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Boiling Springs Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church, Ashland, Alabama

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The singing was brought to order by Eugene Forbes leading 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Jack Nelson.

The class elected the following officers: Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Vice-Chairman—Jenny Acton; Secretary—Jenny Acton; Arranging Committee—Edna Ruth Phillips.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 63; Jenny Acton 108b, 170; Edna Ruth Phillips 189, 490; Robert Chambless 70t, 84; Judy Chambless 501; Ed Thacker 402, 538; Marilyn Bradley and Stanley Edwards 303, 68b; Ann Webb 282, 155; Nate Green 398, 535; Donna Bell 436 (in memory of LaRue Allen), 97 (in honor of Lonnie Rogers); Richard Maudlin 100 (in memory of Wilton Donaldson), 358 (in memory of his dad, Dick Mauldin).


The class was called back to order by Jenny Acton leading 340. Leaders: Cecil Roberts 229, 163b; Floy Wilder 293, 422; Brandon Acton 40, 385b; James Marshall 479, 85; Jacob Acton 101b, 200; Stanley Edwards and Marilyn Bradley 215, 142; Sheila Cotney 143 (for her grandmother, Elvadie Wallace), 480; Don Clark 232; Jack Nelson 294, 560.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Richard Mauldin. Eugene Forbes led 288 in memory of M.B. Forbes. Richard Mauldin led 339 in memory of the following: LaRue Allen, Corine Laminack, Milton Oliver, Dick Mauldin, Gertrude Norton, Edith Tate, Lora Kelley, Furn Kitchens, Delores Beasley, Elder W.G. McGough, Amanda Denson, Opal Futral, and Hazel Nelson—Alabama; Felton Denney, Gladys McGraw, Reby Stanford, Irvin Roberts, and Homer Benefield—Georgia; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri.

Ed Thacker led 323b for the following sick and shut-ins: George Garner, Lucy Garner, Evelyn Harris, Mary Florence Smith, Dale Harris, Jimmy Denney, Renea Campbell, Bud Oliver, Bill Stewart, Daphene Causey, Audress Gurley, Vernelle Amason, Gib Amason, Joyce Walton, and Raymond Hamrick. Prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts.

Karen Clark led 66 and 276.


Eugene Forbes brought the afternoon session to order leading 145b. A business session was held and the class voted for the singing to be held at Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church next year*.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 45t; Tim Cook 52b, 77b; Bridgett Hill 312b, 42 (for Bud Oliver); Beth Branscome 313t, 546; Oscar McGuire 441, 336; Faye Hollis 470, 466; Charlene Wallace 299, 503; Marvin Reeves and Annie Reeves 551, 565; Karen Clark 464, 531; Eugene Forbes 78 (in memory of M.B. Forbes); Robert Chambless 72b; Judy Chambless 88b; Ed Thacker “Good Shepherd”; Donna Bell 335.

Announcements were made. Jenny Acton led 46 as the closing song. Larry Acton dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Eugene Forbes; Vice Chairman/Secretary—Jenny Acton

*NOTE: A decision was later made to move this convention to Cane Creek Church near Heflin, Alabama, and to change the date to Saturday before the third Sunday in August (one week later). This will coincide with the Cleburne County Convention, which is held at Cane Creek the next day.