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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California

January 19-20, 2008

Saturday, January 19

The 20th All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held at the Angels Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro, California. The singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Carroll Lunsford leading 63. Steve Lazicki offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected: Chairperson—Pat Keating; Vice Chairperson—Mark Miller; Secretary—Larry Arnstein.

Leaders: Pat Keating 29t; Mark Miller 137; Larry Arnstein 350; David Olson 492; John Rand 385t; Carl Barnes 299; Duncan MacLeod 101t; Polly Henninger 186; Eric Steadman 391; Norman Gholson 28b; Mary Rose O’Leary 213t; Patricia Lazicki 108b; Betty Herman 421; John Marr 319; Marilyn Murata 527; Jim Friedrich 318; Linda Booth 361; Susan Turpin 203; Steve Lazicki 74b; Susan Fetcho 371; Jane Campbell 310; Midge Harder 70b; Corrie Van Duzer 280; Linda Selph 56b; Carolyn Deacy 30t.


Jon Giles called the class back to order by leading 32t. Leaders: Tom Payne 362; Margie Neal 112; Betty Marvin 390; Paul Lindholm 379; Jeannette Ralston 196; Leyland delRe 436; Mary Chris Harrison 180; Inder Khalsa 383; Chris Thorman 270; Cindy Overmyer 99; Ron Huss 473; David Fetcho 214; Karen Stingle 496; Jim Deyneke 310; Mark Miller 442; Hal Eisen 171; Erika Roush 455; Sue Hanson 452; Steve Cackley 412. Steve Lazicki offered grace for the noon meal.


Leyland delRe called the class back to order leading 70t. Leaders: Carolyn Deacy 290; Kiri Miller 216; Richard DeLong193; Jenny Jenson 446; Ted Mercer 468; Jerry Schreiber 367; Steve Warner 86; James Baumgartner 300; Anne Heider 236; Jon Giles 430; Claire Singleton 273; Diane Mennella 448t; Steve Helwig 110; Stan Jensen 530; Porter Lontz-Underhill 163t; Wade Kotter 145t; Laura Boyd Russell 38b; Natalia Cecire 189; Norma Ruptier 479; Larry Arnstein 474; Carla Smith 333; Terry Barber 500; Pat Keating 332.


Hal Eisen called the class back to order leading 178. Leaders: Jeff Gauthier 170; Jackson Fleder 314; Karen Huss 454; Michael Laube 125; Carroll Lunsford 358; Bruce Hayes 254. Duncan MacLeod 85; Norman Gholson 535; Rick Russell 107; Jerry Schreiber 192; Claire Singleton 163b; Jon Giles 162; Kiri Miller 542; Jenny Jensen 532; Anne Heider 475; Natalia Cecire 370.


Inder Khalsa brought the class back to order leading 282. Leaders: Jim Fredrich 114; Wade Kotter 480; Mary Rose O’Leary 217; Steve Warner 84 (in memory of Dean Slayton); Richard DeLong 176b; Paul Johnson 208; Erika Roush 503; Ted Mercer 345b; James Baumgartner 155; Paul Lindholm 564; Leyland delRe 160b; Porter Lontz-Underhill 117; Mary Chris Harrison 229; Norma Ruptier 168; Tom Payne 224; Steve Cackley 228; Karen Stingle 277; Steve Helwig 182.

Pat Keating led 276 as the closing song. Steve Lazicki offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, January 20

Pat Keating brought the Sunday session to order leading 66. The opening prayer was offered by David Olson.

Leaders: Norman Gholson 515; Duncan MacLeod 34t; Chris Thorman 120; Betty Marvin 266; Bob Barnes 40; Hal Eisen 344; Cindy Overmyer 148; Corrie Van Duzer 191; Mark Miller 395; Carolyn Deacy 485; Terry Barber 411; Susan Fetcho 385b; Jeanette Ralston 268 (for Daniel Porter); David Fetcho 172; Maggie Leonard 288; Sue Hanson 384; Duncan MacLeod 168; Inder Khalsa 442; Susan Turpin 328; Linda Selph 472; Linda Booth 394; Ron Huss 534; Bruce Hayes 250.


