Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Mid-Michigan Singing

Faith Lutheran Church, Okemos, Michigan

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The annual Mid-Michigan Singing was held at Faith Lutheran Church, Okemos, Michigan, on Saturday before the second Sunday in June. Cecilia Kramer called the class to order by leading 171. Pastor Jim Wenger of Faith Lutheran Church spoke words of inspiration, and offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: David Stowe 178; Anne Missavage 528; Bob Borcherding 107; Marian Mitchell 40; Jennifer Lacluyze 84; Susan Kendall 354t; Jo Schultz 174; Patricia Callahan 77t; Charlotte Wolfe 87; Gerry Hoffman 35; Marcy Toon 34b; John Seaton 47t; Will Fitzgerald 222; Linda Coppock 276; Ted Mercer 131t; Jim Coppock 182; Cecilia Kramer 388.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Cecilia Kramer; Vice Chairman—David Stowe; Secretary—Bob Borcherding, Chaplain—Will Fitzgerald.


The class was called to order by Marian Mitchell leading 454. Leaders: Ann Sleeva 63; Susan Kendall 28b; David Stowe 365; Jo Schultz 351; Bob Borcherding 106; Patricia Callahan 142; Jennifer Lacluyze 192; John Seaton 49b; Charlotte Wolfe 64; Gerry Hoffman 99; Jim Coppock 186; Ted Mercer 332.


The class was called to order by Cecilia Kramer leading 354b. Leaders: Anne Missavage 441; Ann Sleeva 155; Will Fitzgerald 95; Marcy Toon 117; Linda Coppock 377; Patricia Callahan 500; Catherine Brown 569b; Gerry Hoffman 83t; Ted Mercer 31t; Bob Borcherding 183; John Seaton 147t; Anne Missavage 68b; Marian Mitchell 353; Will Fitzgerald 124. Will Fitzgerald offered the blessing before the noon meal.


The class was called to order for the afternoon session by Cecilia Kramer leading 312b. Leaders: Susan Kendall 287; David Stowe 268; Jennifer Lacluyze 189; Marcy Toon 515; Jo Schultz 198; Jim Coppock 203; Linda Coppock 532; Charlotte Wolfe 274t; Ann Sleeva 66; Catherine Brown 313b; Ted Mercer 70b; Anne Missavage 217; Patricia Callahan 112; John Seaton 479.


The class was called to order by Will Fitzgerald leading 105. Leaders: Bob Borcherding 86; Charlotte Wolfe 472; Jim Coppock 485; Susan Kendall 415; Marian Mitchell 163t; Gerry Hoffman 297; Linda Coppock 501; Ann Sleeva 383; Jo Schultz 481; David Stowe 390; Marcy Toon 277.


Jennifer Lacluyze led 122 to call the class to order. Leaders: Jo Schultz 448b; Linda Coppock 535; Jim Coppock 269; Ted Mercer 547; Ann Sleeva 49t; Gerry Hoffman 272; Patricia Callahan 101t; John Seaton 168; Catherine Brown 282.

Announcements were made. Cecilia Kramer led 347 as the closing song. Will Fitzgerald dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Cecilia Kramer; Vice Chairman—David Stowe; Secretary—Bob Borcherding