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Olympia All-Day Singing

Olympia Women’s Club, Olympia, Washington

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 3rd annual Olympia All-Day Singing was called to order by Chase Arevalo and Jonathan Levy-Wolins leading 46. The opening prayer was offered by Karen Willard. Chase Arevalo made brief announcements regarding the day’s procedures, historical facts about the venue, and extended a welcome.

Leaders: Daniel Georgeson 122, 457; Drew Oak 107; Harris Bernstein 106, 49b; Clarissa Fetrow 99, 472; Allison Zoe Schneider 45t, 354b; Rob Peters and Jonathan Levy-Wolins 49t, 31t; Kayla Young and Chase Arevalo 410b; Kira Lynn Olson 282, 38b; Hattie Osborne 117, 294; Becky Winnick and Jonathan Levy-Wolins 385b, 271t; Kate McNamara and Emily McKown 178, 410t; Stefan Bach and Daniel Georgeson 38t, 448t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Chase Arevalo; Vice Chairman—Marla Beth Elliott; Co-treasurers—Jonathan Levy-Wolins and Kathy Vlach; Arranging Officer—Solomon Ossa; Secretary—Stephanie Claire.


The class was called back to order by Chase Arevalo leading 105. Leaders: Holly Baker and Elizabeth Ferrington 146, 448b; Nick Taylor 59, 40; Anna Stoerch 68t, 311; Heather Ikeler 66, 111b; Steve Cackley 516, 60; Peter Schinske 91, 149; Katy Kanfer 101b, 278b; Shannon McGuire 504, 84; Susan Helf 270, 112; Marla Elliott and Nancy Anderson 208, 77t; Cornelia Stanton 171, 120.


The class was called back to order by Peter Schinske leading 30t. Leaders: Lyle Lindsey 30b, 384; Anne Huckins 67, 474; John Carson 163t, 335; Nell Whitman 569b, 148; Kate Fine 162; Reed Schilbach and Debbie Padden 501, 318; Darlene Simpson-Brown 39b, 434; Nichole Ossa and Jonathan Levy-Wolins 313b, 300; Kathy Vlach 334, 551. Chase Arevalo made brief announcements, and the Food Committee made brief announcements. Karen Willard offered a prayer before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Solomon Ossa leading 81t. Leaders: Jonathan Levy-Wolins 68b; Bruce Rowland and Wilfred Collins 82t, 426b; Kramer Klein and relatives 183, 421; Dorothy Robinson 180, 203; Ginny Landgraf 397, 455; Tom Fahrbach 548, 500; Karen Willard 240, 436; Betsy Jeronen 478, 573; Jack Lofton 383, 542; Deidra Montgomery 197, 292; David Wright 329, 172; Kevin Barrans 113, 380.


The class was called back to order by Anna Stoerch leading 87. Leaders: Ken Hallock 370, 272; Bob Schinske 137, 528; Dan Thoma 539, 430; Tom McTighe 168, 372; Erik Schwab 217, 565; Meg Larson 452, 147 (t? b?); Jenna Bond 165, 278t; Kelsey Nelsen 312t, 89; Tammy Ziola 406, 480.

Solomon Ossa reported that we sang 107 songs, and there were 53 leaders. Announcements were made. Singers were thanked for making the singing a success. Resolutions were made by Daniel Georgeson. He thanked the Pacific Northwest Shape-Note Singers for bringing so many people as well as lending us money for renting the Women’s Club; the officers and committees; the keyers; all the newcomers; and any higher/divine powers that provided inspiration for the singing today. We resolve to do this again next year (though probably not in March).

Chase Arevalo led 267 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Karen Willard, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chase Arevalo; Vice Chairman—Marla Beth Elliott; Secretary—Stephanie Claire