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Elder Gerald Hand Memorial

Aztec Masonic Lodge, Las Cruces, New Mexico

March 2-3, 2013

Saturday, March 2

The annual Sacred Harp singing in memory of Elder Gerald Hand was held at the Aztec Masonic Lodge, Las Cruces, New Mexico, on the first Sunday and Saturday before in March. Eric Morgan conducted a singing school, focusing on leading and pitching, with contributions from Karen Willard, Jerry Schreiber, Leon Ballinger, and Carla Smith.


David Hand called the class to order by leading 59. A business session was held. The second annual Elder Gerald Hand Memorial Singing Convention was held this year, for the first time, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The annual singing will henceforth be hosted in alternate years by Tucson, Arizona, and Las Cruces, New Mexico. Eric Morgan offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—David Hand; Vice Chairman—Janet Morgan; Secretaries—Judy Licht and James Caufield; Treasurers—Donna Sewell and Sue Schwenke; Arranging Committee—Donna Sewell and Paige Winslett; Resolutions Committee—Katie Mahoney and Rebecca Edwards; Chaplains—Eric Morgan, Mark Horton, Mike Hinton, and Karen Willard; Memorial Committee—Carol Selleck, Mike Hinton, and Eric Morgan.

Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 47t; Carol Selleck 39b; Cornelia Stanton 171; Paige Winslett 361; Carla Smith 124; Janet Morgan 314; Karen Willard and Suzanne Rhodes 344; Karen Willard 472; Michael McKernan 277; Erika Roush 68b; Lori Rodgers 217; David McPherson 430; Sarah Heartsong 475; Katie Mahoney 89; Eric Morgan 379; Leon Ballinger 454; Jerry Schreiber 66; Anita Landess 58; Mike Hinton 480; Larry Hand 38b; Donna Sewell 63; Sally Gwylan 324; Rebecca Edwards 440; Charity Vaughn 224; Carol Selleck 73t. Mark Horton offered thanks before the noon meal.


David Hand brought the class back to order leading 401. Leaders: Cornelia Stanton 565; Norma Ruptier 479; Karen Willard 456; Erika Roush 86; David McPherson 448t; Mary Ann Saussotte 146; Katie Mahoney 460; Eric Morgan 300; Leon Ballinger 327; Jerry Schreiber 236; Lori Rodgers 503; Michael McKernan 228; Sarah Heartsong 268; Mike Hinton 340; Paige Winslett 209; Janet Morgan 77t; Carla Smith 202; Anita Landess 297; Larry Hand 538; Sally Gwylan 326; Donna Sewell and Jarod Sewell 282; Suzanne Rhodes and Janet Morgan 455; Donna Sewell 448b; Rebecca Edwards 348b.


The afternoon session resumed with David Hand leading 400. Leaders: Carol Selleck and Mark Horton 496; Cornelia Stanton 318; Norma Ruptier 334; Karen Willard 558; Erika Roush 547; David McPherson 128; Mary Ann Saussotte 203; Katie Mahoney 30b; Eric Morgan 110; Leon Ballinger 566; Lori Rodgers 31t; Jerry Schreiber 473; Michael McKernan 49b (for James Caufield); Sarah Heartsong 47b; Mike Hinton 145b; Paige Winslett 288; Janet Morgan 32t. Mike Hinton offered a closing prayer.

Sunday, March 3

The Sunday session of the Elder Gerald Hand Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by David Hand leading 59.

Leaders: Anita Landess 32t; Larry Hand 303; Claire Singleton 40; Janet Morgan 75; Carla Smith 28b; Sally Gwylan 114; Rebecca Edwards 37b; Carol Selleck 566; Alfred Saussotte 112; Suzanne Rhodes 159; Cornelia Stanton 34b; Michael McKernan 272; Norma Ruptier 207; Mike Hinton 418; David McPherson 452; Karen Willard 43; David Hand 358; Mary Ann Saussotte 372; Eric Morgan 186; Erika Roush 504; Joleen Streit and Norma Ruptier 87; Katie Mahoney 564; Leon Ballinger 195; Jerry Schreiber 339.


David Hand reconvened the class by leading 171. Leaders: Lori Rodgers 235; Sarah Heartsong 107; Sarah Heartsong and Judy Licht 323b; Donna Sewell and Marion Lewis 36b.

A memorial lesson was conducted by Eric Morgan, Mike Hinton and Carol Selleck. Eric Morgan offered some words about historical continuity, tradition, and the importance of local communities. Carol Selleck read the following names of the sick and housebound: Jean Starr, Rodney Willard, Barbara Willard, Fran McPherson, Myrl Jones, Jerry Rollins, Andy Worthington, Floy Wilder, Josie Hyde, Bud Oliver, Ed Stevens, and Leslie Alperin. Mike Hinton led 146.

Carol Selleck read the following names of the recently deceased: John Newton—Vermont; Jeanne Schaffer and Joan Evans—Colorado; Don Crocker, Roddy Walton, and Eugene Eyster—New Mexico; Harrison Creel and Charles Creel—Alabama; Lee Steinmetz—Illinois. Eric Morgan led 82t in their memory. Mike Hinton offered a prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Janet Morgan 480; Alfred Saussotte 143; Claire Singleton 315; Carla Smith 354t; Rebecca Edwards 48t; Larry Hand 472; Sally Gwylan 81t.


David Hand led 358 to bring the afternoon session to order. Leaders: Carol Selleck 524; Anita Landess 170; Eric Morgan 306; Cornelia Stanton 350; Jerry Schreiber 377; Michael McKernan 189; Karen Willard 137; Mike Hinton 434; Leon Ballinger 120; Norma Ruptier 81b; Joleen Streit 46; Mary Ann Saussotte 277; Erika Roush 276; Lori Rodgers 269; Katie Mahoney 285t; Sarah Heartsong 100; Donna Sewell 460; Judy Licht and Karen Willard 344; Suzanne Rhodes 182; Rebecca Edwards 208.


David Hand called the class back together by leading 101t. There was a short business meeting. The Resolutions Committee recognized the officers, and thanked the people who arranged for food and facilities (special thanks were given to Sarah Heartsong for organizing efforts). We are also grateful to everyone who helped make the singing a success.

Leaders: Claire Singleton 270; Janet Morgan 106; Alfred Saussotte 232; Karen Willard 128; Katie Mahoney 111t; Carla Smith 33b; Sally Gwylan 330b; Leon Ballinger 490; Carol Selleck 549; Cornelia Stanton 466.

Eric Morgan led 62 as the closing song. He offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—David Hand; Secretaries—Judy Licht and James Caufield