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Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing

Montpelier Grange Hall, Berlin, Vermont

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lynette Combs called the 31st annual Vermont All-Day Singing to order by leading 276. Lynnette Combs offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Fred Emigh 107; Larry Gordon 272; Sinead O’Mahoney 216; Paul Gauthier 34b; Tom Malone 150; Debby Moody 504; Robert Stoddard 315; Pete Sutherland 163b; Pat Callahan 91; Dan Hertzler 426b; Elizabeth Stoddard 173; Mary Skidmore 29t; Elka Schumann 319; Ines Lüttgen 100; Somen Goodman 569b; Joanne Fuller 290; Chelsea Sargent 36b; Ian Smiley 39t; Laura Krueger 538.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Lynette Combs; Vice Chairman—Fred Emigh; Treasurer—Ian Smiley; Secretary—Chelsea Rose Sargent.


Pete Sutherland brought the class back to order leading 457. Leaders; Nicandra Galper 142; Paul Setford 40; Rebecca Mattis 178; Jenny Wright 377; Leonard Spencer 50b; Masti-Denise Mayrand 270; Susie Perkins 455; Larry Gordon 106; George Dyment 186; Judy Carpenter 38t; Lynnette Combs 31t; Fred Emigh 159; Bruce Kokerno 236; Tom Malone 188; Sinead O’Mahoney 228; Dan Hertzler 189; Debby Moody 229; Elizabeth Stoddard 546; Ian Smiley 475; Ines Lüttgen 425.

Elka Schumann and Leonard Spencer conducted the memorial lesson. Elka led 452 for the following sick and shut-ins: Peter Amidon, Eric Reed, Poppy Gregory, Bernard Urie, Elaine Urie, Jesse Dwelle-Jensen, Corbin Connor, Catherine Baltes, Elaine Dearborn, Will Dubuc, Dario Chaparro, Olivia Beleau, Jeff Sheppard, and Shelbie Sheppard.

The deceased remembered were Linda Fuller Bedard, Omar Shapli, Joanne Bowman, Avery Anderson—Massachusetts; Milly Cohen, Phyllis Bruce—Connecticut; Jerry Enright—Illinois; Bob Meek—Kentucky; George Seiler, Virginia Luscombe, Sally Sherman, Frances L. Garrow IV, Richard Martin—New York; Ethan Johnson—Minnesota; Leota Emigh—Colorado; Catherine Ferre, Bob Nichols, Jane James, William Clayton Bradley, Elise Barash, Pat Voss, John Vautier—Vermont. Leonard Spencer led 267 in their memory. Lynnette Combs offered a prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Tom Malone leading 61. Leaders: Robert Stoddard 324; Mary Skidmore 277; Paul Gauthier 362; Mia Bertelli 86; Pat Callahan 174; Somen Goodman 162; Joanne Fuller 384; Chelsea Sargent 299; Laura Krueger 168; Nicandra Galper 410t; Paul Setford 273; Rebecca Mattis 235; Masti-Denise Mayrand 82t; Matthew Wojcik 95; Elizabeth Stoddard 191; Jenny Wright 547; Dan Hertzler 505; Mary Jo Shafer 225t; George Dyment 300; Fred Emigh 47b; Tom Malone 507.


Dan Hertzler brought the class back to order leading 129. Leaders: Pat Callahan 335; Sasha Hsuczyk 472; Ines Lüttgen 522; Paul Setford 501; Lauren Hamilton 183; Mark Williams 155; Mary Jo Shafer 400; Mary Skidmore 146; Leonard Spencer 260; Elka Schumann 143; Laura Krueger 347; Stevie Feliciano 282; Joanne Fuller 39b; Matt Wojcik 442; Masti-Denise Maynard 515; Robert Stoddard 101b; Federica 340; George Dyment 209; Paul Gauthier 182; Tom Malone 318; Lynette Combs 528; Dan Hertzler 448t; Nicandra Galper 344; Somen Goodman 523; Jenny Wright 474.

A business session was held. The Secretary reported that 100 singers from four states and three countries registered, and that 36 leaders led 90 songs.

Matt Wojcik moved that the 2012 Vermont All-Day Singing be hosted by the Burlington, Vermont, Shape Note Singers. Lynette Combs seconded the motion, and all agreed. According to the formula for Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing (on Saturday before the last Sunday in March except when on Easter Sunday), the 2012 Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing will be held on Saturday, March 24th.

Matt Wojcik made a motion that the 2011 Vermont All-Day Sacred Harp Singing endorses the formation of a not-for-profit organization promoting shape-note singing in Vermont. Lynnette Combs seconded the motion, and all agreed.

Lynnette Combs led 62 as a closing song. Lynnette Combs offered a prayer in closing.

Chairman—Lynette Combs; Vice Chairman—Fred Emigh; Secretary—Chelsea Rose Sargent