Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maidencreek Singing

Leesport, Pennsylvania

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 16th annual Maidencreek Singing was held on Saturday before Labor Day at Maidencreek Friends Meeting House. The class was called to order by Ruth Wampler leading 159. Ted Steinruck offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ruth Wampler; Vice Chairman—Oliver Kindig-Stokes; Secretary—Kimberly Haas.

Leaders: Oliver Kindig-Stokes 100; Laura Densmore 475; Ted Stokes 30t; Lamar Matthew 178; Barbara Hohenstein 71; Ina Shea 121; Fred Steinruck 236; Anna Mays 546; Dan Hunter 343; Dan Coppock 189; McKenzie Steinruck 79; Bethany Towne 27; Brian Howell 547; Steve Hoyt 282; Tom Stokes 300; Ted Steinruck 503.


Ruth Wampler and Oliver Kindig-Stokes called the class together leading 207. Leaders: Kimberly Haas 35; Sarah Whites-Koditschek 288; Jordan Steinruck 66; Becky Wright 102; Doron Henkin 187; Laura Densmore 486; John Giles 408; Julia Seidenstein 230; Roland Hutchinson 524; Susan Bingham 472; Terry Ryan 193; Mairi Quodomine 55; Gerry Hoffman 216.


Chris Holley brought the class back together leading 111b. Leaders: Gina Balestracci 362; Hal Kunkel 298; Barbara Swetman 542; Erin Kelley 67; Leon Pulsinelle 430; Jean Seiler 48t; Dennis Leipold 47b; Tina Vanderbosch 377; Jim Strube 354t.

Dan Jantzi led 32b for the following sick and homebound: Frank Evans, John Merritt, Ginny Hazel, Skip Trout, Ruth-Anne Brawt, Annie Dawson, Dennis Cinelli, Travis Keeton, Marlin Beasley, Marlys Swetman, Murielee Kurtze, Ruth Palmer, Eddie Klein, Chelsea Balestracci, David Wampler, and Judith Hallock.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Tina Vanderbosch, leading 122 in memory of Victoria Proctor-Virginia; Clarence McCool and Marie Ivey-Alabama; Helen Gillis-[State Unknown]; Raymond Fraes-Massachusetts; Barbara Swain-Maryland; Eblene Kelly-Louisiana; Roy Whites-California; Minister Harold Wenger, Mancini Bagwell Jr., Tom Maher, Ruth Cresson, Emlen Cresson, Michael Homan-Pennsylvania; Miriam Labovitz-Texas; Bob Meek-Kentucky; Lorna Erickson-Washington; Frances Ceresa-Michigan; John Cook-New York. Don Jantzi closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Lynne Hoyt 565; Paula Picton 280; Diane Mennella 350. A blessing for the noon meal was offered by Mary Capron.


Ruth Wampler called the class back together by leading 491. Leaders: Carol Stevens 40; John Hughes 50t; Doug Kurtze 48t; Nancy Mandel 275t; Stephanie Fida 426b; Claudene Townson and Larry Wootten 128; Al McCready 452; Chris Holley 384; Clare Maher 209; Tim Wheeler 442; Harry Scott 344; Jerusha Vanderbosch 59; Dean Jens 245; Violet Krumbein 61; Nancy Tkacs 299. Molly Vanderbosch instructed the class in singing the German shape note hymn “Sacred Throne” by Johann Freidrich Moeckhel. Leaders: Emily Hale-Sills 276; Carol Huang 268; Rachel Speer 142.


The class was brought to order by Oliver Kindig-Stokes leading 145t. Leaders: Dave James 277; Aldo Ceresa 218; Patty Lambert 31t; Sue Hanson 497; Kevin Sims 213t; Guy Bankes 496; Lorah Hopkins 313t; Margaret Hopkins and Tom Tucker 117; Cindy Wasson 229; Claudene Townson and Larry Wootten 323b; Barbara Swetman 107; Dennis Leipold 112; Paula Picton, Al McCready, and Stephanie Fida 183; Al McCready 155; Diane Magnolia 318; Elizabeth Stokes 328; Rachel Speer 176t; Chris Holley 341; Gina Balestracci 228; Harry Scott 457; Jean Seiler 168; Gerry Hoffman 182.

Ruth Wampler thanked all whose efforts contributed to the singing’s success. Ruth Wampler, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, Laura Densmore and Kimberly Haas led 382 as the closing song. Ted Steinruck concluded the singing with a prayer.

Chairman—Ruth Wampler; Vice Chairman—Oliver Kindig-Stokes; Secretary—Kimberly Haas