Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Calhoun County Musical Association

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Bruce, Mississippi

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The 136th annual session of the Calhoun County Sacred Harp Musical Association convened at Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Bruce, Mississippi. John Van Horn called the class to order leading 73t. He then offered the morning prayer, and led 212.

Leaders: Anne Steel 39b, 171; Robert Earl Alexander 401; Cliff Hall 288, 59; George Easley 523, 438.

President John Van Horn appointed the following officers: Chaplain—Robert Earl Alexander; Executive Committee—Hugh Bill McGuire, Chairman, Drew McGuire, and Mark Davis. Next the president recognized and seated the delegates from the Chickasaw Convention, George and Maybelline Easley. Leaders: Mark Davis 102, 273; Drew McGuire 87, 134; Warren Steel 36t, 195; Andy Davis 269, 318.


The president restored order and led 270. Leaders: Henry McGuire 275b, 225t, 532; Darlene Reynolds 569b, 490; Barbara McNeill 45t, 145b; Hugh Bill McGuire 40, 36b; Robert Neyman 35, 309; Vicky Neyman 268, 178; John Van Horn 224, 222.


President Van Horn restored order and led 168. Leaders: Anne Steel 335, 274b; Cliff Hall 53, 378t; George Easley 60 (WB), 527 (WB); Mark Davis 71, 517, 280; Drew McGuire 64, 472; Warren Steel 179, 442, 47t; Andy Davis 196, 254, 200; Henry McGuire 542, 492 (WB). At two o’clock p.m. the convention elected the following officers: President—John L. Van Horn; Secretary—Anne Steel. Drew McGuire and Henry McGuire led 236.


The president restored order and led 460. Leaders: Henry McGuire 511 (WB); Darlene Reynolds 317b (WB) (in honor of service men and women), 480b (WB); Hugh Bill McGuire 274t; Robert Neyman 34t, 347; Barbara McNeill 127, 128; Vicky Neyman 282, 117. Mark Davis reported monies collected, to be disbursed by the secretary as directed by the Executive Committee. Under motion and second the association agreed to meet again at Bethel in 2014. The committee reported the deaths of Virginia Carter and Nellie Davis. Warren Steel led 131b in their memory. The president appointed John Van Horn, Hugh Bill McGuire, and Alice McGuire as delegates to the Chickasaw County Convention and the state convention.

Following announcements, the day of singing was closed by John Van Horn leading 122. Drew McGuire dismissed the convention with prayer.

President—John Van Horn; Secretary—Anne Steel