Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Crossroads Baptist Church

North of Tallapoosa, Georgia

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 96th session of the Sacred Harp singing at Crossroads Baptist Church, north of Tallapoosa, Georgia, was held on the first Sunday in July. Louis Hughes brought the class to order leading 32t. Elder Bobby Clark, pastor of the church, welcomed everyone, and then offered the morning prayer. Louis Hughes led 138b (in memory of his father, J.C. Hughes); Miranel Swafford 348b; Donna Bell 504; Louis Hughes, Jr. 74b.

The class organized and the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Louis Hughes; Vice Chairlady—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Committee—Louis Hughes, Jr.

Leaders: Louis Hughes 72b; Charlene Wallace 99, 105; Cecil Roberts 399b, 277; Robert Chambless 452, 84; Tom Ivey 33b, 500; Shannon Primm 129, 43; Nathan Zweig 146, 75; Lonnie Rogers 318, 340; Judy Whiting 150, 503.


The class resumed singing with Louis Hughes, Jr. leading 34b. Leaders: Karen Rollins 540; Syd Caldwell 217; Kelsey Campbell 127; Chris Brown 77t; Hayden Arp 47b; Gaylon Powell 218; Ian Ludders 296; Lela Crowder 106; Tom Owen 354t; Allison Thompson 145b; Robert Kelly 492; Don Clark 215; Richard DeLong 74t (in memory of I.V. McWhorter); Judy Chambless 270; Karen Clark 467; Sharon Strong 551.

Louis Hughes recognized Lonnie Rogers, Mattie Lou Pope, Dorsey Newman, and Hester Edwards, all over 90 years of age. Mr. Lonnie thanked everyone for coming and for supporting the tradition of Sacred Harp singing.

Louis Hughes conducted the memorial lesson, leading 30b for the following deceased: Katherine Worthington, Renea Campbell, Rev. Hollis Tibbitts, Elizabeth Tolbert, Lee Rogers—Georgia; John Etheridge—Florida; Frank Hataway, Paul King—Alabama; Ves Childs—Arkansas; Odus Owen, Jr., Ophelia Matthews, Dick Steil—Texas; Jean Cousins—UK, and Lee Williamon.

B.M. Smith led 225t in honor of the following sick and homebound: Inez Woodall, Margaret DeBolt, Myra Parker, Melvis Williams, Mary Florence Smith, Ceford Wood, and Shelbie Sheppard. Cecil Roberts closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Mary Jo Shafer 82t; George Garner 299; B.M. Smith 222. Gaylon Powell blessed the noon meal at the table.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Louis Hughes leading 101t. Leaders: Evelyn Harris 400; Kaley Hatch 119 (in memory of her great-grandmother, Carrie Garner); Ann Simpson 358; Oscar McGuire 276; Eschol Hughes 290 (by request); James Newman and Elaine Newman 36b; Syd Caldwell 472 (in honor of Dan Brittain); Kelsey Campbell 100; Chris Brown 113; Ian Ludders 282; Gaylon Powell 380; Hayden Arp 163b; Tom Owen 549; Robert Kelly 416; Sharon Strong 162; Mary Jo Shafer 229; Karen Clark 234; Tom Ivey 344; Don Clark 186; Judy Whiting 212; Lela Crowder 166; Kay Tibbitts Lyle 323b; Syd Caldwell, B.M. Smith, and Margie Smith 143; Eschol Hughes 58; Judy Chambless 274t (by request); Donna Bell 490 (by request); Louis Hughes, Cecil Roberts, and James Hughes 54.

Following announcements, Louis Hughes and Miranel Swafford led 347 as the closing song. Tom Owen dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Louis Hughes; Vice Chairlady—Miranel Swafford; Secretary—Donna Bell