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Rocky Mountain High Sacred Harp Convention

Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

September 27-28, 2008

Saturday, September 27

The 19th annual Rocky Mountain Convention was held on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in September at the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mary Lou Van Laanen led 48t and Ed Stevens called the class to order leading 66. The opening prayer was offered by Norma Ruptier.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ed Stevens; Secretary—Nancy Nortz.

Leaders: David McPherson 128; Harlan Van Camp 34b; Sally Gwylan 142; Norma Ruptier 480; Kay Sirco 143; Courtney Lawton 77t; Catie Van Duzer 198; Leon Ballinger 280; John Schaffer 535; Karl Dise 172; Bonnie Dolan 419; Erika Roush 455; Michael McKernan 49b; Paige Winslett 178; Paul Lindholm 377; Gaylon Powell 312b; Jo Pendleton 479; Bill Walters 410t.


The session resumed with Ed Stevens leading 515. Leaders: Marilyn Murata 200; Sandy Klien 107; Steve Helwig 458; Maggie Leonard 207; Eric Morgan 186; Janet Morgan 106; Katie Mahoney 285t; Rebecca Edwards 287; Carol Munro Mosley 485; Mary Lou Van Laanen 540; Ed Stevens 40; David McPherson 290; Harlan Van Camp 189; Sally Gwylan 114; Nancy Nortz 38b; Norma Ruptier 168; Kay Sirco 99; Courtney Lawton 159; Catie Van Duzer 497; Leon Ballinger 454; John Schaffer 313b; Karl Dise 157; Bonnie Dolan 38t; Erika Roush 504; Michael McKernan 122; Paige Winslett 334; Paul Lindholm 39t.


Sandy Klein called the afternoon session together by leading 332. Leaders: Allan Stavely 112; Chloe Webb 512; Larry Matlock “La Bajada” (by Daniel Davis); Judy Van Duzer 315; Gaylon Powell 538; Jo Pendleton 59; Bill Walter 86; Marilyn Murata 218; Russ Nye 209; Elder Gerald Hand 379; Sandy Klein 81t; Steve Helwig 547; Maggie Leonard 56b; Eric Morgan 183; Katie Mahoney 131b; Janet Morgan 32t; Rebecca Edwards 441; Carol Munro Mosley 29t; Mary Lou Van Laanen 474; Ed Stevens 171.


The session continued with Harlan Van Camp leading 46. Leaders: Sally Gwylan 330b; Catie Van Duzer 84; Nancy Nortz 89; John Schaffer 391; Norma Ruptier 155; Bonnie Dolan 179; Kay Sirco 147t; Karl Dise 436; Claire Singleton 270; Leon Ballinger 327; Erika Roush 28b; Michael McKernan 272; Paige Winslett 146; Paul Lindholm 527; Allan Stavely 58; Chloe Webb 148; Larry Matlock 71; Judy Van Duzer 151; Gaylon Powell 220; Jo Pendleton 24b; Bill Walters 35; Marilyn Murata 506; Russ Nye 208; Sandy Klein 127; Steve Helwig 217; Maggie Leonard 275b; Eric Morgan 430; Katie Mahoney 426t; Janet Morgan 448t; Rebecca Edwards 349; Ed Stevens 369.

Sunday, September 28

The Sunday session was called to order by David McPherson leading 72b. Leaders: Allan Stavely 479; Claire Singleton 33b; Sally Gwylan 30t; Norma Ruptier 63; Courtney Lawton 47b; Janet Morgan 68b; Nancy Nortz 135; Eric Morgan 274t; Chloe Webb 270; John Schaffer 229; Leon Ballinger 490; Gaylon Powell 380; Erika Roush 276; Mary Lou Van Laanen 180; Carol Mosely 473; Catie Van Duzer 277; Judy Van Duzer 173; Bill Walker 324; Michael McKernan 147t; Bonnie Dolan 296; Paige Winslett 503; Sandy Klein 117.


The session resumed with Larry Matlock leading 65. Leaders: Russ Nye 34b; Jo Pendleton 388; Rebecca Edwards 105; Katie Mahoney 326; Maggie Leonard 224; Kay Sirco 165.

Kay Sirco conducted the memorial lesson. Chloe Webb spoke of the family of Sacred Harp Singers. The deceased remembered were Stan Nye—Arizona; Lois Brakey and Erma Swoveland—Colorado; Amanda Denson—Alabama; Robert LaCompte—New Mexico; Pete Baker and Buddy Baker—Texas.

The sick and shut-ins remembered were Cathryn Bearov, Dick Steil, Ophelia Matthews, Myra Palmer, the Sherman Twins, Suzanne Cowain, Edwin Macadam, Katherine Shopstead, John Etheridge, and Jeanne Schaffer.

Leaders: Steve Helwig 351; Marilyn Murata 412; Paul Lindholm 163t; Karl Dise 320; Claire Singleton 273; Leon Ballinger 137; Gaylon Powell 240; Carol Mosely 370; Bill Walters 437; Steve Helwig 500; Rebecca Edwards 542; Sally Gwylan 288; Erika Roush 228; Marilyn Murata 434; Mary Lou Van Laanen 564.


The afternoon session was brought together by Ed Stevens leading 510. Leaders: Jo Pendleton 448b; John Schafer 236; Eric Morgan 442; Kay Sirco 497; Russ Nye 213t; Katie Van Duzer 192; Larry Matlock 323b; Karl Dise 348t; Judy Van Duzer 193; Paige Winslett 146; Sandy Klein 551; Bonnie Dolan 556; Michael McKernan 300; Janet Morgan 82t; Paul Lindholm 522; Maggie Leonard 344; Katie Mahoney 532; Chloe Webb 470; Erika Roush 203; Mary Lou Van Laanen 174; Harlan Van Camp 547; Ed Stevens 569b.


The session resumed with Allan Stavely leading 335. Leaders: Norma Ruptier 333; Ed Stevens 384; Nancy Nortz 102; David McPherson 282; Sally Gwylan 61; Bill Walters 468; Harlan Van Camp 362; Bonnie Dolan 297; Steve Helwig 142; Rebecca Edwards 348b; Marilyn Murata 80t; Jo Pendleton 472; Ed Stevens 385 (t? b?).

The treasurer expressed thanks for the generous financial support of the attendees. Announcements were made. Ed Stevens expressed thanks to all who worked to make this convention possible.

Norma Ruptier offered the closing prayer. Harlan Van Camp led 62 as the closing song while those who wished took the parting hand.

The Rocky Mountain Sacred Harp Convention will meet in the fall of 2009 in Colorado.

Chairman—Ed Stevens; Secretary—Nancy Nortz