Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Holly Springs Memorial Singing

Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church, South of Bremen, Georgia

June 4-5, 2011

Saturday, June 4

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday and Saturday before in June. The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 32t. The morning prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 97; Judy Chambless 410t, 142; Lela Crowder 383, 160b; Jeff Sheppard 321, 186; Kelly Kennedy 47t, 532; Scott DePoy 179; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 318; Eddie Huckaby 46, 448b; B.M. Smith 350, 222; Jonathan Smith 74b, 159; Mary Wright 328, 128; Sharon Strong 484, 438; Robert Chambless 176b, 303; Buck Lee 28t, 367.


In a business session, the following officers were elected: Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairmen—Judy Henry and Earlis McGraw; Chaplin—Cecil Roberts; Secretary/Arranging Committee—Judy Chambless. Leaders: Judy Henry 129, 283; Jeanette DePoy 460; Eugene Forbes 189 (in memory of his sister), 218; George Burnette 99, 101t; Michael Thompson 123b, 392; Heather Ikeler 77b, 492; Stanley Edwards and Marilyn Bradley 83b, 442; Lucinda Saue 163b, 49b; Helen Bryson 411, 312t; Richard Ivey 371; Chris Brown 28b, 510; Nathan Rees 217 (in memory of Amanda Brady); Faye Hollis 168, 155; Mary Brownlee 211, 348b.


Earlis McGraw brought the class back to order by leading 225t (in memory of the McGraw and Wallace families) and 384. Leaders: Kelly Morris 47t, 114; Tony Hammock 439, 426t; Judy Whiting 354t, 441; Jenna Strizak 270; Martha Ann Stegar 368, 347 (in memory of Emily Calhoun); Andy Morse 489, 497 (in memory of Roy Morse); Diane Avery 480, 145b; Curtis Spivey 405, 143; Eschol Hughes 282, 58 (in memory of J.C. Hughes and Carl Hughes); Jonathan Wood 64, 335; Debora Grosse 40, 475; Elijah Hinton 40.


Charlene Wallace brought the class back to order by leading 117. Leaders: J.R. Hardman 63, 183; Ed Thacker 338 (in memory of Homer and Katherine Benefield); Henry Johnson 375; David Killingsworth 569b (in memory of Jerry Sheppard); Laura Akerman 224; Michael Spencer 308; Michael Walker 122 (in memory of Carl Lawrence); Pat Temple 373 (in memory of Mary Smith); Molly Ellis 377; Joyce Walton 192 (in memory of Loyd and Ruth Redding); Ian Quinn 101b (in memory of Jeanette McCready); Hayden Arp 302 (in memory of his great-grandfather); Virginia Dyer 454 (in memory of Marvin McElroy); Oscar McGuire 229; Phillip Langley 172; Tom Ivey 380 (in memory of Imogen Knister Givens); Tommy McGraw 542; Ellen Lee 372, 66 (in memory of her father); Robert Kelley 309. After announcements, Henry Johnson offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, June 5

The class was called to order by Charlene Wallace leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Charlene Wallace 89; Judy Henry 77b, 225t; Karen Rollins 227, 45t; Cecil Roberts 76b, 285t (in memory of his parents); Myron House 276, 207; Richard DeLong 319 (in memory of Dollie Hudgins and Eva Corley), 407; Arlene Woods 312b, 476; John Plunkett 471, 295; Charles Woods 313b, 453; Matt Hinton 278t, 472; John Kelso 378b (in memory of his grandfather), 115.


The class was brought back to order by Earlis McGraw leading 435 and 389 (for Lonnie Rogers). Leaders: Robert Kelley 404, 35; Erica Hinton 108t, 534; Ian Quinn 543, 494 (in memory of Erick Nelson); Anna Hinton 300; Michael Walker 73t, 250; Laura Frey 163b, 178; Wesley Haley 350, 198; Jenna Frey 46, 358; Rita Haley 268, 122; John Hollingsworth 230, 82t; Jan House 143, 313t; Malinda Snow 32t, 73b; R.W. Sapp and John Kelso 159; Tom Ivey 236; Pat Temple 232; Pat Temple and Richard DeLong 33t; Phillip Langley 475.


Judy Chambless brought the class back to order by leading 565. Leaders: Michael Spencer 420, 289; Joyce Waldon 456; Oscar McGuire 344, 573; Virginia Dyer 532, 193; Tommy McGraw 399b, 91; Molly Ellis 212, 176t; Hayden Arp 408, 380; Dick Plunkett 45b, 47t; Sheri Taylor 294, 142; Stephanie Laubscher 335, 33b; Michael Thompson 81t (in memory of Floy Peters); Tony Hammock 69t; Stanley Edwards 269 (in memory of Lessie Cates); B.M. Smith 556; Mary Wright 546; Eddie Huckaby 107; Sharon Strong 384; Lela Crowder 157; Kelly Kennedy 496; Jeannette DePoy and Scott DePoy 339 (in memory of Scott’s mother and Jeannette’s parents); Robert Chambless 84 (for Bud and Sammie Oliver); Matt Hinton, Erica Hinton, and Anna Hinton 37b; John Kelso 564; Richard DeLong 458 (in memory of Loy Garrison); Evelyn Harris 378t (for her sister, Ruth); Charlene Wallace and Jason Stanford 49t (for his grandmother).

Following announcements, Charlene Wallace, Judy Henry, and Cecil Roberts led 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Charlene Wallace; Vice Chairmen—Judy Henry and Earlis McGraw; Secretary—Judy Chambless