Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pacific Northwest Convention (Oregon)

Mississippi Rising Ballroom, Portland, Oregon

October 20-21, 2007

Saturday, October 20

The 17th annual Pacific Northwest Convention was held at the Mississippi Rising Ballroom in Portland, Oregon, on the third Sunday and Saturday before in October. Dan Thoma called the class to order at 9:00 a.m. leading 448b. Scott Kennedy led the invocation.

Dan Thoma welcomed all and opened the business meeting for election of officers. The following were elected or appointed: Chairman—Dan Thoma; Treasurer—Heather Ikeler; Secretary—Lyle Lindsey.

Singing school teacher, David Ivey, was introduced by Dan Thoma. David taught many fundamentals, leading songs to make his points.


The class was brought together by David Wright leading 56t. Leaders: Dan Thoma 228; Lyle Lindsey 510; Heather Ikeler 159; Mark Miller 300; Bridgett Hill 564; Karen Ivey 556; Natalia Cecire 370; Jessica Beer 440; Kelly House 192; Katie Mahoney 278b; Bill Dunn 107; Alexa Gilmore 26; Sally House 171; Terry Barber 411; Kristie Harju 274t; Carolyn Deacy 501; Rich Lee 176b; Linda Selph 274b; Bruce Rowland 426b; Philip Gerrie 315. Scott Kennedy offered the noon time blessing.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Dan Thoma leading 145b. Leaders: Mary MacDonald Lewis 155; David Wright 328; Thom Fahrbach 302; Judy Caudle 507; Ethan Hardy 229; Rebecca Edwards 542; Gary Plouff 70b; Tamara Harris 220; Dave Hough 53; Erika Wilson 383; Rachel Hardy 497; Arcana Ferschke 377; Jill Accetta 270; Caleb Hardy 133; Janice Bridges 503; Abraham Hardy 133; Tigre Lusardi 30t.


The class was brought together by John Carson leading 313b. Leaders: Dan Thoma “Sarabavam”, Steve Helwig 272; Martha Sherwood 114; Jack Lofton 442; Karmen Palomares 45t; Erik Schwab 217; Jacob Breedlove 72b; Anne Huckins 34b; Greg Saue 163b; Tom Gerber 334; Kathy Vlach 565; Scott Kennedy 68b; Ken Cofield 61; Betty Marvin 361; Bob Schinske 558; Harlan Walker-Young 83t; John Carson 40; Lucinda Saue 178; Ruai Gregory 65; Susan Helf 376; Reed Schilbach 479.

The class was dismissed for the day.

Sunday, October 21

Dan Thoma called the class to order by leading 32t. Scott Kennedy led the invocation. It was announced that on Saturday 228 people were registered.

Leaders: Julie Thoma 37b; Betsy Jeronen 86; Bill Walters 468; Dorothy Robinson 77t; Alexa Gilmore 157; Liz Bryant 384; Karl Oswald 474; Anita Shaperd 148; Steve Cackley 52t; Marie Brandis 456; Rich Lee 30b; Karen Willard 550; Jean Murphy 268; Mark Miller 269; Carolyn Gilkey 142; Vasili Gletsos 163t; Meg Larson 452; Katie Mahoney 280; Myles Alexander 378b; Fran Ross 85; Chris Cotter 200.


The class was brought together by Dan Thoma leading 102. Leaders: Lucinda Saue 143; Kristie Harju 421; Scott Kennedy 287; Jenn Dolan 236; Ken Cofield 195; Pat Nida 235; Lyle Lindsey 276; Eric Schwab 277; Tammi Ziola 56b; John Carson 38b; Tom Gerber 81t; Anne Huckins 203; Susan Helf 198; Greg Saue 99.


The class was called together by Scott Kennedy leading 49b. Leaders: Mary MacDonald Lewis 209; Linda Selph 179; Reed Schilbach 318; Cornelia Stanton 466.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Marie Brandis and Julie Thoma, who led 70t for the sick and shut-ins.

Marie Brandis and Julie Thoma led 285t in the memory of the following deceased: Walt Crowley, Didie Kenna, Ward Swart, Lucy Lahr, Lovelle Swart, Elliot Scott, Marie Selland Taylor, Leon Thompson, Tuesday Boschiero, Amos Warner, Tracey Sparling, Mary Gibson, Eugene Edera—Oregon; Charlie Vaughn, Mary Ballinger—Texas; Mary Be Tolstrup, Ruth Nyhus, Bob Smith, Ruth Smith, Kay Smith—Iowa; Nels James Carlson, Mike Cofield, Michael Cohen, Viola (Vi) Graff—Washington; Reese House—Washington, D.C.; Minja Lausevic—Minnesota; Andrew Metzger, Carol Larsen—Wisconsin; Victor Traversa—New York; Dick Mauldin, Sam Jones, LaRue Allen, B.J. Harris, Wilton Donaldson—Alabama,.

Leaders: Tigre Lusardi 207; Jack Lofton 193; Carolyn Deacy 330b; Kathy Vlach 415; Philip Gerrie 365; Bob Schinske 498; Harlan Walker-Young 101t.


Dan Thoma brought the afternoon session to order by leading 299. Leaders: Jen Dolan 150; Janice Bridges 324; David Ivey 522; David Wright 181; Bruce Rowland 76b; Gary Plouff 101b; Erica Wilson 350; Bridgett Hill 110; Judy Caudle 500; Eric Holt 34t; Tom Fahrbach 145t; Tamara Harris 392; Leon Janssen 448t; Arcana Ferschke 240; Cornelia Stanton 441; Steve Helwig 215; Jessica Beer 436; Terry Barber 385b; Betty Marvin 412; Chris Cotter 183; Fran Ross 551.


The singing was resumed with Erik Schwab leading 426t.

A business meeting was held. A gift was presented by Thom Fahrbach to David Ivey and Karen Ivey for their presence and the fine singing school.

Announcements were made. Treasurer Heather Ikeler announced that expenses had been met. Resolutions were given by Bridgett Hill, both personally and on behalf of everyone attending, thanking all who made the convention a success.

Leaders: Karen Willard 349; Myles Alexander 501; Rosie Lindsey 499; Rebecca Edwards 283; Natalie Cecire 344; Caleb Hardy 113; Anita Shaperd 159; Bill Walters 445; Alexa Gilmore 424; Judy Caudle 439.

Dan Thoma led 36b as the class took the parting hand. Scott Kennedy offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Dan Thoma; Secretary—Lyle Lindsey