Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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County Line Church

Corner, Alabama

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at County Line Church on the second Sunday in April was called to order by Cassie Allen leading 82t. The opening prayer was offered by Ed Thacker.

Leaders: Cassie Allen 32t; Lucy Heidorn 36b; Ken Tate 37b; Travis Keeton 480; Robert Walker 84; Nora Parker 394; Billy Thompson 108t; Anne Chalker 146; Paula Oliver 117; Kathy Robinson 89; Bud Oliver 73t; JoDell Albi 298; Brenda Merritt 39t; Jerry Ryan 145t; Sarah Smith 290; Richard Mauldin 168; Yancey Jett 64.


The class was called to order by Danny Creel leading 215. Leaders: Willodean Barton 63; Gravis Ballinger 300; Danica Thornton 401; John Merritt 236; Becky Browne 216 (for Paul Figura); Charlene Wallace 276; Gary Smith 155; Joyce Walton 192; Martha Beverly 415; April Watkins 146; Scot Oliver 143; Jackie Tanner 56t; Lena Keeton 475 (in memory of Flarce Creel); Margaret Thacker 39b; Julianna Jett 108b; Marlin Beasley 348b.


The class was called to order by Cassie Allen leading 72t. Leaders: Warren Steel 195; Max Berueffy and Karin Covi 566, 498; Lela Crowder 322; Henry Schuman 426b; Seth Holloway 340; Virginia Watts 274t; Peter Golden 473; Larry Ballinger 270; Joan Aldridge 299; Henry Guthery 543; Emily Creel 546; Ed Thacker 112; Chrissy Watkins 224; Robert Dupree 569b; Elene Stovall 292. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Richard Mauldin.


The class was called to order by Danny Creel leading 106. Leaders: Hannah Tate and Breckyn Creel 282; Nell Ellis 159; Cindy Tanner 220; Bea Carnathan 438; Susan Harcrow 430; Bobby Watkins 542; Wanda Capps 142; David Heidorn and Lucy Heidorn 30t; Jerry Ryan, David Heidorn, and Lucy Heidorn 436; Ann Jett 448b; Velton Chafin 227; Teri Mobley and Wanda Capps 68b; Harrison Creel and Rita Allen 111b, 72b; Martha Beverly 396; Peter Golden 203; Lela Crowder 440; Henry Schuman 234; Jerry Ryan 408; John Merritt and Brenda Merritt 176t; Warren Steel 376; Robert Dupree 163b; Pauline Oliver and Scot Oliver, Patti Oliver, and Paula Oliver 145b; Joyce Walton 275b; Ed Thacker and Margaret Thacker 452; Gary Smith, Sarah Smith, and Seth Holloway 354b; Elene Stovall, Cassie Allen, and Lucy Heidorn 316; Robert Walker 171; Emily Creel 124 (for Charlotte McCarn and in memory of Teddy Creel).

After announcements, Cassie Allen and Harrison Creel led 323t for the closing song. Prayer was offered by Danny Creel, and the class was dismissed.

Permanent Officers: Chairman—Harrison Creel; Vice Chairman—Cassie Allen; Arranging Committee—Jackie Tanner and Cindy Tanner; Secretary—Lucy Heidorn