Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Portland Sacred Harp

Lincoln Street Church, Portland, Oregon

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The 4th annual Portland All-Day Singing at Lincoln Street Church was called to order by Jessica Beer leading 448b. The morning prayer was offered by Caleb Hardy.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Jessica Beer; Secretary—Heather Ikeler.

Jessica Beer welcomed the class, spoke briefly of the day’s procedures, and made a few announcements. Leaders: Steve Cackley 41; Betsy Jeronen 499; Heather Ikeler 34b; Carmen Doerge 76b; Emily Winokur 348b; Tom McTighe 324; Dan Thoma 203; Steve Tarr 122; Rosie Lindsey 33b; Jessica Hahl 58; Dorothy Robinson 424; Caleb Hardy 168; Greg Saue 490; Solomon Ossa 47b; Bruce Rowland 294.


Cornelia Stanton called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Meg Larson 452; Philip Haines 276; Ethan Hardy 107; Anna Stoerch 66; Kevin Barrans 108b; Bill Walters 504; Miranda Elliot Rader 352; Peter Schinske 268; Bob Schinske 411; Tamara Harris 540; Martha Sherwood 114; Gail Aagaard 503; Lucinda Saue 163b; Caroline Helmeczi 29t; Jack Lofton 456; Mary Mac 454.


Meg Larson called the class back to order leading 49t. Leaders: Jenn Dolan 344; Cassie Allen 506; James Baumgartner 112; Steve Helwig 38b; Jamie Hellerman 354b; Robert Norman 282; Mary Ditson 532; Fred Nimmo 49b; Marcia Stedman 351; Karen Willard 541; Marie Brandis 142; Gary Plouff 318; Reed Schilbach 297; Kathy Vlach 84; Jessica Beer 269. Caleb Hardy offered prayer before dinner on the grounds.


Heather Ikeler called the class back to order leading 155. Leaders: Erik Schwab 296; Chris Cotter 192; Kiri Miller 564; David Wright 304; Hal Eisen 218; Cassie Allen 300; Erika Wilson 215; Thom Fahrbach 498; James Baumgartner 501; Gail Aagaard 117; Jonathan Levy-Wolins 40; Kevin Barrans 106; Caroline Helmeczi 48t; Solomon Ossa 39t; Anna Stoerch 569b; Dan Thoma 236; Karen Willard 556; Tamara Harris 573.


Jessica Hahl called the class back to order leading 335. Leaders: Steve Helwig 380; Mary Mac 86; Kathy Vlach 143; Steve Cackley 513; Marla Elliot 288; Jessica Beer 500; Kiri Miller 442; Erika Wilson 505; Mary Ditson 146; Hal Eisen 445; Martha Sherwood 53; Marcia Stedman 362; Jack Lofton 542; Erik Schwab 131t; Reed Schilbach 347; David Wright 398.

A business meeting was held for the purpose of hearing committee reports. The Treasurer, Dan Thoma, reported all expenses were met. The Resolutions Committee thanked everyone for making the singing a success. Announcements were made.

Cornelia Stanton led 36b as the closing song, and all who wished took the parting hand. Caleb Hardy offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Jessica Beer; Secretary—Heather Ikeler