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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, California

January 16-17, 2010

Saturday, January 16

The 22nd annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention met in Templars Hall, Old Poway Park, Poway, California, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in January. The class was called to order by Mark Miller leading 276. Ginny Landgraf offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairperson—Anitra Kaye; Vice Chairperson—Bruce Hayes; Secretary—Carla Smith.

Leaders: Anitra Kaye 34b; Linda Selph 475; Rick Russell 52t; David Fetcho 33t; Ginny Landgraf 375; Claire Simon 228; Jane Campbell 474; Hans Guttmann 47b; Dorothy Robinson 370; Michael Kaye 287; Rebecca Edwards 59; David McPherson 379; Jeannette Nelson 472; Karen Stingle 203; James Welsch 32t; Anita Landess 297; Chad Gray 270; Mary Ditson 532; Carroll Lunsford 229; Kiri Miller 564; Susanna Ball 148.


Ginny Landgraf called the class back to order by leading 106. Leaders: Paul Lindholm 500; Claire Singleton 448b; Solomon Ossa 312b; Linda Selph 121; Steve Helwig 528; Lisa Klopp 159; Chris Thorman 127; Betsy Jeronen 302; Linda Booth 196; Gordon Rees 539; Jon Giles 546; Susan Turpin 280; Thom Fahrbach 573; Midge Harder 224; Susan Fetcho 492; Steve Lazicki 74b; Terry Barber 411; Mimi Wright 480; Larry Arnstein 569b.


Pat Keating called the class back to order by leading 128. Leaders: Carla Smith 432; Matt Kirkland 105; Betty Marvin 571; Bruce Hayes 254; James Baumgartner 300; Al Grindon 547; Polly Henninger 186; David Fetcho 240; Ron Huss 473; Jeanette Ralston 162; David Olson 235; Norma Ruptier 334; Marilyn Murata 506; Jerry Schreiber 550; Betty Herman 216; Jeff Gauthier 522; Jon Rand 448t. Ginny Landgraf offered grace for the noon meal.


Bruce Hayes called the class back to order by leading 129. Leaders: Rick Russell 99; Anne Heider 362; Karen Willard 171; Ted Mercer 328; Cari Grindon 75; Mike Hinton 456; Pat Keating 242; Mark Miller 299; Scott Kroener 388; Mary Rose O’Leary 189; Cynthia Robinson 282; Hal Eisen 454; Judy Getrich 107; Laura Russell 202; Shelby Sampson 117; Carolyn Deacy 485; Missy West and Kellyn Sanderson 384; Marion Black 327; Karen Huss 236; Sonia Chin 510; Steve Warner 168.


Carroll Lunsford called the class back to order by leading 294. Leaders: Jane Hill 49t; Jeff Baker 501; Steve Warner 86; Anitra Kaye 147t; Thom Fahrbach 542; Jon Giles 181; Jeff Gauthier 59; Susan Turpin 312t; Claire Simon 178; Ginny Landgraf 377; Jeannette Nelson 455; Linda Selph 129.

Anitra Kaye led 347 as the closing song. Ginny Landgraf offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 17

Anitra Kaye brought the Sunday morning session to order leading 82t. Leaders: Karen Huss 45t; Sonia Chin 319; Susanna Ball 479; Hal Eisen 193; Jon Rand 404; Judy Getrich 345b; Linda Selph 372; Pat Keating 112; Linda Booth 350; Jane Campbell 510; Susan Fetcho 32b; Carroll Lunsford 332; Susan Turpin 34t; Midge Harder 164; Tom Ostwald 268; Jeff Begley 68t.


Bruce Hayes called the class back to order by leading 35. Leaders: Hans Guttman 38t; Shelby Sampson 442; Mike Hinton 434; Steven O’Leary 81t; Betty Marvin 513; Bonnie Whiting-Smith 481; Marilyn Murata 274t; David McPherson 430; Ron Huss 486; Paul Brooks 160t; Jerry Schreiber 538; Paula Matier 340; Mary Ditson 146; Bruce Hayes 250; Dorothy Robinson 132; Jeanette Nelson 183.


Tom Ostwald brought the class back to order by leading 50t. Leaders: Karen Stingle 496; Bethany Bylesma 282; JoLeah Stiles 47b; Jeff Gauthier 212; Caroline Bonet 313b; Michael Kaye 163b; Betty Herman 142; Claire Simon 47t; Rick Russell 200; Mimi Wright 335; Solomon Ossa 39t; Norma Ruptier 84; Laura Russell 201; Mark Miller 195.

Mike Hinton and Carroll Lunsford led 490 for the following sick and shut-ins: Dan Brittain, Pearl Kaye, Jean Richie, Mira Vallaste Engelhardt, David Porter, Marion Bush, Nadine Willard, David Willard, Fumie Murata, Shisue Sugimoto, Margaret Wheeler, John Plunkett, Diane Suderman, Shana Ogren, and Lonnie Rogers.

They led 373 for the following deceased: Sam Hinton—California; Mike Seeger—Virginia; Shirley Coplan—New York; Evan Sarney—New Jersey, Cindy Kissee—Minnesota, Myra Palmer, Ophelia Matthews, Dick Stiles, Monnie Ross, Dutch Owen—Texas; Clinton Ivey, Willie Mae Moon—Alabama; Mary Bess Grimes, Lois Miller, Ellen Gabrielson, Patsy Williams, Paul Straley, Michael Milder, Laura Horri, Marie Herold, Lewis Mudge, Bob Tugenberg, Steve Gassaway, Ynez Yarrington, Sr. Elizabeth PrusóCalifornia; Jim Taylor—North Carolina; Peter Minchin—Canada; John Etheridge—Florida; Leonore Zacarias, Carter Clary—New Mexico, Marie Hutchens—New Mexico. Ginny Landgraf closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 480.


Jeff Gauthier and Sonia Chin brought the class back to order by leading 114. Leaders: Rebecca Edwards 70b; Ted Mercer 352; David Fetcho 293; Ann Heider 273; Jon Giles 349; Betsy Jeronen 440; James Baumgartner 155; Ginny Landgraf 367; Gordon Rees 180; Karen Willard 543; Steve Warner 107; Claire Singleton 269; Paul Lindholm 187; Kiri Miller 542; Steve Helwig 411; Thom Fahrbach 383; Mary Rose O’Leary 528; James Welsch 436; Chris Thorman 189; Terry Barber 210; Marion Black 192; Carla Smith 567.


Ron Huss brought the class back to order by leading 311. Leaders: Jeri Segal 448t; JoLeah Stiles and Natalie Warner 333; Colin O’Shea 457; Lauren Hruby 170; April Hayley and Sacha Goldhor 217; Anne Heider 497; Kiri Miller 445; Claire Singleton 198; Jon Giles 52b; Rachel Willard Smith 128.

Anitra Kaye and Bruce Hayes led 347 as the closing song. Ginny Landgraf offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairlady—Anitra Kaye; Vice Chairman—Bruce Hayes; Secretary—Carla Smith