Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Tucson Singing

Sonora Cohousing, Tucson, Arizona

March 5-6, 2010

Saturday, March 5

The 7th annual Tucson Singing was called to order by Michael McKernon leading 49b. J.P. Thom-Gronachan offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Michael McKernon; Arranging Committee—J.P. Thom-Gronachan; Treasurer—Paige Winslett; Secretary—Erika Roush.

Leaders: Erika Roush 162; Pete Mathewson 565; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 324; Melissa Stephenson 448b; Jerry Schreiber 203; Kathy Garrett 503; Susie Mathewson 145b; Paige Winslett 148; Anita Landess 168; Carla Smith 50t; Susan Cherones 63; Eric Metzler 481; Erika Roush 111b (for Jason Nickerson); Anthony Park 299; Erika Roush 28b; Carol Selleck 285t; Pete Mathewson 28t; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 306.


Michael McKernon reconvened the class by leading 277. Leaders: Janet Morgan 32t; Melissa Stephenson 361; Donna Sewell 171; Jerry Schreiber 542; Kathy Garrett 300; Susie Mathewson 569b; Lori Rodgers 472; Paige Winslett 288; Anita Landess 29t; Carla Smith 31t; Anthony Park 66; Susan Cherones 268; Eric Metzler 433; Jason Nickerson 34t; Erika Roush 455; Carol Selleck 198; Pete Mathewson 501; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 479. J.P. Thom-Gronachan offered thanks for the noon meal.


Michael McKernon brought the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Janet Morgan 270; Maggie Leonard 38t; Melissa Stephenson 144; Donna Sewell 68b; Jerry Schreiber 528; Kathy Garrett 178; Susie Mathewson 99; Lori Rodgers 379; Paige Winslett 105; Anita Landess 297; Carla Smith 47t; Anthony Park 373; Eric Metzler 106; Jason Nickerson 457; Erika Roush 454; Carol Selleck 235; Pete Mathewson 480; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 535; Janet Morgan 76b.


Michael McKernon brought the class back to order leading 228. Leaders: Maggie Leonard 47b; Melissa Stephenson 362; Donna Sewell 146; Jerry Schreiber 236; Kathy Garrett 81t; Susie Mathewson 282; Lori Rodgers 503; Paige Winslett 334; Anita Landess 314; Carla Smith 40; Anthony Park 163b; Eric Metzler 33b; Jason Nickerson 383; Erika Roush 344.

Announcements were made. J.P. Thom-Gronachan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, March 7

The Sunday session of the Tucson Singing was called to order by Michael McKernon leading 34b. The morning prayer was offered by J.P. Thom-Gronachan.

Leaders: Janet Morgan 59; Melissa Stephenson 189; Pete Mathewson 141; Lori Rodgers 155; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 56b; Paige Winslett 384; Erika Roush 273; Carol Selleck 75; Anita Landess 287; Susan Cherones 101t; Susie Mathewson 39t; Janet Morgan 77t; Melissa Stephenson 318; Pete Mathewson 354b; Lori Rodgers 551; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 323t.


The class was called back to order by Michael McKernon leading 82t. A memorial lesson was conducted by Carol Hand Selleck and Pete Mathewson.

The names of the following sick and housebound were read: Craig Averill, Jeanne Schaffer, John Schaffer, and Jeff Sheppard. Carol Selleck offered prayer in honor of all those named.

The following deceased were remembered: the six killed in Tucson in January. Pete Mathewson offered a prayer in memory of all those named. Lori Rodgers and Erika Roush led “God Be with You Till We Meet Again”.

The class approved a resolution that in the future this convention would be called the Annual Tucson Sacred Harp Convention and Elder Gerald Hand Memorial Singing.

Leaders: Paige Winslett 276; Erika Roush 272; Anita Landess 102; Susan Cherones 277; Susie Mathewson 312b; Jason Nickerson 111b; Melissa Stephenson 134; Pete Mathewson 369; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 181; Paige Winslett 162; Erika Roush 183; Anita Landess 133; Susan Cherones 124; Susie Mathewson 39b; Jason Nickerson 32b; Melissa Stephenson 122; Pete Mathewson 566. J.P. Thom-Gronachan offered thanks for the noon meal.


Michael McKernon brought the afternoon session to order by leading 63.

Leaders: J.P. Thom-Gronachan 147t; Susan Cherones 146; Erika Roush 192; Melissa Stephenson 408; Jason Nickerson 390; Rena Sunshine 196; Paige Winslett 547; Maggie Leonard 315; Anita Landess 333; Michael McKernon 193; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 474; Susan Cherones 224; Erika Roush 280; Melissa Stephenson 410t; Jason Nickerson 163t; Rena Sunshine 107; Paige Winslett 362.


The class was called back to order by Maggie Leonard leading 77b. Leaders: Anita Landess 540; Michael McKernon 232; J.P. Thom-Gronachan 142; Susan Cherones 168; Erika Roush 267; Erika Roush 532 (for Michael McKernon); Melissa Stephenson 81t; Rena Sunshine 47t.

Michael McKernon led 62 as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Michael McKernon; Secretary—Erika Roush