 556; Anne Heider 273; Stephanie Fida 396.

Mary Rose O’Leary led 330b for the following sick and shut-ins: C.T. Williams, Adrienne Papermaster, Rose Warnock, Betty Bayliss Price, Joy Hainsworth, John Shaffer, Cory Vandouzer, Tom Ambrogi, Bill Howard, Kathryn Erickson, Shisue Yamamoto, Fumie Murata, Bin Wendler, Margo Gussin, Bill Aplin, Maria Wallace, Cath Tyler, Margaret Steel, and Dorothy Williams.

The list of names of the following deceased was read: Rachel Willard Smith, Carroll Lunsford, John Warkentin, Sister Sandy Alexander, Randy Rassi, Kent Elofson, Kathy Sideman, Dean McNeal, Pearl Dreger, Faith Petric, Dolores Evans, Kay Campos, Rita Scott, Steve (no last name given), Margaret Frank, Rachel Smith, Riaz Mouzoon, Polly Heninger, Kevin Charles Brown, Ken Frizzelle, Chris Caswell, Ted Butcher, Bill Fitzgerald, Freddy Ramirez, Olaf Gaylor, Norm Wenzler, Lyn Parks, Dennis Carter—California; Margaret Via and Jim Rich—Oregon; Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Rebecca Alma Harmon Clark, Josie Hyde, and Tyrus Bailey—Alabama; Carlene Griffin, Reuben Ball, and Teenie Moody—Georgia; Emily Boswell—Mississippi; Jean Shaffer—Colorado; Michael Wheeler, Bea Gilmore, Alan Jackson, and Martin Harris—United Kingdom; Neil Stenshoel—Minnesota; Owain Phyfe—Michigan; Tom Deacy and Kellie Doyle—Kansas; Beth Cooper—Missouri; Betty Woolner—Tennessee; Kathryn Helke—Wisconsin; Claire Powers—Massachusetts; Timothy Finkas—Pennsylvania; Rosemary Allen—Washington; Brit Cobb and Kay Vannest—West Virginia; Neysa Willocks—Arizona; Josephine Ferguson—Indiana; and Lisa Hopewell—no state listed. Buell Cobb and Sheila Bailey led 153 in memory of the deceased.


Clarissa Fetrow called the class back to order by leading 32t. Leaders: Leland Kuzmer 193; Karen Stingle 475; Chris Brown 168; Cornelia Stanton 466; Erik Mason 66; Ted Mercer 202; Steve Helwig and Kate Coxon 550; Jenny Jenson 353; Thom Fahrbach 212; Stephen O’Leary 192; Nancy Price and Clarissa Fetrow 217; Judy Whiting 208; Kate Fine 111b; Bob Schinske 546; Paul Lindholm 187; Steve Cackley 441; Greg Saue 198; Ana Tighe 551; William Price 332.


Stephanie Fida called the class back to order by leading 399b. Leaders: Concetta Branson 472; Jennie Brown and Mary Gowins 436; Midge Harder 506; Erik Schwab 225b; Gabriel Kyne 134; Rebecca Edwards 534; Susan Fetcho 372; Robin Woolner, Ed Rice, Zac Sokolow, and J.P. Watts 47b; Linda Selph 215; Tom Ostwald 254; Lindy Groening 445; Erika Wilson 201.


Leland Kuzmer called the class back to order by leading 67. Leaders: David Fetcho 163 (t? b?); Clinton Davis 400; Susan Willis-Powell 299; Mimi Wright 267; Don Allen 105; Kevin Liu 48b; Ed Rice 38b; Pat Keating and Bruce Hayes 538.

Rick Russell announced that expenses had been met. Larry Arnstein announced that there were 83 songs led on Saturday and 84 songs led on Sunday. The Secretary would also like to thank David Olson, with whom he shared secretarial duties on both days. The convention was privileged and honored to welcome singers from Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, California, and the United Kingdom.

Jeff Begley led the song on page 62 as the closing song. David Fetcho offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Jeff Begley; Vice Chairman—Jennie Brown; Secretary—Larry Arnstein