Steve Helwig called the class back to order leading 312b. Leaders: Rick Russell 297; Lisa Grayson 216; Laura Boyd Russell 298; David Olson 540; Marilyn Murata 304; Pat Keating 320; Betty Herman 506; Karen Huss 151; Amy Ludwig 299; Sue Hanson 504; Maggie Leonard 401; Erika Roush 334; Larry Arnstein 287; John Rand 404.

Mary Rose O’Leary conducted the memorial lesson. Ted Mercer spoke of the sick and shut-ins, reading the following names: Bud Mertons, Amy Stewart, Martha Duzier, Alberto Del Giudice, David Meyer, Cathryn Bearov, Mary Schuman, Henry Schuman, Amanda Denson, Josephine Tison, Guy Bankes, David Porter, Herb Schroeder, Fumie Murata, Shisue Sugimoto, Richard Grayson, LaRue Muhammad, Molly Gassaway, Gopal Leach, and April Grinder. He then led 74b in their honor.

Jim Friedrich spoke of those who had died and led 267 in memory of the following: Mirjana Lausevic—Minnesota; Edith Tate, Flarce Creel, Delores Beasley, Larue Allen—Alabama; Cecil Piantadosi, Dorcas Utter, Steve Prussing, Hope Frazier, Ed Penny, Clara Zuckerman, Kate Makepeace, Harry Merrick, Donald Jones, Steven J. Bartel, Nonie Carpenter, Ethel Ballin, Fred Bellin, Doug Adams, Jennifer Tres—California; Reby Stanford, Gladys McGraw, Felton Denney—Georgia; Jane Roman—Maryland; Jeanette Lowry—Missouri; Shayner Kai McGinnis—Oregon; Mary Ballinger—Texas; Nancy Galpin—England; and Tadeusz Lisowski—Poland.

Carroll Lunsford led 556. David Olson offered the grace for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by Claire Singleton leading 159. Leaders: Anne Heider 528; Karen Miller 112; Lisa Grayson 269; Wade Kotter 354b; Paul Johnson 49t; Ted Mercer 131t; Norma Ruptier 27; Richard DeLong 419; Steve Warner 475; Carla Smith 349; Leyland delRe 444; Jon Giles 359; Mary Chris Harrison 433; Natalia Cecire 222; Jerry Schreiber 538; Claire Singleton 30t; Midge Harder 87; Diane Mennella 76b; Stephen O’Leary 448b; Paul Lindholm 562; Karen Stingle 254; Tom Payne 73t; James Baumgartner 39t.


The class was called back to order by Laura Boyd Russell leading 67. Leaders: John Marr 47b; Jim Friedrich 142; Mary Rose O’Leary 376; Jackson Fleder 61; Porter Lontz-Underhill 324; Adena Rivia-Dundas 306; Suzanne Dollois and Midge Harder 318; Steve Cackley 550; Steve Helwig 147 (t? b?); Janet Beazley 209; Corrie Van Duzer 497; Susan Turpin 327; Inder Khalsa 272; Susan Fetcho 212; Chris Thorman 91; Linda Selph 179; Cindy Overmyer 84.


The class was called back to order by John Marr leading 72b. Leaders: Hal Eisen 183; Terry Barber 377; Mark Miller 351; Carolyn Deacy 330b; Betty Marvin 177; David Fetcho 212; Jeannette Ralston 335; Diane Mennella 373; Ron Huss 486; Karen Huss 569b; David Olson 441; Norman Gholson 347.

Bruce Hayes and Carroll Lunsford read the resolutions statement expressing thankfulness and appreciation that we can join together in song and fellowship, and for the efforts of everyone who helped in any way to make it run smoothly. We also resolve, God willing, to meet again at the All-California Convention to be held in the San Francisco Bay Area in January, 2009.

Duncan MacLeod reported that expenses had been met.

Larry Arnstein reported that 206 songs had been led by 74 (t? b?) different leaders, and that singers from all over California welcomed singers from 14 states.

Announcements were made. Pat Keating and Mark Miller led 146 as the closing song. David Olson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Pat Keating; Vice Chairperson—Mark Miller; Secretary—Larry Arnstein