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Pacific Northwest Convention—Oregon

The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon

October 19-20, 2013

Saturday, October 19

The 22nd annual Pacific Northwest Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at The Laurelhurst Club, Portland, Oregon, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Heather Ikeler and Katy Kanfer called the class to order leading 448b. Eric Holt offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Heather Ikeler; Vice Chairperson—Katy Kanfer; Treasurer—Nell Whitman; Secretary—Anna Stoerch.

John delRe, Kelly Macklin, and Daniel Hunter were introduced as the singing school teachers. They presented a historical perspective on how the specific religious, political, and geographical features of colonial and early America shaped this music and the traditions surrounding it. To demonstrate this point, John delRe led “Attention”, 385b, 271t, 137, 232 (ShH), 76b, and 8 (ShH). Kelly Macklin led 370, 100 (ShH), and 102. Kevin Barrans demonstrated lining out, using 1t (ShH). Daniel Hunter led 193, 27 (ShH), 106 (ShH), 422 (ShH), 87, and 424t (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Dan Thoma leading 277. Leaders: Steve Cackley 354t; Eric Holt 565; Nell Whitman 114; Chris Cotter 213t; Betsy Jeronen 573; Katy Kanfer 338; Tom McTighe 560; Anna Stoerch 101t; Marie Brandis 112; Clarissa Fetrow and Lindy Groening 298; Mary Taylor 146; Ana Tighe 148; Clinton Davis 55; John Berendzen 480; Erica Martinez 384; Scott Kennedy 454; Pat Coghlan 77t; Jessica Hahl 229; Jim Goetz 218; Caleb Hardy 401; Reed Schilbach 318; Pat Nida, Kathy Vlach, and Daniel Hunter 75; Darlene Simpson-Brown 353. Eric Holt offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Erik Schwab called the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Karen Willard 434; Kate Coxon 106; Steve Helwig 465; Deidra Montgomery 464; John delRe 466; Jennie Brown 177; Jane Spencer 315; Thom Fahrbach 383; Sean Francis Conway 448t; Linda Selph 536; Daniel Hunter 118 (for the Steinruck family); John Wiens 324; Mary Gowins 372; Jessica Beer 278t; James Nelson Gingerich 455; David Wright 73t; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 556 (in memory of Jeff Sheppard); Porter Lontz-Underhill 163b; Ethan Hardy 351.


The class was called back to order by Jennie Brown leading 89. Leaders: Elisabeth Pixley 503; Kevin Barrans 453; Karl Oswald and Mercy Primrose Oswald 59; Tamara Harris 399b; Dan Thoma 545; Mary McDonald-Lewis 236; Jean Murphy 267; Erik Schwab 182; Kelly Macklin 485; Anne Huckins 288; Jenna Bond Tompkins 532; Bradley Knoke 111b; Bob Schinske 225t; Amber Smith 203; Kelly Kennedy 521; Greg Saue and Bob Jost 535; Wing Mui 312b; Kathy Vlach 362; Lucinda Saue 178; Cornelia Stanton 472.

Katy Kanfer led 323t, and Eric Holt offered the closing prayer. All who wished to stay were invited to sing from the Shenandoah Harmony from 3:30 until 4:30 p.m.

Sunday, October 20

The Sunday session of the Pacific Northwest Convention was brought to order by Heather Ikeler leading 56t. The opening prayer was offered by Kelly Kennedy.

Leaders: Kate Fine 149; Jim Brock 66; Melissa Stephenson 63; Jenn Dolan 47b; Jack Lofton 200; Greg Saue 99; Linda Booth 397; Jim Friedrich 300; Caroline Helmeczi 320; Jen Rymut 452; Gregory Mulkern 162; Solomon Ossa 542; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 142; Steve Tarr 70b; Dorothy Robinson 160b; Heather Ikeler 462; Kathy Vlach 474; Pat Coghlan 74b; Ana Tighe 481; Jim Goetz 282; Anne Huckins 228; Pat Nida and Eric Holt 49b; Lucinda Saue 455; Mary Taylor 65; Bob Schinske 493.


