Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Warrior River-Clear Creek Convention

Hopewell Church, Oneonta, Alabama

August 3-4, 1996

Saturday, August 3

The one hundred twenty-second session of the Warrior River Convention and the ninety-seventh session of the Clear Creek Convention was called to order by Cecil Gilliland leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Elder Marshall Avery. Cecil Gilliland led song on page 134. Leaders: Lamar Smith 76b, 343; Freeman Wootten and Stephen Hullett 82t; Larry Lambert and Helen Lambert 74b, 410b, “Not Made With Hands”, 332; Martha Woodard 274t, 277; Virgil Phillips 475, 34b; Lydia Baswell 172, 434; Terry Hullett 288, 64.


The class was called back by Carmon Brothers leading songs on pages 454 and 441. Leaders: Jewel Wootten 282, 349; Coy Ivey 84, 129; Linda Thomas 32t, 299; Phil Summerlin 36b, 66; Ruth Walker 112, 298; Richard Green and Susan Green 99, 350, 178, 35; Norma Latham 63, 495.


Singing resumed with Elder Philip Gilmore leading songs on pages 30t, 30b, 33b, 39t. Leaders: Roie Alexander and Elder Philip Gilmore 313 (t? b?), 317, 108t; Rebecca Green 84; Virgil Phillips, Wayne Phillips, and Mary Ann Holmes 45t, 290 for Ruby Phillips; Elder Marshall Avery 108b, 278b, 31t.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Cecil Gilliland leading song on page 77t. Leaders: Bud Oliver 145b, 145t; Hershell King 426t, 544. Chairman Cecil Gilliland called for a business session. Elder Philip Gilmore brought the devotion from Psalms 43:5, “For I shall yet praise Him”, offered prayer, and then led song on page 48t. The following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Waylon Blakely; Secretary—Jewel Wootten; Arranging Committee—Milton Oliver and Larry Lambert; Memorial Committee—Elder Marshall Avery and Eloise Avery; Resolutions Committee—Helen Lambert and Chita Blakely; Finance Committee—Carmon Brothers and Bud Oliver. Leaders: Leola Smith 143, 31 (t? b?); Jeff Sheppard 75, 186, 303; B. M. Smith 273, 497, 448b; Shelbie Sheppard 411, 38b; Paula Gilmore 445, 68 (t? b?); Rev. Jimmy Wadsworth 217, 218; Chita Blakely 376, 236; Waylon Blakely and Elder Philip Gilmore 126, 403, “That Beautiful Land”; Pearl Galbreath and Linda Thomas 134; Milton Oliver 206, 224. Terry Hullett led song on page 47t for the closing song. The closing prayer was led by Elder Philip Gilmore.

Sunday, August 4

The Sunday session was called to order by Terry Hullett leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Elder Marshall Avery. Terry Hullett led song on page 89. Leaders: Waylon Blakely 138t; Jewel Wootten 170 for Lawrence Underwood and Lula Underwood, 270; Rebecca Green 84; Kyle Blakely 313 (t? b?), 31t; Gavin Blakely 135; Susan Green 123 (t? b?), 127; Richard Green 142, 203; Ann Green 146; Martha Woodard 428, 335; Roie Alexander 32t; Elder Marshall Avery 74b, 271t.


Singing resumed with Waylon Blakely and Freeman Wootten leading “That Beautiful Land”. Leaders: Freeman Wootten 97, 163t; Eloise Avery 426b, 35; Milton Oliver 321, 145t; Doug Conn 207, 204; Larry Lambert and Helen Lambert 332, 410t, 49b, 544. At this time the memorial lesson was held by Elder Marshall Avery and Eloise Avery. They spoke of our friends and loved ones who have passed away, and the many memories they left us. Eloise Avery read the names of those deceased since our last convention: Effie Brock, Lucille Brothers, Luther Miller, Guy Parker, Hoyt Renfroe, Kelsey Wootten, Aver Crider, Joe Smith, Colbie Allen, Ester Reed, Agnes Hocutt, Verlon Blackwood, Tommy Creel, and J. B. Lowe. Elder Marshall Avery and Eloise Avery led song on page 285t and 387 for the deceased. Eloise Avery led in prayer. After prayer they led song on page 290 for the sick and shut-ins which included: Ruby Phillips, Barrett Ashley, Lawrence Underwood, Lula Underwood, Nora Collett, J. T. Conn, Ozellia Gilliland, Herbert Phillips, Vera Blakely, Lola Jenkins, Jerry Sheppard, Mozell Sheppard, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Oden, Alpha Black, Bill Green, Mae Seymour, Unie B. Howard, Lavoy Smith, and Jeanette Lowry; and 137 for Virgil Phillips. Leaders: Lamar Smith 36b, 76b; Terry Wootten 75, 79.


The afternoon session began with Terry Hullett and Stephen Hullett leading song on page 34b. Leaders: Linda Thomas 48t, 39t; Josephine Sellers Rouse 108b, 29t; Eron White 186, 384 for Unie B. Howard. A business session was held and the announcement was made that the 1997 Warrior River-Clear Creek Convention will be held at Mt. Moriah Church near Snead’s Crossing. The Resolutions Committee report was given by Chita Blakely. We, the Resolutions Committee, would like to acknowledge the reason for singing these songs, which is our Creator, in whom the universe was made, and who has given us this sweet spirit of fellowship while giving praise to the One who has brought us this far and will lead us home. Be it resolved that we use every form of communication to encourage and enlighten the surrounding communities of our singing this year. Pray that the Lord will send singers and listeners who love our form of worship. We wish to thank Hopewell Church for hosting the Warrior River-Clear Creek Convention, for the hospitality, and for the food which was wonderful. We thank the officers for your leadership, organizational skills, and humbleness in serving and carrying on the business brought before the Convention. In seeking the old paths and walking therein, we want to say thanks to all who came and made this convention one of much rejoicing. Respectfully submitted: Helen Lambert and Chita Blakely. The Finance Committee reported a balance brought forward of $131.27, a collection of $100, an expenditure of $50.00 for the minutes, gift to the church of $50.00, leaving a balance on hand of $131.27. Leaders: Henry Johnson 452, 68b; Corene White 73t, 403; Chita Blakely 430, 440; Leola Smith 80b, 318; Carmon Brothers 445b, 499; Ellen Harris and Larry Brasher 284, 28b; Marie Hyatt 128, 30t; Herby Bailey 448b, 89; Lula Lowery and Eloise Avery 434, 441; Richard Green, Susan Green, Rebecca Green, and Ann Green 475, 380. Terry Hullett and Waylon Blakely led the closing songs on pages 62 and 45t, and all who wished, joined in taking the parting hand. The class was dismissed with prayer by Elder Marshall Avery.

Chairman—Terry Hullett; Vice Chairman—Waylon Blakely; Secretary—Jewel Wootten.