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Cullman County Singing Convention

Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama

July 12-13, 2008

Saturday, July 12

The 106th session of the Cullman County Convention was held on the second Sunday, and Saturday before, in July, at the Cullman County Courthouse, Cullman, Alabama. Glenn Keeton opened Saturday’s singing by leading 59. The morning prayer was offered by Marlin Beasley.

Leaders: Glenn Keeton 46; Sonya Sipe 39t, 101t; Marlin Beasley 40, 348b; Robert Walker 294, 171; Angela Martin and Sonya Sipe 47b, 68b; Emily Thompson 378b, 392; Bea Carnathan 568, 496; Toney Smith 180, 225t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Finance Committee—Bea Carnathan; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams; Chaplain—Marlin Beasley; Secretary—Carolyn Thompson.


The class was brought back together by Glenn Keeton leading 122. Leaders: Henry Guthery 384, 208; Gary Smith 178, 66; Cindy Tanner 436, 198; Nancy Tuck 335, 338; Elene Stovall 217 (in memory of Amanda Denson), 273; Charles McCravy 176b, 428; David Carlton 56b, 528; John DuPree 350, 569b; Geraldine Sharpton and Danica Parker 542, 168; Delone Cobbs 288, 290.


Henry Guthery called the class to order leading 275b. Leaders: Julianna Jett 410t, 155; Ann Jett 327, 269; Ken Robinson 108t, 480; Ruth Wyers 490, 138b; Corene White 403; Josie Hyde 507; Linda Thomas 123t; Carolyn Thompson 383, 77t. Marlin Beasley offered prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Henry Guthery leading 317. Leaders: Elsie Moon 494; John Merritt “Higher Ground”; Loyd Ivey 30b; Eugene Forbes 426t, 426b; Marilyn Burchett 36b; Clarence McCool 203, 349; Hugh Bill McGuire 460; Beth Branscome 99; Sandy Scott 124; Margaret Keeton 276; Susan Allred 76b; Travis Keeton 179; Buell Cobb 143; Donald Robertson 151, 540; Wanda Capps 192; Brenda Merritt 336; Stella Pratt 487; Sarah Smith 401; Garrett Sipe and Sonya Sipe 354b; Harrison Creel 342; Juanita Beasley 340; Wayne Kendrick 341; Billy Williams 334, 448b; John Merritt and Will Allred 196.

Announcements were made. Henry Guthery led 521 as the closing song. Marlin Beasley offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, July 13

The Sunday session of the Cullman County Convention was brought to order by Henry Guthery leading 59 and 100. The opening prayer was offered by Marlin Beasley.

Leaders: Seth Allred and Corey Dell 274t; Corene White and Margaret Keeton 97; Michael Thompson 337, 336; Henry Guthery, III 528, 434; Carolyn Thompson 444, 38b; Travis Keeton 129, 343; Sarah Smith 318; Lena Keeton 137, 88t; J.C. Rutledge 560; Hugh Bill McGuire 142, 40; Robert DuPree 282, 87; Kermit Adams 285t.


Michael Thompson brought the class together leading 144. Leaders: Geraldine Sharpton 229, 66; Bea Carnathan 80b, 472; Bryan Black 134, 192; Freda Bledsoe 335; Josie Hyde 442, 507; John Merritt and Bryan Black 96 (CB); John Merritt and Ruth Wyers 511 (OSH); Zeb Ferguson 32t, 535; Tyler Newman 30t, 119; Tim Cook 125, 77b.

Sarah Smith conducted the memorial lesson and led 354b in memory of the following deceased: M.B. Forbes, LaRue Allen, Amanda Denson, Fred Killingsworth, Jr., Betty Shaver, Dick Mauldin, Herby Bailey, Edith Tate, B.J. Harris, Wilton Donaldson, Marie Guthrie, Elder Garnsey McGough, Delores Beasley, Milton Oliver, Sam Jones, and Mamie Harper Noles—Alabama; Marcia Williams and Howard Frost, Jr.,—Tennessee; Theodore Eastburn—Colorado; Elder Homer Benefield, Gladys McGraw, and Felton Denney—Georgia; Kat Kincade—Virginia.

Sarah Smith and Marlin Beasley led 340 for the following sick and shut-ins: Johanna Fabke, Emily Boswell, Cora Sweatt, Kirby Sweatt, Sr., Kirby Sweatt, Jr., Ruth Burleson, Reedie Powell Evans, Kathleen Robbins, Bud Oliver, and Rhoda Norris. Marlin Beasley closed the memorial lesson by offering prayer.

Leaders: Judy Caudle 322; Glenn Keeton 141, 475; David Ivey 462, 505; Caleb Allred 107, 47b; Bridgett Hill 42, 276. The class was dismissed for lunch with prayer offered by Marlin Beasley.


Henry Guthery called the afternoon session to order by leading 76b. Leaders: Jennifer Lee 440, 383; Susan Allred 329, 183; Kathy Robinson 546, 48t; Steve Adams 309, 101t; Larry Ballinger 540; Ken Tate 73b; Shane Wootten 411; Anne Chalker 146, 235; Lisa Geist 304; Delone Cobbs 73t, 480; Rachael Allred 389; Stella Pratt 63; Wanda Capps 448t; Wanda Capps and Danny Creel 327; Brenda Merritt 376, 542; Gary Smith 323b; Allison Davis 436; Don Robertson 196; Elene Stovall 292; John Merritt “Higher Ground”; Sonya Sipe and Angela Martin 565; Michael Thompson 401 (by request); Shane Wootten 236 (by request); Butch White 503; Leona Haynes 571 (CB); Harrison Creel 512; Danny Creel 269; Richard Mauldin and John Merritt 358 (in memory of Dick Mauldin, Bertha Umphries, and Doris Vickery); Richard Mauldin 446.

Henry Guthery led 521 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Marlin Beasley, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Henry Guthery; Vice Chairman—Glenn Keeton; Secretary—Carolyn Thompson