Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Memphis Weekend Singing

Watkins Home and St. Peter Catholic Church, Memphis, Tennessee

May 11-12, 2012

Friday, May 11

The second annual Memphis Weekend Singing was held on Friday night and Saturday before the second Sunday in May. The Friday night session was held at the Watkins home in Lakeland, Tennessee. Vicki Neyman opened the singing by leading 82t. Bob Watkins offered prayer.

Leaders: Helen Beauchamp 318; Bobby Neyman 112; Bob Watkins 512; Helen Beauchamp 513; Michael Jones 48t; Matt Bell 426b (for Ray Rechenberg); Stephanie Beauchamp 47b; Joe Thompson 143; Andrew Beauchamp 180; Milano Neyman 45t.


Leaders: Mikenzie Gregory 376; Helen Beauchamp 168; Michael Jones 102; Bob Watkins 436; Matt Bell 416; Andrew Beauchamp 271t; Stephanie Beauchamp 271b; Joe Thompson 414; Vicki Neyman 178; Milano Neyman 117. Bobby Neyman offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, May 12

The Saturday session of the Memphis Weekend Singing was held at St. Peter Catholic Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Matt Bell called the class to order by leading 33b and 33t. Jeff Corbett offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joe Thompson 479, 551; Logan Green 86, 230; Andrew Beauchamp 38b, 56b; Cody Hunter 99, 39t; Jeff Corbett 32t, 546; Hugh Bill McGuire 503; Hugh Bill McGuire and Drew McGuire 40; Charles Williams family and Logan Green 198; Charles Williams family and Andrew Beauchamp 63.


Matt Bell called the class together by leading 297 (for Bruce Johnson). Leaders: Henry McGuire 376, 362; Helen Beauchamp 168, 75; Drew McGuire 76b, 277; Bob Watkins 406, 460; Bobby Neyman 470, 178; Robert Green 148, 139; April Watkins and Taylor Watkins 146; Melissa Beauchamp 433, 428; Kevan Barley 142, 282; Vicki Neyman and Milano Neyman 274t, 34t; Matt Bell 542. Robert Green asked the blessing on the noon meal.


Matt Bell opened the afternoon session by leading 379 and 378b. Leaders: Dwayne Thompson and Joe Thompson 439, 457; Rachel Green and Amy Cox 146, 270; Kathryn Green 478; Michael Jones 497, 245; Jamie Corbett 354b, 155; Henry McGuire 410t; Helen Beauchamp 442, 318; Amy Cox 47b; Kevan Barley 186; Kathryn Green 157; Robert Green 107; Rachel Green 72b; Logan Green 504; Melissa Beauchamp 26; Myron Wilkinson 358; Vicki Neyman and Bobby Neyman 268; Drew McGuire 480; Andrew Beauchamp 196; Logan Green 87; Henry McGuire 269; Matt Bell 69t.

Matt Bell thanked everyone present for attending, contributing to the singing, and the abundant spread of food. The class sang 62 and took the parting hand. Bob Watkins offered the closing prayer.

Chairman and Secretary—Matt Bell