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Kitchens Memorial

Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Kitchens Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held at Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church, Jasper, Alabama, on Saturday before the third Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Linda Sides leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers: Chairman—Linda Sides; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Judy Caudle; Arranging Officer—Carolyn Thompson.

Leaders: Linda Sides 512; Emily Burleson 200, 217; Kathy Williams 171, 108t; Glenn Keeton, Elizabeth Keeton, Isabella Keeton, and Matthew Keeton 504, 235; Judy Caudle 564, 345b; Carolyn Thompson 500, 448t; Ottis Sides 530, 475; Bea Carnathan 456, 283; Ann Jett 546, 269; Angela Myers 276, 192; Lisa Geist 394, 273; Ken Tate 166, 201.


Glenn Keeton led 163b and 45t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Charles Kitchens and David Kitchens 179, 317; Sharon Wouters 87, 294; Elsie Moon 34t, 292; Austin Wouters 274t, 455; Sarah Beasley 129, 73t.

Richard Mauldin conducted the memorial lesson. He spoke and led 82t in memory of the following deceased: Harrison Creel, John Merritt, Marie Ivey, Julietta Haynes, Travis Keeton, Ernie Jett, Clarence McCool, Cecil Sanders, Elmer Kitchens, and Billy Williams.

Richard spoke on behalf of the sick and shut-ins, and led 146 in honor of the following: Johnnie Chafin, Josie Hyde, John Beasley, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Leona Haynes, Stella Pratt, Willodean Barton, and Anne Chalker. Henry Guthery offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Danny Creel 472, 222; Mary Gardner 385b. Elder Charles Kitchens, pastor of the church, spoke and offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Linda Sides leading 215.

Leaders: Becky Briggs 335, 343; Jim Aaron 47b, 503; Brenda Chafin 402, 436; Jerry Kitchens 64, 142; Laura Kitchens 178, 107; Velton Chafin 177; Lauretta Price 480 (in memory of Darlene Kitchens), 313t; Steve Adams 339, 378t; Larry Ballinger 49t, 98; Henry Guthery 112, 378b, 333 (for Charles Kitchens); Lena Keeton 497, 282; Zilfa Cornett 143, 358; Joye Leggett 568; Elene Stovall 426b, 440 (in memory of her daddy); Richard Mauldin 38b, 168; Glenn Keeton 268, 507 (for Josie Hyde).

Announcements were made, including the announcement that this singing would be held next year on Saturday before the third Sunday in August, at Zion Rest Primitive Baptist Church.

Linda Sides led 225t as the closing song, and offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Linda Sides; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Judy Caudle