Deidra Montgomery called the class back to order leading 30t. Leaders: Reed Schilbach 61; Eric Holt 368; Lindy Groening 548; James Nelson Gingerich 448b; Amber Smith 277; Porter Lontz-Underhill 163t; Kelly Macklin 477; Kate Coxon 270; Tom McTighe 543; Jane Spencer 478; Dan Thoma 68b; Erica Martinez 348b; Greg Saue 490; Kelly Kennedy 492.

Dorothy Robinson led 466 for the following sick and shut-ins: Shelbie Sheppard, Sammie Oliver, Myriam Ossa, Bess Fitzgerald, Will Fitzgerald, Susan Cherones, Carroll Lunsford, Gerhart Schwab, Kimberli Ransom, Peter Frank, Sister Jane Ellen, Sharron Felix, Rose Warnock, Sharon Kellam, Peg Edera, Sage Chapman, and Bob Brown.

Chris Cotter conducted the memorial lesson and led 390 for the following deceased: Bud Oliver, Jeff Sheppard, Josie Hyde, Lessie Reed, Willard Wright—Alabama; Michael Wilson, Rachel Willard Smith, Myles Sheehan—California; Clark Griswold—Connecticut; Eva Padgett—Florida; Dale Gilkey, Teenie Moody—Georgia; Alicia Anne Kennedy—Michigan; Christian Nielson, Kip Frandsen—Minnesota; Shirley Flatley—Missouri; Diane Mennella, Catherine Cotter—New York; Tomas Garriton, Simone Upshaw, Gene Thiel, Adrian Nikitins, Rick Anderson—Oregon; Evelyn Steinruck, Fran Accetta—Pennsylvania; Leola Doerge—Washington, Maria Sobolewska—Poland.

Leaders: David Wright 40; Cornelia Stanton 176b; Scott Kennedy 86; Darlene Simpson-Brown 283; Katy Kanfer 524.


Anna Stoerch called the class back to order leading 81t. Leaders: Tamara Harris 512; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 377; Mary Gowins 506; Betsy Jeronen 440; Kevin Barrans 326; Marie Brandis 422; Deidra Montgomery, Leila Giovannoni, and Samuel McKinstry 375; Jessica Hahl 553; Daniel Hunter 337; Steve Helwig 391; Linda Selph 215; John delRe 80t; Karen Willard 269; Jenna Bond Tompkins 551; Thom Fahrbach 433; Clinton Davis 170; Erik Schwab 371; Mary MacDonald-Lewis 198; Jennie Brown 475; Robert Norman 56b; Clarissa Fetrow 197; Steve Cackley 204; Chris Cotter 192.


Bradley Knoke called the class back to order leading 72b. Leaders: Nell Whitman 176t; Sean Francis Conway 31t; John Wiens 180; Jessica Beer 436; Caleb Hardy 297; Jack Lofton 376; Jim Brock 350; Solomon Ossa 272; Caroline Helmeczi 332; Ethan Hardy 567; Jim Friedrich 163b; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 504; Linda Booth 503; Karl Oswald and Mercy Primrose Oswald 250; Shani Aviram 53; Steve Tarr 77t; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 522; Jennie Brown and Mary Gowins 187; Erica Martinez 273; Daniel Hunter 299; Deidra Montgomery 316.

A business meeting was held to hear committee reports. The Treasurer announced that all expenses had been met. Arranging and Registration Committees announced 182 registered attendees with 183 songs led by 82 leaders. The Resolutions Committee, Jacob Breedlove and Jennie Brown, thanked all who made this convention a success. A gift was presented in gratitude to John delRe, Kelly Macklin, and Daniel Hunter for their excellent singing school.

Announcements were made. Heather Ikeler and Katy Kanfer led 36b as the closing song. Kelly Kennedy offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Heather Ikeler; Vice Chairperson—Katy Kanfer; Secretary—Anna Stoerch