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New Haven All-Day Singing

Connecticut Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The class was called to order by Ian Quinn leading 38b. He thanked the class for their attendance and expressed optimism about the quality of the singing. Steve Bzdyra offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ian Quinn 150; Philippa Stoddard 33b; Nathalie Levine 31t; Julie Botnick 230; Steve Bzdyra 319; Charles Biada 545; Lynda Paul 183; Dean Jens 467; Carson Evans 162; Al McCready 155; Elizabeth Stoddard 286.

A business session was held with the following officers appointed: Chairman—Philippa Stoddard; Vice Chairman—Charles Biada; Secretary—Christina Wallin. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Philippa Stoddard 283; Charles Biada 564; Dan Adams 270; Terry Ryan 280; Kiri Miller 44; Michael Kaye 198; Robert Stoddard 423; Jon Giles 524; Liz Cantrell 456; Ellen Lueck 68b; Bill Holt 128.


The class was called together again by Oliver Kindig-Stokes leading 35. Leaders: Nancy Mandel 332; Douglas Fower 299; Rachel Speer 318; James Baumgartner 547; Charlotte Ehrman 383; Cory Noel 187; Pat Callahan 50 (t? b?).

Lynne deBenedette led the memorial lesson for the sick and shut-ins. She said that those chairs not occupied remind us of the people who can’t be here with us. She knows that every singer, who wants to be at a singing but can’t, appreciate us singing for them, and particularly encouraged us all to send them cards. These things like cards seem so small, but they are so appreciated. She led 330b in honor of the following: Tom Hunter, Mary Schieber, Mitch Kessler, Ruthanne Bryant; Danya Klie, and Olga Haas.

Al McCready then led the memorial lesson for the deceased. He remarked that along with age comes increasing experience with death, and read a sermon from Henry Holland. He read the names of the deceased as follows: Lonnie Rogers—Georgia; Marie Ivey, Travis Keeton, Ernie Jett, Julietta Haynes—Alabama; John Merritt—Mississippi; Joe Goldberg, Peter Hine, Al Socolov, Judy Socolov, Nancy Sherwood, Pearl Kaye—New York; Joseph Ost—Kansas; Zack Frates, Helen Wight—Vermont; Frank Evans—Virginia; Gail Kreible, James Wyllie—Pennsylvania; Sally Lenn. He then led 499 in their memory.

Leaders: Martha Rogers 384; Sam Kleinman 371; Bethany Towne 111t; Dan Hertzler 426b; Kelly Macklin 368; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 165; Ines Luttgen 496; Dan Hunter 312t; Barbara Swetman 211; John delRe 486; Sonia Chin 277; Aldo Ceresa 160b; Lynne deBenedette 77t; Mary Andrews 168; Chris Noren 269; Carol Huang 148. Steve Bzdyra offered prayer before the noon meal.


Al McCready brought the afternoon session to order by leading 347. Leaders: Christina Wallin 27; Christine Andrews 324; Dan Hunter 309; Kelly Macklin 540; Chris Noren 254; Dan Hertzler 538; Lynne deBenedette 182; Bill Holk 528; John delRe 215; Bethany Towne 379; Kamilah Tisdale 335; Aldo Ceresa 430; Paula Picton 411; Sam Kleinman 500; Sonia Chin 454; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 214; Ines Luttgen 316; Ruth Drews 159; Rachel Speer 146; Dan Adams 56b; Kiri Miler 442; Robert Stoddard 222; Liz Cantrell 192; Douglas Fower 300; Martha Rogers 282.


Pat Callahan led 145b to bring the last session to order. Leaders: Taylor Ward 59; Cory Noel 312b; Michael Kaye 72t; Carol Huang 131t; James Baumgartner 112; Charlotte Ehrman 365; Jon Giles 189; Elizabeth Stoddard 124; Nancy Mandel 288; Dean Jens 47b; Christine Andrews and Mary Andrews 415; Paula Picton 546; Terry Ryan 550; Barbara Swetman 196; Ian Quinn, Julie Botnick, Nathalie Levine, and Christina Wallin 378t; Kamilah Tisdale 217; Carson Evans and Charles Biada 504; Pat Callahan 53.

Treasurer Ellen Lueck reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary announced that 93 songs had been led by 49 leaders from 10 states. Announcements were made. The Resolutions Committee thanked the food committee, those who made the food, Yale for this space and the space where we had dinner, our officers, and resolved to meet again on the third Sunday in April, 2013. The resolutions were accepted.

The class took the parting hand as the officers led 62. Steve Bzdyra offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Philippa Stoddard; Vice Chairman—Charles Biada; Secretary—Christina Wallin